Amore On Buderim Rainforest Cabins

Buderim, Sunshine Coast Area

價格區間 * AU$200 to AU$325

Amore On Buderim is a boutique retreat for couples who are seeking that perfect romantic getaway or simply somewhere to escape for a few days. They are centrally located on the Sunshine Coast and only eight minutes from beautiful Mooloolaba Beach. The luxury cabins at Amore are set on seven acres of old rainforest and offer you the perfect base to explore the sensational Sunshine Coast. Minutes from some of the best restaurants, clubs, bars and shopping. Australia Zoo is less than 20 minutes away (Crikey). The world renowned Eumundi Markets, Noosa and the Blackall Ranges are also within a short drive. Mooloolaba offers not only a safe swimming beach but some of the best fishing and, seafood straight from the trawler. Underwater World gives you a fish’s eye view of the creatures of the deep!

Amore's location means there are no long drives when you want to go out for dinner or, if you are feeling too relaxed to venture out you can have dinner delivered to your cabin door from local restaurants.

Amore - the spoken word for love. In the heart of paradise, yet a world apart.


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor


  • Birdwatching
  • Swimming



27 Earlybird Drive
Buderim, Sunshine Coast Area

Our Rooms

Romanza Deluxe is a top of the range luxury cabin with rainforest views. Log fire, two person spa, air conditioning, king bed, kitchenette, plasma, DVD player, CD player and ensuite bathroom. There is a balcony with outdoor setting. The cabin is perfect for true romantics and features modern artworks and wow interiors.

Luxury and indulgence is the keyword for the Interlude Deluxe cabins. Two person spa, log fire, king size bed, plasma, DVD player, CD player, air conditioned and ensuite bathroom. There is a kitchenette and balcony for relaxing outside. The Rainforest views are perfect for de-stressing.

Some of these cabins have a contemporary interior whilst others ooze that country/cottage charm. Log fires, air conditioning, two people in cabin spa, king size bed and wall hung plasma. There is an ensuite bathroom, balcony with outdoor setting, kitchenette and crockery, DVD player and CD player.

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蛋岩(Egg Rock)位於「海洋國家公園」區-大堡礁海域的凱培島群(Keppel Group of Islands)為完全保護區。 岩石面海的一側深達 30 公尺,並有多種珊瑚與魚類棲息於此-有些重達 70 公斤! 直徑達 10 公尺的海葵叢中棲息無數七星斑與小丑魚(約手掌大小)。 還有海蛇、鱈魚、金目鱸、Hussar's、石鱸、印尼蝙蝠魚與紅色帝王魚等多種魚類。 此地絕對是攝影師的夢想
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在大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)海域的凱培島群(Keppel Group of Islands),您可以潛水至兒童島(Child)與巴倫島(Barren Island)之間 30 公尺深的海洋隧道中,也就是所謂的「溝壑」。 這條溝渠的兩側海壁上長滿五彩繽紛的小型無脊椎動物。 您可能在潛水途中看見豚隆頭魚、梭魚、鰺、魟、鬚鯊、海鱺與刺尾魚。 潛水新手可以潛入 15 公尺深處,欣賞優美的
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位於大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)海域凱培島群(Keppel Group of Islands)的夫妻岩(Man and Wife Rocks)擁有美麗的珊瑚礁台地(約 6-8 公尺)和各種多采多姿的軟硬珊瑚。 當地有許多鹿角珊瑚-是微距攝影的最佳題材。 還有無數海葵和在此為家的小丑魚、大群深海魚類。 斷層附近可看見大海綿、扇形珊瑚、海蛇與鬚鯊。
大凱珀爾島(Great Keppel Island)位於中昆士蘭(Central Queensland),有 17 處原始海灘。 該島大多由天然灌木林組成,有數條步道和觀景台,提供您享受。 但海灘才是真正讓大凱珀爾(Great Keppel)有別於其他島嶼之處。 島外有珊瑚裙礁,這就是您完美的度假地點。 大凱珀爾島(Great Keppel Island)真正老少咸宜。 這裡有絕佳的浮潛和水肺潛
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