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Owned and operated by Wil and Jacqui Hikuwai, Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours is located on the beautiful Fraser Coast, Queensland.

The Great Sandy Straits boasts safe, protected waterways, coral reefs and an abundance of marine and sea bird life. The vessel is proudly named “Milbi” which carries the Butchulla meaning for ‘sea turtle’. At 12 metres in length, she is one of the largest glass bottom vessels in Australia.

Explore Round Island, Big Woody Island, snorkel the reef or just relax. Join in on the search for turtles, dolphins, dugongs, reef fish and seabirds.
Time will be set aside for a refreshing swim in clean clear waters.

Local Aboriginal guide shares his knowledge of the Great Sandy Straits, providing you with a unique cultural experience. You will learn about the oldest surviving culture on Earth. Here lies an incredible opportunity to view the stunning coastal wilderness through the eyes of a local Butchulla man. Their land and sea custodians have called this beautiful land home for thousands of years and welcome you with open arms.

Educational guided eco-tours available from morning through to sunset.


  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming

Our Tours

Turtle Discovery

Join them on this leisurely, fully guided eco-tour through the calm, clear waters of the Great Sandy Marine Park. You will be able to view the coral gardens from the comfort of the Milbi, one of Australia’s largest glass bottom boats.

This tour offers snorkelling equipment to enable you the ultimate experience of coming face to face with the infinite wonders of the marine park. You are likely to see fish habitat amongst the coral reef, turtles, dolphins, sea bird colonies, and possibly a reef shark or dugong.
Time is set aside to explore Round Island and enjoy a healthy lunch. They may also pay a visit to the spectacular Pelican Banks famous for its crystal clear waters or discover the magic of Big Woody Island .

Whilst it is their aim to offer you the best marine excursion possible, please note that their Turtle Discovery Eco Tour inclusions may vary slightly to optimise the most favourable weather conditions for your comfort.

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Sandgate, Brisbane Area
沙门各处美丽的民用和住宅建筑使这个海滨小村成为莫尔顿湾(Moreton Bay)遗产展示品之一。 沙门位于红崖(Redcliffe)半岛下方,是备受 19 世纪末布里斯班(Brisbane)殖民定居者欢迎的海滨目的地。 丰富的历史是该地区的一大特色,拥有数量众多的府邸和建筑充分反映了这一逝去时代的古典建筑风格。 您可以趁此机会沿着沙门历史小径(Sandgate's Historica


Boondall, Brisbane Area
邦多尔郊区位于布里斯班(Brisbane)市中心东北方向大约 20 分钟车程处,以布里斯班顶级音乐厅、娱乐中心和运动中心而闻名。 邦多尔湿地公园(Boondall Wetlands Park)也地处该区,是由重要湿地组成的庞大系统,部分环绕着布里斯班娱乐中心(Brisbane Entertainment Center)和体育中心(Sports Complex)。 布里斯班娱乐中心定期邀请著名

邦多尔湿地保护区(Boondall Wetlands Reserve)

Boondall, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
邦多尔湿地(Boondall Wetlands)位于莫尔顿湾(Moreton Bay)边缘,努登海滩(Nudgee Beach)、邦多尔(Boondall)和肖恩克里夫(Shorncliffe)三地之间,拥有 1,000 多公顷的潮汐滩地、红树林、盐滩、米拉路卡湿地、草地、疏林和林地。 澳大利亚原住民已经在邦多尔湿地上生活了很长时间,与这块土地有着千丝万缕的联系。 湿地中有奴里米伦艺术图腾,这

塔比-板德哈根红树木板路(咸水之地)(Tabbil-ban Dhagun Mangrove Boardwalk [Place of Salt Water])

Nudgee Beach, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
邦多尔湿地(Boondall Wetlands)位于莫尔顿湾(Moreton Bay)的边缘,处于努登海滩、邦多尔(Boondall)和肖恩克利夫(Shorncliffe)之间。 该湿地包括超过 1,000 公顷的潮滩、红树林、盐沼、茶树、草地、开阔森林和林地。 这条路径既穿过莫尔顿湾海岸边缘的红树林,也穿过努登溪(Nudgee Creek)的溪岸。 红树林里到处都是水鸟,您可在小溪
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