Cruise Gold Coast Pty Ltd on 'Life's Good'

Gold Coast, Gold Coast Area

Cruise Gold Coast offers personalised cruises on the beautiful Gold Coast waterways and Whale Watching! The luxurious 39 foot catamaran is called 'Life's Good'! There is room to move around and entertain on the large protected back deck, extended duckboard, the enclosed flybridge or the bow to sun-bake!

She can carry up to 25 passengers on the Broadwater and eight passengers off-shore in 'Rain, Hail or Shine'! Experience any of the two, three, four, five, six or seven hour Private Cruises or Whale Watching. Hire the whole boat. Your tour will be personalised for your Private Cruises, Corporate Functions, fishing, Hens parties, Wedding Packages.

A complimentary beverage is included. They are licensed for BYO.

All cruises can be fully catered or BYO. Please look at the Catering menu on the web site. Complimentary cold water and soft drinks, tea and cafe tasting coffee is included throughout the cruise.

On 'Life's Good' there is a comfortable saloon with leather seats and the galley that has all your comforts. She has a blue tooth connection high quality sound system with separate speakers on all levels. There is also a bathroom and toilet. Ask to hire the barbecue, two kayaks and fishing gear.


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Marina Mirage
D Pontoon 74 Seaworld Drive
Gold Coast, Gold Coast Area

Our Tours

Cruise Gold Coast

Explore the picturesque Gold Coast Broadwater and surrounding islands or go Whale Watching off shore on 'Life's Good'. She has numerous facilities that may not be on other boats

Departure is from Marina Mirage at Main Beach at any time of day that suits you as you are booking the whole boat for your private cruise.

BYO and catered for morning tea, lunch or dinner as well as snacks. Please have a look at the catering menu.

You can enjoy complimentary fresh water or soft drinks, tea and Cafe tasting coffee throughout the cruise. A complimentary beverage (champagne, wine, beer or soft drink) is also included. Additional drinks may be purchased on board. Licensed for BYO.

"Life's Good" is moored at Marina Mirage. This is on the Gold Coast, five minutes from the Southport Spit and 55 minutes from Brisbane.

Indicative rates

$49 $150
Gold Coast Cruise Tours

"Life's Good" is their 39 foot Voyager catamaran. She has powerful, but very quiet, twin 236 horse-power engines with a comfortable saloon, back deck and fly bridge area to relax on. All the amenities' and comforts are on-board.

They will enjoy the cruise south of the Southport Seaway exploring the beautiful Wave Break Island and Marina Mirage, past the Seaworld Nara Resort.

Travel north past the Sovereign Island mansions along Stradbroke Island to the Ramada Couran Cove Island Resort on Stradbroke Island then past Tipplers!

There is a sound system with an iPod and iPhone Fourth Generation docking station with an Aux cable. There are speakers on the flybridge, saloon and back deck that can be individually controlled for your personal music taste.

The cruises are based on travelling at six to eight knots although a maximum speed of 20 knots can be arranged with a surcharge to cover the extra fuel. (When they tour in the Broadwater, the waters are protected and quite calm and sea sickness is very unlikely).

With the offshore Whale Watching cruise package they travel faster to get offshore so they can spend more time with the Whales and off-shore sea life.

Indicative rates

$54 $195

Thousands of humpback whales make their way past the Gold Coast waters every year during their migration north from the icy waters of Antarctica to their breeding ground off tropical North Queensland then back again past the Gold Coast, usually with their baby calves.

Life's Good is a wide catamaran (two hulls) and is more comfortable than most. She will provide a private cruise with a maximum of eight passengers on board.

Once they are out on the ocean they can turn off the engines and just watch the whales, dolphins and sea life, have lunch and some drinks and enjoy the day.

Enjoy the view back to the Gold Coast high rises or gaze across the miles and miles of ocean. Just soak up the experiences, as they are unbelievable! On 'Life's Good' they have a Fusion iPod docking station with speakers on the fly-bridge, saloon and back deck that can be individually controlled for your personal music taste.

The facilities in this magnificent catamaran will ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Indicative rates

$195 $195
Boat Charter

Cruise Gold Coast offers personalised adventure cruises on the stunning Gold Coast Waterways on their luxury 39 foot power Catamaran called "Life's Good" for a full day Adventure.

There's room to move around and entertain and an extra Hostess/Crew is always on the cruise providing service and safety. (Can be international speaking - Chinese, Japanese or Spanish and an Aussie!).

Facilities include an enclosed Flybridge with a hardtop (all weather), large back deck with carpet and side clears if it rains, extended duckboard with rails, room on bow to sunbake on, very comfortable leather seating in the saloon, bathroom and toilet facilities, tea and coffee making facilities and filtered water, a sound system complete with an iPhone docking station with independent speakers on all levels of the boat, fridge and deep freezer, phone and computer charging facilities, crockery and cutlery, the convenience to purchase chocolates, soft drinks and snacks, gas stove and oven, television and DVD player.

All weather cruising - "Rain, Hail or shine!"

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库姆伯伦姆巴水坝(Koombooloomba Dam)

Brisbane City,
Free Entry
发电站于 1999 年投入使用,并根据环境保护可持续发展原则进行开发。 该发电站位于远北昆士兰(Far North Queensland)湿热带世界遗产区的库姆伯伦姆巴湖(Lake Koombooloomba)畔,使用了 1960 年建造水坝时设立的基础设施。 水坝的原始设计保留了一个出水渠道,以便将来水电开发时使用。 斯坦威尔(Stanwell)的卡瑞雅水力发电站(Kareeya Hydroele


Manly, Brisbane Area
曼利镇直接通往莫尔顿湾(Moreton Bay),是船舶爱好者梦寐以求的完美场所。 曼利镇的核心部分是曼利海港(Manly Harbour),该码头拥有美仑美奂的游艇和一流河口,因此显得熙熙攘攘,颇为热闹。 曼利镇以轻松悠闲又不失精致优雅的航海氛围而著称。 来到曼利镇,可以体验到精彩纷呈的活动 - 从海滨家庭野餐到骑自行车、从水上运动到琳琅满布的集市,各种精彩活动不胜枚举。 如果希望真正体验到海

新农场及特内里费(New Farm and Teneriffe)

New Farm, Brisbane Area
美食。 公园。 文化。 这里原本是一个农业区,后来发展为拥有船舶码头和商业羊毛店的工业中心,特内里费走过了一条城市复苏之路,公寓如雨后春笋般涌现,之后各式餐馆、咖啡馆和精品店也层出不穷。 古老的树木为户外用餐提供了天然的遮蓬,河畔木板路可观赏高档别墅和阁楼风格的公寓。 新农场崇尚户外生活方式,拥有绿树成荫的街道和独特的城市空间,例如布里斯本发电屋(Brisbane Powerhouse)和郊区的


Bulimba, Brisbane Area
古雅的河畔郊区布林巴和霍桑将迷人的村落风情与现代典雅情调完美结合,本地景色别致,让人不禁想起古老的渔镇。 白天的牛津街(Oxford Street)熙熙攘攘,服饰时尚的妈妈们带着宝宝徜徉于兼收并蓄的精品店中购物,在时尚咖啡馆中享用卡布奇诺。 布林巴纪念公园(Bulimba Memorial Park)拥有精心制成的原木看台,看台与矗立在河畔召唤游客游览的老遗产渡轮码头同样惹人喜爱,更可与建于

南布里斯班(South Brisbane)

South Brisbane, Brisbane Area
近些年来,内城郊区南布里斯班经历复兴发展,已成为布里斯班(Brisbane)最受欢迎的地区之一。 南布里斯班曾拥有数量众多的仓库、工厂和码头,1988 年布里斯班河(Brisbane River)岸上荒废的工业区成为世界博览会(World Expo)的举办场所,这里也由此经历了翻天覆地的变化。 如今,这一郊区拥有极具大都会气息的咖啡馆、时尚酒吧、高级酒店和多民族咖啡馆及餐厅,显得生机勃勃、热闹非凡。 南布里斯班与南岸(South Bank)接壤,那里是布里斯班市的高级休闲胜地。 来到南岸,您可以在人造海滩的清澈水域中畅游,欣赏令人惊叹的美景和景色秀丽的公园,遍尝各式美味获得极致的味蕾享受;也可观赏戏剧、芭蕾舞、歌剧、音乐会或艺术展览。 许多美丽的古建筑也是南布里斯班亮丽的风景线。 值得一游的景点包括圣安德鲁圣公会教堂(Saint Andrew'


Lytton, Brisbane Area
莱托恩位于布里斯班河(Bribane River)河口和布里斯班港(Port of Brisbane)附近,是布里斯班最具历史意义的区域之一。 该郊区是莱托恩城堡(Fort Lytton)的所在地,城堡建于 1880 年至 1881 年间,是第一道海军防御系统。 莱托恩城堡的建造时间比一战爆发时间早 30 多年,其作用是保护城市和航海路线不受海上入侵。 莱托恩城堡是澳大利亚同类城堡中保存最为完好的


Woolloongabba, Brisbane Area
乌龙戈巴的文艺复兴区(Renaissance Precinct) 有人说,乌龙戈巴在当地原住民方言中意为“会场”,对于当地人的亲切称呼“戛巴(Gabba)”和“东布里斯班(East Brisbane)”而言,这绝对是名副其实的恰当称呼。 每逢比赛日,从中央商务区(Central Business District)延伸到指挥台戛巴板球场(Gabba Cricket Ground)的人行道上都会挤满

海口(The Gap)

The Gap, Brisbane Area
海口是一座环境隐蔽的社区,掩映于布里斯班(Brisbane)绿树成荫的外郊边缘。 海口社区四周环绕着郁郁葱葱的丛林,距离布里斯班市中心仅 15 分钟车程,在社区生活的当地人即可享受现代设施的舒适与便利,又可坐拥远离喧嚣的淡泊与宁静。 海口社区吸引大量游客前来欣赏德阿吉拉尔国家公园(D'Aguilar National Park)的自然美景,享受公园的宁静氛围;这座公园占据 28,500 多公顷未受破坏的丛林,为游客提供完美机会享受丛林健行、骑自行车、骑马、观鸟、野餐和在山中遥远的景点露营。 公园中有令人惊叹的丰富鸟类和动植物,沿着任意一条风景如画的步行小径悠然漫步,就会明白当地人为何会保存布里斯班这一独特的自然魅力。 可以在朱莉观景点(Jolly'

南岸(South Bank)

Brisbane City, Brisbane Area
南岸文化和生活方式。 河流南岸是布里斯班(Brisbane)欣欣向荣的文化中心,如今因举办大型音乐剧和国际艺术展览而声名远播。 包括澳大利亚规模最大的现代艺术美术馆(Gallery of Modern Art)、昆士兰剧院公司(Queensland Theatre Company)、昆士兰博物馆(Queensland Museum)、昆士兰表演艺术中心(Queensland Performing


Brisbane City, Brisbane Area
当您看到渡轮从富有标志性的故事桥(Story Bridge)下驶过,在蜿蜒流淌的布里斯班河(Brisbane River)上留下一圈圈闪闪发光的美丽涟漪时,便知道自己已经置身于布里斯班了。 这座城市最广为人知的自然地标颇为引人瞩目,两旁分布着布里斯班的顶级户外餐厅和精致酒吧,可以让游客一览无余地欣赏到醉人美景,与该城市著名的户外生活方式互为补充,相得益彰。 如果您能够忍痛离开清风习习的的河畔,则
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