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Whether it's enjoying a picnic lunch at the base of a magnificent waterfall, an exhilarating four wheel drive journey through a spectacular gorge, a guided walk through world-heritage rainforest, a delicious barbecue lunch in the Australian bush, seeing a koala in the wild for the first time, hand-feeding the beautiful native birdlife, discovering awe-inspiring mountain vistas or sitting back with a cold drink at a historic Australian country hotel, Far Horizons Australian Bush Tours brings to life some of the most beautiful and lesser-known parts of South East Queensland’s National Parks and magnificent wilderness regions.

Far Horizons' range of day tours departing Brisbane are tailored to suit small, personalised groups of up to four guests in their luxury Toyota four wheel drive vehicle.

Daryl, their owner/guide, has travelled these areas for almost 40 years and has created the perfect scenic experience in one of the world’s most iconic environments. The flora and fauna displayed throughout each tour is as stunning as the Australian landscape, with parrots, birds of prey, extraordinary trees, lakes, mysterious pools and awe inspiring panoramic views. Far Horizons simply offers an unforgettable touring experience!


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Our Tours

Lake Moogerah/Condamine Gorge/Queen Mary Falls (A Spectacular Four Wheel Drive Adventure)

Travelling west of Brisbane to the picturesque Lake Moogerah, enjoy home-made morning tea before exploring typical Australian countryside where kangaroos can be seen in the wild. A spectacular climb high into the mountains then follows, ready to begin a four wheel drive adventure through the breath-taking Condamine Gorge.

Crossing the headwaters of the Condamine River 14 times, there is ample opportunity for photos of this amazing location. After a delicious barbecue lunch in the bush, discover the area’s waterfalls including Daggs Falls and the majestic Queen Mary Falls in the world-heritage listed Main Range National Park.

Enjoy a fully guided walk to discover the falls and the natural beauty of this region. Descending the range once again, a cold drink (own expense) at an historic country hotel is the perfect way to end this unforgettable day of discovery before returning to Brisbane.

Land of the Waterfalls (Springbrook National Park)

This wonderful tour introduces you to one of South-East Queensland's most breath-taking areas, the world-heritage listed Springbrook National Park.

Visiting the beautiful Purling Brook Falls where you'll enjoy a home-made morning tea in the rainforest, a short guided walk follows to view these spectacular falls. Continuing higher into the mountains, a fully guided walk through the magnificent “Canyon” is a tour highlight!

Suitable for all ages (with medium fitness levels), this walk takes you deep into the lush rainforest, behind cascading waterfalls and along the rim of the “Canyon”. This very special experience also includes a delicious picnic lunch at the base of the cascading Twin Falls, a memory that will last a lifetime!

More exploring of the Springbrook National Park continues following the walk before completing this very special experience with wine and cheese in a picturesque bushland setting before returning to Brisbane.

Discovering the Sunshine Coast's Hidden Secrets

Discover some of the most spectacular hidden secrets behind Queensland’s famous Sunshine Coast on this very special day tour of discovery. After enjoying home-made morning tea at picturesque Lake Wappa, explore the pristine forests of the spectacular Mapleton National Park including a guided walk to discover ancient forest giants as part of a wonderful four wheel drive journey through the mountains.

After a stop at the superb Mapleton Falls National Park, admire the rugged Obi Obi Gorge and the lush dairy farming country of the Obi Obi Valley before visiting the historic Kenilworth cheese factory where a great range of locally made cheeses and other products can be purchased (own expense).

A delicious barbecue lunch in a beautiful bushland setting follows before our journey continues through the stunning Mary Valley, completing this special day with wine and cheese overlooking the famous Glass House Mountains.

Spicers Gap/Governors Chair/World-Heritage Rainforest (In the Path of our Pioneers)

This unforgettable day tour departing Brisbane brings to life the magnificent mountain country and Australian history of the world-famous Great Dividing Range. After home-made morning tea in a beautiful bushland setting, follow in the path of our early Australian pioneers, traversing the historic Spicers Gap road high into the mountains. Discover the early history and true beauty of this spectacular area including a guided walk to Governors Chair, a rock formation offering panoramic views across the entire region.

Following a delicious barbecue lunch overlooking the mountains, travel to Cunningham’s Gap to experience a fully guided walk through world-heritage rainforest before enjoying a journey through typical Australian countryside where it's possible to see koala and kangaroos in the wild. A wine and cheese platter overlooking the beautiful valleys and mountains brings this wonderful day to a close before returning to Brisbane.

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丹翠探索中心(Daintree Discovery Centre)

Cow Bay, Douglas Area
From AU$32 - 32
探索中心(Discovery Centre)屡获殊荣,它坐落在雨林的中心地带,位于丹翠河(Daintree River)以北 10 公里处。 前来本地区游玩,中心是必游之地,可让您从各个层面体验雨林的无限奥妙,还可以从森林地面至树冠的最高处探索森林之美。 站在 23 米高的树冠塔(Canopy Tower)之巅,可以探寻引人注目的深谷幽兰;如果足够幸运,还可看到巨蟒蜷缩在巨大的绵马之中。 您可

路易斯山国家公园(Mount Lewis National Park)

Julatten, Mareeba Area
Free Entry
湿热地带世界遗产区(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)中的很多雨林覆盖的高山多半是与世隔绝的。 28 公里的路易斯山(Mount Lewis)车道则是一个明显的例外。 这条路在雨林覆盖的山脊和山坡中蜿蜒穿行,爬升至超过 1200 米的高度,然后在群山间盘旋。这些山峰构成了莫斯曼河(Mossman)和米切尔河(Mitchell)的分水岭。 路易斯山(Mount Lewis

牛湾(Cow Bay)

Cow Bay, Douglas Area
牛湾是前往苦难角(Cape Tribulation)地区、世界遗产名录之列的丹翠国家公园(Daintree National Park)、大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)、和热带北昆士兰(Tropical North Queensland)的库克顿(Cooktown)的完美门户,从凯恩斯向北开行驶 2 小时即可到达。 留宿一晚或在牛湾酒馆(Cow Bay Pub)品尝传统的柜台便餐

洛岛(Low Isles)

Low Isles, Douglas Area
洛岛坐落在道格拉斯港(Port Douglas)东北方向 15 公里处,由一片 4 英亩的珊瑚礁及其周边环绕的 55 英亩礁石组成。 这些礁石距离岛屿非常之近,因此在这里可享受到轻松愉悦的浮潜体验。 两座小岛彼此独立,却共同拥有同一个礁石。 面积较大的是伍迪岛(Woody Island),拥有大量鸟类,不过至今仍无人居住。 是多个鸟类物种的重要栖息地。 洛岛面积稍小的岛屿是一座珊瑚小礁,岛上

丹翠国家公园中的莫斯曼峡谷(Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park)

Mossman, Douglas Area
丹翠国家公园(Daintree National Park)中的莫斯曼峡谷(Mossman Gorge)是湿热地带世界遗产区(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)中不可错过且风景如画的一部分。绞杀榕及附生植物茂盛生长,晶莹剔透的莫斯曼河(Mossman River)沿着花岗岩巨石拾阶而下。 这个地区也是色彩绚烂的博伊德(Boyd)森林龙的乐土。 沿着 400 米长的河畔环形步道漫步,走到莫斯曼河(Mossman River)上的观景台。 寻找明媚的蓝色尤利西斯(Ulysses)蝴蝶和鸟儿,比如东部黄色知更鸟。 沿着 2.

道格拉斯港(Port Douglas)

Port Douglas, Douglas Area
道格拉斯港是通往热带北昆士兰(Tropical North Queensland)世界遗产奇观的门户。 它是距离大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)最近的大陆港口,驱车行驶片刻即可到达黛恩树(Daintree)和苦难角(Cape Tribulation)湿热带(Wet Tropics)雨林的中心位置。 沿着澳大利亚其中一条风景最如诗如画的滨海大道行驶一小时即可从凯恩斯(Cairns)抵

白鸽海滩(Wonga Beach)

Wonga, Douglas Area
白鸽海滩以托雷斯海峡(Torres Strait)美丽的鸽子命名,是莫斯曼(Mossman)以北一处安静的保护区。 离岸地区可以欣赏斯奈卜岛(Snapper Island)景色,同时从这里去黛恩树河(Daintree River)和雨林栖息地交通便利。 这里主要是一个居民区,几乎没有旅店或商店。 当地人喜欢这里,但是如果您想找到一个旅游海滩度假村,这里就不符合您的要求。 少数几项商业活动有沿


Daintree, Cairns Area
黛恩树从黛恩树村(Daintree Village)绵延至河流对面,北面包含金伯利角(Cape Kimberley)、牛湾(Cow Bay)、桑顿峰(Thornton's Peak)、库珀溪(Copper Creek)、桑顿海滩(Thornton Beach)、诺亚谷(Noah Valley)、苦难角(Cape Tribulation)和布卢姆菲尔德路径(Bloomfield Track)

莫洛伊山(Mt Molloy)

Mount Molloy, Mareeba Area
莫洛伊山以光荣的卡车司机帕特里克·莫洛伊(Patrick Molloy)命名,以纪念他在 19 世纪 80 年代中期在寻找离群的牛犊时候发现了露天铜矿。 之后他独自开采铜矿四年,直到有人说他“强占矿产”,铜矿区才更换主人。 1901 年尔文班克公司(Irvinebank Company)买下租赁权,到了 1903 年,莫洛伊山成了昆士兰的领头产区之一。 然而到了 1908 年圣诞节,矿石就开采殆尽了

纽厄尔海滩(Newell Beach)

Douglas Area
宁静祥和的滨海社区纽厄尔海滩隐藏在富有魅力的道格拉斯港(Port Douglas)和列入世界遗产名录的丹翠国家公园(Daintree National Park)之间。 从纽厄尔海滩上放眼望去,向南可以饱览远至道格拉斯港的壮观景致,向东可看到矗立在洛岛(Low Isles)之上的灯塔。 原生态的海滩绵延 2.5 公里,非常干净,南北两侧均与海口接壤。 向西前行片刻,即可看到莫斯曼峡谷国家公园(Mossman Gorge National Park)清澈见底的岩石水潭、风景如画的丹翠村(Daintree Village)和丹翠雨林(Daintree Rainforest)的古老世界。 海滩北端和咸水溪(Saltwater Creek)提供船道,可充分满足垂钓者的需求。 附近海口中生长有众多口感鲜美的食用鱼,但是请务必当心鳄鱼! 浩荡的丹翠河(Daintree River)河口、毗邻斯奈卜岛(Snapper Island)处坐落着一座垂钓胜地,备受当地垂钓者喜爱。 附近的丹翠河中生长有尖吻鲈,在海滩旁垂钓也同样可以满载而归。 纽厄尔海滩上有一家便利店,如需前往杂货店、银行、邮局、理发店或需要其他任何服务,可前往糖镇莫斯曼(Mossman),沿着马路前行几分钟即达。 当地的旅行车公园提供驻地面包车和独立公寓,另外海滩还提供滨海度假别墅供游客租用。 纽厄尔海滩位于凯恩斯国际机场(Cairns International Airport)以北仅 1.
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