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Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area

A trip to Queensland's Sunshine Coast is not complete without escaping the bitumen and indulging in a unique once in a lifetime four wheel drive tour experiencing the Great Beach Drive from Noosa to Rainbow Beach.

More than just a drive, this tour is an unforgettable experience of the natural beauty and rich history of this unique coastline, with knowledgeable and passionate guides. Offering the experience of driving on some of the world's most stunning beaches and through some of the most idyllic National Parks, this is truly a once in a lifetime touring holiday experience.

They are the only dedicated Noosa to Rainbow Beach tour operator, and are the only tour operator with direct vehicle access to protected Double Island Point Lighthouse.

Tours depart daily, are family friendly, and travel more than 70 kilometres of iconic beaches so you can soak in the scenery and wildlife, such as dolphins, manta rays, turtles, soldier crabs, bird life, and whales (whale season is June to October).

From start to finish, their tour offers you the freedom to explore, to stay a little longer and to make the most of this amazing experience.

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Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area

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Full Day Great Beach Drive Tour

Escape the bitumen and indulge in a full day tour along one of Australia’s most remarkable stretches of beach highway - the Great Beach Drive from Sunshine Coast’s Noosa to Rainbow Beach.

Tours depart daily and are conducted by Advanced Eco Certified guides who unlock the secrets of the area on this spectacular tour. Highlights include Rainbow Beach’s legendary coloured sands, Honeymoon Bay where you can swim in the lagoon, or body surf on the longest right hand break in Australia, Red Canyon where the red and yellow sands form a unique pinnacle in the sand dunes, Carlo Sandblow, and a pristine rainforest at Freshwater and Double Island Point Lighthouse.

Great Beach Drive 4WD Tours is the only company that has vehicle access to Double Island Point Lighthouse where you will enjoy scenic 360 degree views from Noosa to Fraser Island. This eight hour tour travels more than 70 kilometres of iconic beaches with vehicles travelling on the sand so you can soak in the scenery and wildlife, such as dolphins, manta rays, turtles, soldier crabs, birdlife and whales (June to October).

Lunch is at Rainbow Beach Surf Club including a beer, wine or soft drink. Refreshments provided on tour.

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$95.00 $165.00

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Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Coast Area
风景如画的入海口提纳巴就位于玛丽巴勒(Maryborough)以南,是一座宛若世外桃源的古雅村庄,游客可尽享划船、丛林健行、垂钓乐趣,欣赏费沙岛(Fraser Island)的醉人风景。 洁白的沙滩上不时涌上晶莹碧绿的海水,提纳巴是昆士兰(Queensland)南部海岸最顶级海滩之一,吸引了大量海龟和儒艮在此栖居。

帝坎湾(Tin Can Bay)

Tin Can Bay, Gympie Area
帝坎湾隔绝于风景如画的帝坎海峡中,您可在这片以生态游环境而著称的地区体验宁静假日。 帝坎湾是卸下压力、放松身心的完美地点。 原住民曾将这个宁静的湾边小镇称作腾坎巴(Tuncanbar),小镇以休闲垂钓及划船乐趣而闻名。 这里还有一条绝妙的公共船坡。 渔业无疑是这里的主要产业,鲷鱼溪(Schnapper Creek)中聚集着许多捕虾船。 镇中拥有各类住宿,从旅行车公园到假日套房不等。 帝坎湾位于布

彩虹海滩(Rainbow Beach)

Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area
这里是犹如天堂的亚热带海岸乡村,位于努沙(Noosa)以北约 107 公里处,是垂钓、划船、冲浪、捕虾、捕蟹的胜地。 彩虹海滩是占地 41,000 公顷的库鲁拉国家公园(Cooloola National Park)的主要入口,该公园是昆士兰(Queensland)极佳的四驱车远足提供者之一。 该公园充满野趣,风光秀丽...您有时甚至可看到野马沿着库鲁拉海滩(Cooloola Beach)的广阔沙滩

因斯基普半岛娱乐区(Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area)

Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area
Free Entry
因斯基普半岛娱乐区(The Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area)将开放式海洋冲浪与荫蔽的庭坎湾(Tin Can Bay)和大沙地海峡(Great Sandy Strait)的河口水域分离开来。 这是一片在国际上都很重要的湿地。 嘴状沙洲被木麻、松柏和其他一些海滨绿色植被所覆盖,为鸟儿们营造了一个极好的栖息之所。 海滨和泥滩是候鸟和成千上万的迁徙水鸟的栖息地。 您可以
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