North Queensland Wildscapes Phototours

Cairns, Cairns Area

Join Paul Curtis of North Queensland Wildscapes Phototours in a tour some of the less visited but extremely photogenic sites around the tropical north. Tours are varied to suit the customer and the prevailing weather and conditions, but foremost is the goal of finding some remarkable sites and returning with wonderful pictures. Tours can be half day, full day, or one or more nights away, to capture the golden hours of dusk and dawn.

Paul can provide a window into the true north Queensland and assist you to get the most out of the opportunity. The experienced enthusiast/professional is catered for, as well as those new to outdoor photography. Paul can help you get the best out of your camera and the wonderful subjects presented. Maximum number is four adults so each trip is flexible to suit your needs. No rushing from place to place, or packing up unless you are satisfied.

Costs are all inclusive except where indicated. You can be collected from anywhere from Cairns to the northern beaches (up to Palm Cove). Departure times depend a bit on your location, but are generally around 8am. There is no schedule where certain places are visited on certain days.


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Cairns, Cairns Area

Our Tours

Sunset Tour

Depart Cairns at 1pm for a one hour drive to Davies Creek National Park. Some time will be spent at the falls, and exploring the picturesque creek side scenery before indulging in a mildly strenuous 10 minute walk to one of Paul's favourite lookouts. Return to Cairns around 7pm, depending on the time of the year. Afternoon tea provided.

Indicative rates

$110 $250
Golden Beaches - Half Day, Full Day or Overnight

An hour south of Cairns is one of the best beaches in north Queensland for photography. For a half day tour, an afternoon low tide is preferable to fully appreciate the area. Otherwise a more leisurely full day will give everyone more time to explore further including nearby Eubenangee Swamp with its variety of birdlife and ominous creekside scenery. Depart between 12.30pm to 1pm for half day or 8am for full day. Bring a hat and light shoes (they may get wet) and sunscreen and insect repellent, if necessary, can be provided. Return whenever you feel like it! Light lunch provided on day tour.

Overnight tours are available for those who enjoy camping in a rainforest setting next to tropical beaches. Please enquire.

Indicative rates

$120 $185
Cloud Forest Tour

Spend a day in high altitude rainforest exploring the lush creeks and one of the norths premier rainforest drives. Opportunities to stop in many places to indulge your creativity. Depart Cairns around 8am and return around 7pm. Snacks and lunch provided. Approximately a one and three quarter hour drive from Cairns through some great scenery and country towns.

Indicative rates

$185 $350
Mysterious Waterfalls Tour

Some photogenic tableland waterfalls that few people visit or even know about. A little bit of exciting four-wheel-driving through remote country past some great lookouts and spectacular northern rainforest. Depart 8am and return 7pm. Option to stop off at Hasties Swamp bird hide if you are interested in wildlife.

Lunch at your expense at the Popular Cafe in Ravenshoe - Queensland's highest town. Stopping off at the Windy Hill windfarm, then back for late afternoon at Drover's Lookout and Hall's Falls (for the nimble of foot) or Wright's Creek Falls for the not so nimble. Possibly catch a sunset from Gillies Lookout.

Indicative rates

$165 $350
Rainforest Circuit Drive

A bit of everything on this tour. Anything can pop up along the 40 kilometre rainforest drive but you will have the chance to explore some rainforest streams, all sorts of scenic forest types and some spectacular viewpoints along this wilderness circuit drive. Depart around 8am, return around 7pm, and snacks and lunch are provided. The tour includes an optional 10 minute steep rainforest walk up to the Mount Edith lookout. Time and energy permitting, a stop can be scheduled at Emerald Creek Falls for some nice creek and cascade country at the end of the day.

Indicative rates

$185 $185
Creek and Canopy Tour

About one hour south of Cairns is the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walkway. This is quite unique in this part of the world and provides some great photo opportunities. Along the way, Babinda Boulders and Henrietta Creek's falls and cascades will be visited. Tour cost includes entry to Mamu. Weather and time permitting, a stop at Josephine Falls can be scheduled on the return trip to Cairns. A light lunch is provided though we have the option of a purchased lunch at a number of nice locations.

Indicative rates

$185 $350

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Cannonvale, Whitsunday Area
坎农韦尔位于热门旅游景点艾尔利海滩(Airlie Beach)以西仅 3 分钟车程处,虽不及艾尔利海滩那样广为人知,但环境更为幽静,且拥有同样秀色可餐、美不胜收的风景。 坎农韦尔地理位置便利,毗邻圣灵群岛(Whitsundays)的所有景点和精彩场所,是携全家人前来游览的完美之所。 坎农韦尔带有遮蔽的美丽海滩是您远离喧嚣人群、与孩子共享嬉水之乐的上上之选。 水畔设有儿童游乐区、公共烧烤和野餐区,

茱比利普克(Jubilee Pocket)

Jubilee Pocket, Whitsunday Area
茱比利普克掩映于圣灵群岛(Whitsunday)大陆的群山之间,坐落在前往沙特海港(Shute Harbour)的途中,距离游客天堂艾尔利海滩(Airlie Beach)仅 2 分钟车程。 茱比利普克洋溢着轻松悠闲的氛围,毗邻热带海滨小镇艾尔利海滩,这使其在近些年的受欢迎程度显著增加。 驱车在该地区游览片刻,便会深有体会。 小镇坐落在雨林和风景如画的乡村中。 自由漫步、水上摩托艇租赁和其他水

雪松溪瀑布(Cedar Creek Falls)

Proserpine, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
风景如画的雪松溪瀑布(Cedar Creek Falls)位于康威海滩路(Conway Beach Road)旁,距离咸水溪路(Saltwater Creek Road)的普罗赛尔平娜(Proserpine)大约有 20 公里。 瀑布在雨季时极其壮观,在瀑布底构成了全年可使用的天然游泳池。 瀑布位于由天然岩石堆积的圆形场地。 本地的动植物群会使您惊叹,尤其是绞杀植物、红色与白色的雪松以及野生的兰花。

白日梦岛(Daydream Island)

Daydream Island, Whitsunday Area
白日梦岛是圣灵群岛(Whitsundays)74 座岛屿中距离大陆海岸艾尔利海滩(Airlie Beach)最近的岛屿。 白日梦因其自然美景和种类丰富的水上运动而备受青睐。 这里有现代时尚的客房、多种用餐选择、婚礼教堂、备受赞誉的日间水疗中心、儿童俱乐部和不计其数的设施,可让整个家庭尽情游玩。 您可直接在海岸附近浮潜、前往情侣湾(Lovers' Cove)的岸礁;也可与度假村的水上运动

艾尔利海滩(Airlie Beach)

Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Area
艾尔利海滩是前往昆士兰(Queensland)74 座原生态岛屿圣灵群岛(Whitsundays)的门户。 这是一座充满活力的都市化小镇,到处是棕榈环绕的海滩、海滨公园和露天餐厅。 艾尔利海滩是海滨小镇的缩影;您会立即感受到每一处空间均散发出无忧无虑的轻松氛围。 您会在艾尔利海滩泻湖(Airlie Beach Lagoon)感受到这种氛围,这座泻湖是人造咸水泳池区域,周围由沙石和草山环绕。 海

长岛(Long Island)

Long Island, Whitsunday Area
长岛位于昆士兰(Queensland)海岸风光旖旎的圣灵群岛(Whitsundays)上,拥有令人惊叹的野生动物和自然美景。 它是距离降临群岛大陆最近的岛屿。 长岛主要是一座国家公园,超过 13 公里的步行小径尽头有迷人的观景台和位置隐蔽的美丽海滩。 最无以伦比的要属海湾处的珊瑚礁带,是浮潜的完美选择,也非常适合躺在椰子树下的吊床上尽情放松。 岛上分布有三个度假村,提供各种风格的住宿选择,从豪华

沙特海港(Shute Harbour)

Shute Harbour, Whitsunday Area
沙特海港毗邻艾尔利海滩(Airlie Beach),是游客前往圣灵群岛(Whitsunday Islands)和度假村的主要中转港口。 海港是一处小型住宅社区,从大部分位置向外望去,均可饱览一流景致。 山峰之上设有一系列度假别墅和一座小酒店,可观赏无与伦比的绝佳景色。 该港口是澳大利亚最繁忙的小型船舶港口之一,也是空船和包租游艇活动的重要基地。 商业运营商每天均定时提供渡轮和水上出租艇服务。 海

康威海滩(Conway Beach)

Conway Beach, Whitsunday Area
康威海滩坐落在南圣灵群岛海滩,距离艾尔利海滩和普罗斯培林(Proserpine)约 30 分钟车程。 除了威尔逊海滩(Wilsons Beach)外,小村康威海滩也是倍受欢迎的垂钓和风力运动(如风筝冲浪和风筝滑板运动)之地。 康威海滩拥有绵延两公里的沙滩,坐落在普洛塞尔皮娜河(Proserpine River)的河口处,此河口是垂钓和捉蟹的绝佳场所。 通常,可以在康威海滩地区捕捉到泥蟹、尖吻鲈、大虾

康威国家公园(Conway National Park)

Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
康威国家公园(Conway National Park)是一个宁静的海岸线公园,它俯瞰降灵水道,保护雨林覆盖的山川、树木丛生的山丘和深深的峡谷。 吉娜(Gia)和尼哥洛长老(Ngaro Elders)是康威山脉的传统主人,您可以对传统的乡村居民说“Wadda-moolie”(欢迎)。 这里是普罗斯培林岩石沙袋鼠和 2 种澳大利亚鸟类的故乡:澳大利亚丛冢雉和橙足塚雉。 您可以在培布利海滩(pebbly

圣灵群岛地区(Whitsunday Region)

Whitsundays, Whitsunday Area
圣灵群岛位于昆士兰(Queensland)大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)中心地带,74 座岛屿如同漂浮在珊瑚海(Coral Sea)热带水域的珍宝。 探索大堡礁是人生中必做事项之一,从艾尔利海滩(Airlie Beach)或直接从圣灵群岛前往大堡礁均十分便利。 这是一座充满活力的都市化小镇,到处是棕榈环绕的海滩、海滨公园和露天餐厅。 探索这座迷人小镇的最佳方式是乘坐帆船…航游穿越
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