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Wolf Rock Dive provides guided scuba diving tours for certified divers to see the amazing underwater world at Wolf Rock, one of Australia's premier dive spots. Coming up out of a depth of around 35 metres the main formation is made up of four volcanic pinnacles and is located just off Double Island Point near Rainbow Beach. As Wolf Rock is a protected area the marine life that can be found there will astound you.

The pinnacles and surrounding underwater terrain provide a home to the critically endangered grey nurse shark which can be found there all year round along with other big critters such as giant Queensland gropers, squadrons of eagle rays, bull rays, leopard sharks, green sea turtles, loggerhead turtles and manta rays. Then you have the large schools of pelagic such as trevally, kingfish, barracuda and much much more. Hard and soft corals provide shelter to a wide variety of sub-tropical fish, moray eels and nudibranchs. In winter be entertained by the humpback whales on their annual migration and listen to their whale song while diving.

All tours are guided by experienced professionals with only small groups of up to six divers.


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Scuba Diving Charters

Wolf Rock is one of the most exciting dives in Australia and will perhaps be one of the most exciting dives you ever do. For this reason, all daily dive charters are to Wolf Rock.

If you like to see big animals this is the dive for you. Home to the critically endangered grey nurse sharks and other marine animals such as Giant Queensland Groper (these guys grow as big as the sharks), eagle rays, bull rays, manta rays, leopard sharks, three different species of turtle – loggerhead, green and hawksbill. During winter they witness the annual migration of the humpback whales.

The four volcanic pinnacles that make the site of Wolf Rock are also covered by hard and soft corals providing homes to all the small animals that are the lifeblood of any reef. Nudibranchs, octopus, sub-tropical and temperate species of fish, crabs, sea stars, wobbegong sharks and more. Wolf Rock Dive Centre offer day charters for small groups of certified divers, and courses up to Divemaster level.

Charters run on a daily basis weather permitting and all diving is conducted from their six metre aluminium duck which has been purpose built for diving.

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蒙德里安湖度假公园(Lake Monduran Holiday Park)为一处适宜家庭欢聚的理想环境,是与家人一起垂钓尖吻鲈、划船和划皮艇的完美度假场所。 在该公园垂钓者曾创下了捕捉尖吻鲈的世界纪录。 该尖吻鲈长 135 厘米,重 44.6 公斤,围长 107 厘米。 该度假公园距离昆士兰本达堡有一小时的车程,距离布鲁斯公路则仅 4 公里之遥。 蒙德里安湖度假公园提供种类繁多的住宿和活动,是您户外

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芒果山别墅早餐旅舍(Mango Hill Cottages Bed and Breakfast)

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芒果山别墅早餐旅舍位于查尔德斯,是一所家族拥有和经营的旅舍,有两栋私人半独立式原木别墅,沿早期甘蔗收割者住宅群修建。 这里非常适合那些渴望于乡村生活中体验宁静与放松的情侣。 每间小屋可住二至四人,从前廊可远眺如诗如画的长满百合的大坝、甘蔗田、青山和小作物田地。 小屋坐落在主人的花园中,与主人其他精品酒庄、酿酒厂、酒窖“希尔之星”相隔仅几步之遥,供应不添加任何防腐剂的葡萄酒和强化酒。 这个美

山景旅行车营地(Mountain View Caravan Park)

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山景旅行车营地(Mountain View Caravan Park)覆盖超过三英亩的风景花园,尽览沃尔什山(Mount Walsh)美景,到比戈登的主干街道步行仅五分钟。 该公园维护良好的地面和干净先进的设施令人印象深刻。 提供两个干净舒适的带有独立卫生间的小屋、动力和非动力站点、营地厨房、带遮棚烧烤区和洗衣间。 旅行车营地(Caravan Park)毗邻展览场地,拥有足够的停车位

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天堂大坝(Paradise Dam)位于班达伯格(Bundaberg)西南 100 公里处,距离古朴的比戈登(Biggenden)小镇 35 公里。 大坝位于美丽的伯内特河(Burnett River),以其淡水钓鱼著名。 其他的水上运动包括划船、滑雪、划艇、帆船和游泳。 天堂大坝的设施包括非动力露营点、环保厕所(没有淋浴)、燃气烧烤、混凝土轮船坡道、渔具清洗站、信息中心和小卖部。

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明戈十字路口房车和娱乐区(Mingo Crossing Caravan and Recreation Area)位于美丽的伯内特河(Burnett River)河岸,班达伯格以西约 125 公里、布里斯班西北 400 公里处,中间途经靳靳(Gin Gin)。 这一保存完好的宝地适合所有类型的水上运动,括捕鱼、帆船、滑水、赛舟�� 明戈十字路被田园风光所环绕,更增添了几份安静休闲的气氛。 有
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