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Whitsunday Mustangs offers a very unique service to The Whitsundays by providing a classic '65 red Mustang convertible for local tours in the area.
What better way to see the hidden gems than being chauffeured around in a fully accredited limousine beauty.

Hydeaway Bay is a must see whilst visiting The Whitsundays. It offers breathtaking views to the islands, sandy beaches, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful resorts on the water's edge with succulent food available if required.

Dingo Beach is also a popular tourist attraction with the iconic pub right near the water with great food as well.

They can tailor a package to suit your requirements and pick up is from your hotel or place of stay. They can assure you that there will be no disappointment by selecting one of their tours. Lots of fun and laughter to be had with Greg as your guide.

Call them for any enquiries.

Our Tours

Hydeaway Bay Escape

Whitsunday Mustangs is proud to offer this unique tour to one of The Whitsundays hidden gems. Hydeaway Bay is tucked away in one of the most stunning parts of The Whitsundays. Most people holidaying in Airlie Beach don't even know it exists.

Imagine cruising in a '65 red Mustang convertible with the wind blowing your hair, lots of laughter on the drive (you may even be lucky enough to drive her yourself), not a care in the world with Greg as your entertainer and guide.

Once you arrive at the two magnificent resorts on offer, you will be gob-smacked with the views to the islands and beyond. Whilst there you can enjoy lunch at either one, they both have mouth-watering food to die for. If you prefer to relax on the sandy beach, they can offer a picnic hamper tailored to suit your needs at an additional cost. Take a leisurely stroll along the beach, swim in the crystal clear waters or just relax over a few quiet drinks and Greg will drive you back to your resort.

Whilst there, you must see the iconic Dingo Beach with the famous Dingo Beach pub right there overlooking the water.

Indicative rates

$380.00 $500.00
Sunset and Dinner Hydeaway Bay Tour

Most people can only dream of watching the sunset over the water whilst on holidays in The Whitsundays but, Whitsunday Mustangs can make that dream a reality.

They now offer this amazing opportunity for you to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. What better way to relax over a glass of wine or a beer whilst waiting for your succulent meal to be prepared for you than sitting at the beach watching the brilliant sunset over The Whitsundays.

To top it all off, you get to sit back and enjoy riding in a classic '65 red Mustang convertible with Greg as your chauffeur or, if you are lucky enough, he may even let you drive.

Cape Gloucester Resort offers an amazing menu to suit your requirements and is set in a peaceful, tranquil setting or you may choose to dine at Monte's Resort which is great as well.

Indicative rates

$380.00 $400.00
Special Events, Formals, Birthdays, Anniversaries

Whitsunday Mustangs is pleased to be able to offer a unique service to the area by providing a classic red Mustang convertible for your special event. They do formals for the local schools and pick you up from your home if required, drive you to the formal and arrange for photos at your request. If you would like to surprise your hubby or wife for your anniversary, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a package to suit you.

Is your hubby or wife having a big birthday celebration eg 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 80. I'm sure they would love to be picked up from where you are staying in Airlie Beach or you may even live here. Take a cruise around town being the envy of everyone you see. Sit back and enjoy the ride as I'm sure Greg will entertain you and make it a very memorable occasion for you. Price depending on time and needs.

Indicative rates

$100.00 $120.00
Shute Harbour Photo and Scenic Tour

Whitsunday Mustangs offer tours to Shute Harbour in a classic red Mustang convertible so that you have the opportunity to capture those memorable photos that you will cherish for life. What better way to spend a small amount out of your day than cruising around with the roof off, the wind blowing your hair, sitting back taking in the scenic drive with Greg as your chauffeur. Find out about the local attractions, check out the view and just relax. Stunning views and a fun ride. You won't be disappointed!

Pick up: From your place of stay in Airlie Beach
Drop off: Same or by other arrangement
Capacity: 3 passengers maximum
You may even be lucky enough to drive Mustang Sally. Conditions apply.

Indicative rates

$35.00 $100.00

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Miami, Gold Coast Area
迈阿密是一座迷人的沙滩小镇,位于黄金海岸(Gold Coast)冲浪者天堂(Surfers Paradise)的南部。 迈阿密拥有绵延不尽的一流海滩,适合家庭和孩子前来体验。 小镇有一个儿童游乐场和一个公园,非常适合午后在海滩上悠然享受烧烤美味。 迈阿密冲浪救生俱乐部(Miami Surf Life Saving Club)还提供令人清爽饮品或美味餐饮服务。 您也可跳入海水中畅游一番。 附近也提


Broadbeach, Gold Coast Area
宽阔海滩地处黄金海岸,就位于冲浪者天堂(Surfers Paradis)以南,提供迷人的海滩生活方式。 宽阔海滩比北边的冲浪者天堂更加安静一些,但却拥有广阔无垠的完美海滩,以及餐饮和购物场所。 宽阔海滩购物中心(Broadbeach Mall)和冲浪天堂(Surf Parade)汇集了各色时髦的露天咖啡厅和餐厅,每月的第一个和第三个周日将举办海滨工艺品市场。 可是宽阔海滩最出名的景点可能要属康

宽阔海滩水域(Broadbeach Waters)

Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast Area
宽阔海滩水域毗邻熙熙攘攘的宽阔海滩(Broadbeach),因分布有纵横交织的运河、自行车道和观光路径而闻名。 它也是一个中央枢纽,距离黄金海岸(Golad Coast)的所有热门购物和娱乐场所仅几分钟路程。 向南是全国最大的购物中心之一:提供数百家专卖店、大型百货公司和电影院,还可为孩子们提供丰富多彩的活动。 向北是充满活力的海滨游乐场即冲浪者天堂(Surfers Paradise),这里有丰富

美人鱼水域(Mermaid Waters)

Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast Area
美人鱼水域位于黄金海岸(Gold Coast)的正中央,毗邻该地区最受欢迎的名胜和时尚热闹的娱乐场所。 驱车北行 5 分钟,即可抵达世界级赌场,享受幸运女神的眷顾、观赏令人惊叹的歌舞表演。 继续前行 5 分钟可穿越著名的冲浪者天堂(Surfers Paradise)地带,感受极致的奢华与魅力。 相反,驱车南行相同距离则可到达带有遮篷的家庭海滩和阳光明媚的宽阔沙滩,您可以坐在沙滩上,沐浴着舒适宜人的

美人鱼海滩(Mermaid Beach)

Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast Area
美人鱼海滩位于黄金海岸(Gold Coast)南部,拥有迷人的海滨景致,冲浪者还可在此体验绝妙海浪。 然而美人鱼海滩最为出名的却是海滨一带的“百万富翁街”房屋。 许多颇有声望的企业主因为这里的地理位置及显赫美名而在著名的树篱大道(Hedges Avenue)购买和出售美丽的海滨房屋。 美人鱼海滩拥有各种住宿选择,包括汽车旅馆和独立公寓,此外这里还有众多露天餐厅及咖啡厅。 记得在冲浪救生俱乐部
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