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Time Out Adventures specialises in creating truly memorable experiences with unique activities like Segway’s, Laser Clay Shooting and Walk on Water Balls and much more!

Time Out Adventures is the largest Segway tour operator in Australia, running thousands of tours every year in some of the most exciting locations around Australia.

Imagine gliding down the Esplanade strip in Surfers Paradise on your Segway with the wind in your hair as you take in the magnificent Main Beach coastline or experiencing a Segway Safari Adventure tour through the Federation Coastal reserve, rated by Lonely Planet as a must do on the Gold Coast.

How about a day out in the Yarra Valley, cruising through the vineyards on your Segway, catching some awesome views of the valley and then having a blast with Laser Clay shooting before dropping into the cellar door for some wine tasting. Now that’s a unique day out!

But it’s not all about the Segway! Kids, why not try Walking on Water in a water ball or the family can play some Bumper Soccer and then try and win some cash and prizes playing Splash Golf! There is literally something fun for everyone!

So don’t delay booking today!


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Our Tours


Ozbobbles - Walking on Water!

You've taken the kids to the pool, the park, the museum, to every aunt and uncle and friend's place, but you've run out of ideas. They're tearing the plaster off the walls and doing the loop between kitchen and lounge room: you need to get them out of the house, ASAP.

Ozbobbles are your answer to bored-kid-blues, heck even the adults can do it! It's safe, fun and dry. You'll have a ball, rolling, flipping, flopping and summersaulting all the while trying to walk on water!

So who has what it takes to walk on water!

This is one exciting, heart pumping, thrilling activity you must do!

Call for session times to ensure we have availability!

Indicative rates

$10 $10
Segway Tour -  McIntosh Island Adventure

It takes only moments to learn but forever to get the smile off your face! Riding one of these machines is quite simply amazing; it feels like nothing you've experienced - because there's never been anything like it. It is fun and adventure wrapped up in one fantastic experience!

Now you can discover a hidden "Oasis" in the heart of the Gold Coast.

Tour highlights:-
Navigate over bridges and around lakes,
Spot a variety of wildlife such as "Lyrebirds", "Ducks" and "Peacocks"
Cruise by landscaped waterfalls and running creeks
Grab a photo opportunity in front of "Big Foots" cave
Zoom along the famous "Main beach" strip taking in the magnificent Gold Coast coastline
Experience something totally new and exciting

Indicative rates

$75 $75
Laser Clay Shooting

This is the very best in interactive activities! Mate versus Mate, Father versus Son! Come on out to the Royal Pines Resort and have some fun with them! Regardless of age or skill, you will train your trigger finger and compete on a level playing field with this fun, safe and unconventional twist on clay pigeon shooting.

As you set your sights to the sky a disk is released from the conventional launcher. You then test your speed, concentration and predictive skills by firing a modified shotguns high-tech infra-red laser beam at the target. A module scoreboard generates the shotgun "bang" whenever the trigger is pulled. If your aim is on-target, the sound of a crackling disk is reproduced over the scoreboard which signals your success.

In each round of Laser-Clay up to 5 people can shoot at the same target launched from a number of different positions at various speeds and angles so its great for individuals, a group of mates or families to all have fun at the same time.

Victory relies on skill, a little bit of luck and heaps of fun!

Indicative rates

$25 $35

It takes only moments to learn but forever to get the smile off your face! Riding a Segway is quite simply amazing; it feels like nothing you've experienced - because there's never been anything like it. This is fun, excitement and adventure wrapped up in one fantastic experience!

It gently moves you and keeps you balanced almost like an extension of you as it intuitively moves in response to where you want to go. It's natural, safe and instinctive. Just step on, shift your weight forward, backward, left or right and Lean Steer technology immediately sends you gliding in the precise direction you want to go, at exactly the speed you want to move. Straighten up and you gently stop.

Now you can zoom around the pathways at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast and experience the fun of riding a Segway!

This fun ride lasts approximately 15 minutes and you will have an absolute blast experiencing a totally new sensation, but don't be surprised if you want to upgrade to one of our All-Terrain Segway Adventure tours as 15 minutes is simply not enough!

Booking essential, call to confirm your booking!

Indicative rates

$29 $29

You're the star! No talent required! They won't stop laughing! It's an experience everyone will remember!

Bopping Heads has guests lining up to make their very own ridiculously funny music video! It's absolutely the hottest entertainment craze utilising "green screen" technology. It's so hilarious to watch and so much fun to do simply;

Pick from one of their hundreds of songs, put on some fun props like hats, wigs and sunglasses. Up to four people at a time then sit in front of the camera. The music starts, you "Bop" you heads and make as many crazy facial expressions as possible. They then superimpose your larger than life heads onto the bodies of a dancer or band member , meanwhile family and friends around you are smiling and laughing whilst a DVD recording is made. The music stops and instantly everyone gets a DVD of their very own music video. It's so much fun and so easy to do!

Bobbing Heads is hilarious, funny and truly memorable and best of all you get a DVD recording to keep!

Indicative rates

$8 $25

It takes only moments to learn but forever to get the smile off your face! Riding a Segway is quite simply amazing; it feels like nothing you've experienced - because there's never been anything like it. This is fun, excitement and adventure wrapped up in one fantastic experience!

On this 30 minute Segway Resort Adventure, you will zoom around the magnificent grounds of the Royal Pines Resort head into the bush and soak up the ambience of this beautiful resort. You'll experience a variety of different terrains enabling you to experience the Segway at its best.

Don't delay, book today and have an adventure you'll truly remember!

Indicative rates

$40 $40
Adventure Pack

Looking for something new, exciting, different and great fun!

This package includes:-

1 x Ozbobbles - Walk, run, roll, flip and spin as you try to walk on water in your very own bubble. It's great fun and hilarious to watch! Suitable for ages 5+

1 x Segway Resort Adventure - On this 30 minute tour you'll hit the bush, cruise around the lake and put you're all terrain Segway through it's paces in a variety of different terrains. It's fun and adventure wrapped up in one amazing experience. Ages 10+

1 x Laser Clay Shooting - Regardless of age or skill you'll have a blast playing this fun, safe and unconventional twist on clay pigeon shooting. Totally interactive with up to 5 people at a time being able to play. Suitable for ages 10+

Come on out to the Royal Pines Resort today and experience something totally new!

Indicative rates

$59 $59
Segway Golf

This is an Australian first! Now you can have the best of both worlds! Combining your passion for golf by enjoying a round at a beautiful PGA rated RACV Royal Pines Resort whilst satisfying your sense for adventure by cruising the course on an all-terrain Segway. It just doesn't get much better!

You see, it takes only moments to learn but forever to get the smile off your face! Riding a Segway is quite simply amazing; it feels like nothing you've experienced - because there's never been anything like it. It is fun and adventure wrapped up in one fantastic experience. Now combine this with playing a round of golf around this magnificent course and you have the makings of one truly memorable experience! Whether you are on holidays or a local, why not book today something totally unique that few people in Australia have ever done!

Pricing includes green fees (for 9 holes) and Segway hire (clubs not included) and training. Allow about 2 1/2 hours in total. A minimum of 2 people is required to book.

Bookings are essential!

Indicative rates

$99 $99
LOL Pack

If you're looking for some laughs and a great time then this is the perfect package!

It includes:-

1XBopping Heads Music Video Recording - No talent required! Simply pick your favourite song, put on some funny hats, wigs and sunglasses, bob your head to the music and they'll place your larger then life head onto the body of a professional dancer and record you a professional music video! It's hilarious and great fun plus you get your own DVD to keep. Up to 4 people at a time can record a video.

1XSegway Fun Ride - Zoom around the Royal Pines Resort on your all-terrain Segway on this 20 minute fun ride. Its great fun and adventure, the only thing is you won't want to get off! Ask about their tour upgrades! Minimum Age:9.

1XOzbobbles - Walk, roll, flip, spin and summersault in your very own Ozbobble. It's the closest thing you'll get to walking on water. It's great fun and hilarious to watch.

What makes this package so great is that there is not very many places where you can experience something this unique all in the one place!

Indicative rates

$49 $49

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斯雷德角(Slade Point)

Mackay, Mackay Area
Free Entry
斯雷德角保护区(Slade Point Reserve)位于兰伯茨海滩,绵延 73 公顷,保护着麦凯(Mackay)区最后一片海岸沙丘和白千层属湿地区。 游客可以徒步穿越保护区。 兰伯茨海滩和斯雷德角位于麦克瑞迪溪(McReady's Creek)的另一侧,是倍受青睐的鲭鱼和暗礁鱼垂钓点。


Eimeo, Mackay Area
艾米奥是凯(Mackay)的其中一个临海郊区,这里所有一切应有尽有。 正因为如此,这里的俱乐部集冲浪、帆板和游艇的功能于一身。 俱乐部会员提供季节性海滩巡逻服务,确保游客在珊瑚海(Coral Sea)游玩的安全,基础产业部(Department of Primary Industries)也定期在此巡逻,负责安置捕鲨网项目。 在艾米奥,太平洋酒店(Pacific Hotel)是酒店老板所拥有

贝克河(Bakers Creek)

Bakers Creek, Mackay Area
贝克河是凯(Mackay)附近一座肉类食品加工小镇。 您一定要逛逛这里,因为昆士兰中央地区一些最好的丁字牛排在这里“制造”。 小镇位于凯以南几公里处,没有商店也没有配套设施,因此这里不适合野餐。 小镇中的战争纪念碑值得您驻足停留,这块纪念碑用来歌颂二战时坠毁在小镇的一架美国飞机。 小镇最有名的是一年一度的奥肯登(Oakenden)杂技表演,通常在每年 6 月份举行,这一赛事由主要筹款单位邓杜拉

伊拉旺海滩(Illawong Beach)

Mackay, Mackay Area
Free Entry
伊拉旺海滩(Illawong Beach)是备受当地人欢迎的风帆冲浪运动目的地。 海滩上还可饱览达尔林普尔湾(Dalrymple Bay)的美景,并享受出色的垂钓体验。 库塔公园(Quota Park)内提供有洗手间、游乐场、烧烤和野餐设施。 附近拥有一系列丰富的住宿选择,包括一个度假村,从麦凯(Mackay)中部可方便前往所有这些设施。

麦基地区(Mackay Region)

Mackay, Mackay Area
麦基地区拥有无与伦比的雨林和国家公园、位置隐蔽的岛屿和海滩、原生态的珊瑚礁、真正的乡村热情和历史悠久的城镇。 麦基地区是一片相对原生态的地区,可为您提供经济实惠、丰富多样而又远离喧嚣的独特度假体验。 麦基地区的海岸线位于布里斯班(Brisbane)和凯恩斯(Cairns)之间,从圣劳伦斯(St Lawrence)到圣灵群岛泻湖(Laguna Whitsundays)、从内里地区到克莱蒙特(Cl


Mackay, Mackay Area
麦基是一个热带城市,风景如画、气氛轻松,拥有一个主要地区中心所应有的一切,满足您的各式需求。 碧蓝的先驱河(Pioneer River)流经城市历史建筑,主干道两边伫立着高大的棕榈树及购物区。 河边有着众多适合野营的迷人地点,码头边还设有露天用餐区,您可在此享用一流的当地海鲜。 植物园、美丽的海滩及世界级码头距离市中心仅数分钟之遥。 麦基坐落于 31 个美丽海滩的环抱中,因此这里既有距离市中心咫尺

布卡夏海滩(Bucasia Beach)

Bucasia, Mackay Area
Free Entry
布卡夏海滩(Bucasia Beach)位于麦凯城(Mackay City)以北 10 至 15 分钟车程处,是麦凯北部海滩(Mackay's Northern Beaches)的一部分。 它在“昆士兰北区干净海滩大挑战”中荣获二等奖。 布卡夏海滩设有有刺动物防护围栏,是享受快乐游泳的完美场所。 布卡夏还是一个倍受欢迎的度假之所,吸引着钓鱼爱好者踏至而来。 海滩上设有海滨旅行车营地和独立度

海港海滩(Harbour Beach)

Mackay, Mackay Area
Free Entry
倍受欢迎的海港海滩(Harbour Beach)位于市中心以北 5 至 10 分钟车程处,比邻堡礁码头(Reef Marina)风景优美的开发区,有工作人员巡逻,且备受当地人青睐;它是野餐、垂钓和游泳的理想场所。 海港海滩地区凭借其一流的伊氏石斑鱼、乔治鲹鱼、鳊鱼和金枪鱼垂钓场所而为当地人熟知。 海港附近还有马尔赫林公园(Mulherin Park),那是一个带烧烤设施、野餐餐桌、公共卫生间和儿童

肖尔角(Shoal Point)

Shoal Point, Mackay Area
Free Entry
肖尔角(Shoal Point)处于北部海滩(Northern Beaches)的最北端,从麦凯市中心(Mackay City Center)出发,驱车 15 分钟左右即可抵达。 肖尔角提供带遮阴的海滨野餐区,可饱览群岛、希尔斯伯勒角国家公园(Cape Hillsborough National Park)及芙蓉海岸(Hibiscus Coast)的美丽风景。 另外,它还具有一流的礁石垂钓场所;海滩

布莱克斯海滩(Blacks Beach)

Blacks Beach, Mackay Area
Free Entry
麦凯北部海滩(Mackay's Northern Beaches)的布莱克斯海滩(Blacks Beach)是该地区距离最长的海滩,两旁分布着风景秀美的热带花园(大约 6 公里),非常适合观赏蔚蓝色的太平洋在日落时分浪潮澎湃的壮观景象。 海岸线旁的沙滩上分布着众多海滨旅行车、露营地、度假村和独立及汽车旅馆式住宿场所;宾客入住任何一个场所,均可在每天早晨伴着温柔的海浪声从美梦中醒来。 您可
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