B and B Wanulla

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area

價格區間 * AU$160 to AU$200

Situated in Toowoomba's heritage area known as the Caledonian Estate, Bed and Breakfast Wanulla is the ultimate in luxury accommodation. In a convenient yet quiet position in Burns Street, East Toowoomba, it is close to Queens Park, local cafes, restaurants, St Vincent's Hospital and the Toowoomba Grammar School. It is less than a 10 minute walk from the Central Business District with other restaurants, shops and The Empire Theatre. B and B Wanulla is the perfect base from which to explore the parks, gardens, wineries, restaurants and gourmet produce of the Darling Downs region.

The magnificently restored home, perfectly combines the best of contemporary comforts with traditional elegance. B and B Wanulla offers two deluxe suites with guests having the exclusive use of a formal lounge and dining room and a wide sun drenched traditional veranda overlooking a pretty garden.

Whether you are celebrating a very special time out to enjoy each other's company, at B and B Wanulla you will do it in style and luxury. It's life's little finer touches that are on offer, meeting your expectations, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


  • Free Wifi
  • Broadband Internet Access


  • Car park
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor furniture
4 Burns Street
Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area

Our Rooms

Queen Bedroom

Queen bed with a large en-suite including both a shower and luxury bath. This room is slightly smaller than the front bedroom but has been furnished in a similar style and uses the same quality linen and toiletries.

Deluxe Bedroom

Large bedroom with private dressing room and ensuite shower room. The bedroom, furnished with a queen sleigh bed, luxury bed linen, robes, slippers, tea and coffee making facilities, alarm clock, iPod dock, television and antique furniture. The bedroom has a full height sash window which overlooks the front veranda and garden.

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在豪豬峽谷國家公園(Porcupine Gorge National Park),峽谷兩側高聳的砂岩懸崖和茂盛的原始林,與周圍平原形成驚人的對比。 這座令人印象深刻的峽谷中,可看到許多沉積岩層斷面,岩齡涵蓋達數百萬年之久。 峽谷本身非常適合觀察野生生態,特別是鳥類。 走上總長 2.4 公里的步道,降下峽谷谷底。 靜聽喜鵲、鸚鵡和其他鳥類狩獵鳴聲。 細細尋找黑鴨、紅翅鸚鵡、斑啄果鳥和蜜雀的蹤影。 您也

玄武岩小路(Basalt Byways)

Hughenden, Flinders Area
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玄武岩小路(Basalt Byway)是一條四輪車道,蜿蜒於休恩登(Hughenden)北邊的地貌。 車道會帶您通過一些令人驚艷的鄉村景緻,包括高低起伏的玄武岩牆所形成的深邃且蜿蜒的河谷。 一流的觀景點展現許多您將經過的河谷深度和長度。 其中一個觀景點特別越過開放的草場區,休恩登(Hughenden)城鎮就位於遠方。 這些車道通過許多放牧地。 這些地方曾是主要的牧羊場,但現在已經變
Free Entry
當您前往休恩登展覽場(Hughenden Showgrounds)時,歷史庫拉巴樹(Historic Coolabah Tree)位於過了堤道後右手邊。 它具有極高的歷史重要性,因為它和兩場尋找柏克與威力斯探險(Burke and Wills Expedition)的救援有關。 兩場救援燒毀了現在牧場溪(Station Creek)岸邊的樹木。 1861 年佛瑞德克沃克帶領救援隊從羅克漢普頓(R


Stamford, Flinders Area
斯坦福(Stamford)位於休恩登(Hughenden)南邊 61 公里處,通往溫頓(Winton)的甘迺迪開發路(Kennedy Development Road)上,這條路被譽為「恐龍道(Dinosaur Way)」。 依據鄰近的牧場「斯坦福火腿(Stamford Ham)」命名。 斯坦福(Stamford)原本是「卡坦德拉站(Katandra Station)」的一部份。 斯坦福(Sta


Hughenden, Flinders Area
前往費蓮達發現中心(Flinders Discovery Centre)參觀七公尺高的木塔龍「休依(Hughie)」,以及許多令人驚奇的化石。 當您來訪時,可以透過「沒落『剪』影(Shearing the Stragglers)」展覽回顧羊毛產業從黃金時期走向夕陽的故事。 入館參觀需付少許費用。 循著風車扇葉的指引穿越休恩登(Hughenden)街道,探索本鎮的內陸(Outback)歷史和藝術


Richmond, Richmond Area
想像自己身處豐富多變、廣闊無邊的地區,體驗美妙無比的自由感受。 里奇蒙(Richmond)經常被稱為內陸(Outback)中的一片綠洲,擁有草原鄉間一望無際的平原與森林鄉間小相思樹上閃耀的銀白色陽光。 穿越西北昆士蘭(Queensland)一望無際的草原鄉間,在這片最初由探險家 William Landsborough 於 1862 年開放給白人拓居的區域內,欣賞地平線上的里奇蒙(Richmond)美景。 本鎮位於越野者道(Overlander’s Way)上,湯斯維爾(Townsville)到埃薩山(Mount Isa)的中途,坐落在昆士蘭(Queensland)最長河流費蓮達河(Flinders)岸邊,以適合休閒的弗雷德特里頓湖(Lake Fred Tritton)和兩旁九重葛叢生的街道、公園和庭園而聞名。 弗雷德特里頓湖(Lake Fred Tritton)坐落在本鎮邊緣,交通便利。 弗雷德特里頓湖(Lake Fred Tritton)周長 1.


Corfield, Winton Area
這裡雖然只是一個僅七位居民的內陸(Outback)古老小鎮,但是待客親切熱情。 科菲爾德(Corfield)曾經是卡柏(Cobb and Co)馬車集結處,也是當地牧人和他們家人的社交活動中心。 科菲爾德酒館(Corfield Pub)是這個仰賴牛羊牧業與少許旅遊活動維生的小社區最顯著的地標。 科菲爾德(Corfield)的精彩歷史和剪羊毛工人大罷工(Great Shearers Strike
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