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People, bars, art, history, beers, gardens, coffee, culture, architecture, wine or just a little company? Brisbane may not have the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, but there's loads to see here if you know just where to look, and the only way to see it is to walk!

Listening is so much easier than reading, so leave your guidebook behind, relax and discover the best parts of beautiful Brisbane with a local guide.

You'll see cool art, hear about people and history, maybe try some local coffee or craft beer and get the latest tips on the best bars, cafes, restaurants and things to do for the rest of your stay.

Tours are small with no more than eight guests and your guide will introduce everyone so you feel really welcome.

Welcome to Brisbane! The local guides love it and they'll do everything they can to help you have a great time here.

Our tours

Laneways Cafe Tour

Brisbane's streets are full of cafes and restaurants, over 1500 at last count, but go to any city and the best coffee is never on the main street.

This walk is a tasting tour of the City Centre coffee scene. They'll stop at five laneway cafes, chat to passionate baristas, learn about Australian grown coffee and of course, enjoy some coffee (tea, chai latte, iced chocolate...) and tasty little bites. Instagram heaven.

On this relaxed tour you'll also pick up some great tips on eating and drinking from Brisbanites who know every cool bar and café in town, see a little on-street art and finish at a laneway bar before the office workers are out.

Indicative rates

$70 $70

You've done the City, or you're a little cooler than that. You want to meet some people, or just not debate with your people about where to go. You want to dodge the dodgy places, escape the ho-hum joints and booze in the good ones.

The best places in the Valley aren't in your guide book, because they just opened. Maybe only last week.

On this tour they introduce the tasty craft beers and delicious Australian wines and spirits of four of the best little bars. They'll wander up a few streets you may not have found otherwise and point out more good spots for your next night out. They also have some snacks along the way.

If you like meeting people, this is definitely the tour for you. This is not a backpacker pub crawl, the guides like cool places and good quality drinks!

Indicative rates

$95 $95
City Essentials Tour

The perfect introduction to Brisbane, their three hour City Essentials Tour covers all the main sights in the City Centre and takes you where the buses can't go.

Only have one day in Brisbane? This is the tour for you.

See King George Square, the Story Bridge, the City Botanic Gardens, the oldest church in Queensland, Customs House, Eagle Street Pier, the City Hall Clock Tower, and lots of hidden secrets along the way.

They'll also point out the best City bars, cafes and restaurants for every budget, so you can make the most of your limited time here.

Indicative rates

$60 $60
Art and Design Tour

They love art! And Brisbane has plenty of it. Take their three hour Art and Design Tour and get an up close introduction to Brisbane's excellent open air art scene.

On this walk you'll discover a mix of 40 works created by over 30 artists. They'll show you the best sculpture, murals and architectural features in the Central Business District - a mix of contemporary commissions, historical sculpture, rogue street art and building facades. You'll hear the story behind each piece and pick up some great tips on eating, drinking and art galleries to visit.

They'll finish at the internationally renowned Queensland Art Gallery, 'Gallery of Modern Art', just in time for you to grab lunch and join a free guided tour (or just enjoy the rest of your day). Alternatively, their guide will accompany you on the 10 minute walk back to the Queen St Mall.

Indicative rates

$60 $60

The perfect walk if you're in Brisbane on your own, or you're with friends and you don't want to argue about where to go tonight, how you got lost, or where you're going next.

On this tour you'll stop at four of the best City Centre bars and talk about fabulous Australian wine, the surging Aussie craft beer scene, what you should do in Brisbane tomorrow and even more excellent Brisbane bars and restaurants.

You'll see some great on-street art and have some snacks along the way.

This isn't a backpacker pub crawl, the guides like nice venues and good quality drinks! Like meeting people? This is the tour for you.

Indicative rates

$95 $95

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德阿吉拉尔国家公园(D'Aguilar National Park)

The Gap, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
德阿吉拉尔国家公园(D'Aguilar National Park)及其辽阔,拥有树胶桉与茂密的雨林,茂密的山林直至布里斯班。 您可尽情享受美不胜收的景色、步行小径与野餐区;有经验的步行者与驾驶员还可安排偏远的隐蔽露营之旅。 在朱莉(Jolly)的瞭望亭(轮椅可通行),您可一边享用烧烤设施,一边欣赏桑弗德谷(Samford Valley)的景色,聆听清晨悦耳的鸟鸣。 您在博姆巴纳(Boom

袋鼠角(Kangaroo Point)

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane Area
来到袋鼠角,可以尽享精彩刺激的探险活动和赏心悦目的远景。 很少有其他郊区的人文景观和自然风景可与袋鼠角相媲美。 站在古老的悬崖顶上,可以一览无余地欣赏到河流、城市及山川的壮丽风景。无论是朝阳缓缓升起时,还是黄昏时分落日余晖照亮城市天际线时,都可在崖顶欣赏到布里斯班(Brisbane)的一流景致。 攀岩爱好者可以登上富有标志性的故事桥(Story Bridge),这座桥梁建于 1940 年,耸立在河

斯普林希尔(Spring Hill)

Spring Hill, Brisbane Area
斯普林希尔坐落在布里斯班(Brisbane)市中心顶端,是布里斯班最受欢迎的郊区之一,距离布里斯班的所有精彩场所仅举步之遥。 向西是风景美丽的罗马大街公园(Roma Street Parklands),您可以在这里为野鸭喂食,沿着高高悬挂在森林树冠之上的木板通道欣赏极致美景。 向南是熙熙攘攘的市中心,向东是富有时尚气息的佛特谷(Fortitude Valley)。佛特谷是多姿多彩的悠闲中心,提供现场音乐表演、火爆的夜总会、时尚的咖啡馆、美术馆和布里斯班唐人街(Brisbane'


Milton, Brisbane Area
米尔顿尽是雕像和浓缩咖啡。 公园路(Park Road)是原来的咖啡小道,是历经城市复兴的第一批郊区之一,其精彩纷呈的个性化村庄,点燃了布里斯班的浪漫氛围。 米尔顿到处都是餐厅,是位于布里斯班的欧洲一隅,标志性餐厅甜蜜生活(La Dolce Vita)从 1989 年开始风靡至今。 它极富魅力和内涵,但却不乏平民化的精致休闲风格。 这条充满活力的街道是聚会的热门场所,在公园路的国际化标志——艾菲


Sandgate, Brisbane Area
沙门各处美丽的民用和住宅建筑使这个海滨小村成为莫尔顿湾(Moreton Bay)遗产展示品之一。 沙门位于红崖(Redcliffe)半岛下方,是备受 19 世纪末布里斯班(Brisbane)殖民定居者欢迎的海滨目的地。 丰富的历史是该地区的一大特色,拥有数量众多的府邸和建筑充分反映了这一逝去时代的古典建筑风格。 您可以趁此机会沿着沙门历史小径(Sandgate's Historica


Chermside, Brisbane Area
民间将彻姆赛德郊区视为布里斯班(Brisbane)北部郊区的迷你中央商务区。 这里矗立着彻姆赛德韦斯特菲尔德购物中心(Westfield Chermside),它是全国最大的购物中心之一,提供海量商品供购物狂们尽情选购。 另外,它也是澳大利亚首个建成的大型购物中心,如今依然如 1957 年盛大开业时一样深受人们喜爱。 该购物中心包含数百家专卖店和重要的全国连锁百货店。 您可以在巨大的电影院内观看好


Windsor, Brisbane Area
温莎郊区位于布里斯班(Brisbane)市中心以北 5 分钟车程处,具有浓郁的布里斯班历史气息。 作为布里斯班最古老的郊区之一,温莎这片土地上矗立有众多富丽堂皇的古老房屋、宏伟壮观的昆士兰风情建筑、列入遗产名录的建筑和修缮一新的工人小木屋。 郊区的重山可饱览令人惊叹的城市美景,地势低洼区则可尽享伊诺给拉溪(Enoggera Creek)宁静祥和的氛围。 温莎历史学会(Windsor Histor


Boondall, Brisbane Area
邦多尔郊区位于布里斯班(Brisbane)市中心东北方向大约 20 分钟车程处,以布里斯班顶级音乐厅、娱乐中心和运动中心而闻名。 邦多尔湿地公园(Boondall Wetlands Park)也地处该区,是由重要湿地组成的庞大系统,部分环绕着布里斯班娱乐中心(Brisbane Entertainment Center)和体育中心(Sports Complex)。 布里斯班娱乐中心定期邀请著名


Bulimba, Brisbane Area
古雅的河畔郊区布林巴和霍桑将迷人的村落风情与现代典雅情调完美结合,本地景色别致,让人不禁想起古老的渔镇。 白天的牛津街(Oxford Street)熙熙攘攘,服饰时尚的妈妈们带着宝宝徜徉于兼收并蓄的精品店中购物,在时尚咖啡馆中享用卡布奇诺。 布林巴纪念公园(Bulimba Memorial Park)拥有精心制成的原木看台,看台与矗立在河畔召唤游客游览的老遗产渡轮码头同样惹人喜爱,更可与建于

南布里斯班(South Brisbane)

South Brisbane, Brisbane Area
近些年来,内城郊区南布里斯班经历复兴发展,已成为布里斯班(Brisbane)最受欢迎的地区之一。 南布里斯班曾拥有数量众多的仓库、工厂和码头,1988 年布里斯班河(Brisbane River)岸上荒废的工业区成为世界博览会(World Expo)的举办场所,这里也由此经历了翻天覆地的变化。 如今,这一郊区拥有极具大都会气息的咖啡馆、时尚酒吧、高级酒店和多民族咖啡馆及餐厅,显得生机勃勃、热闹非凡。 南布里斯班与南岸(South Bank)接壤,那里是布里斯班市的高级休闲胜地。 来到南岸,您可以在人造海滩的清澈水域中畅游,欣赏令人惊叹的美景和景色秀丽的公园,遍尝各式美味获得极致的味蕾享受;也可观赏戏剧、芭蕾舞、歌剧、音乐会或艺术展览。 许多美丽的古建筑也是南布里斯班亮丽的风景线。 值得一游的景点包括圣安德鲁圣公会教堂(Saint Andrew'
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