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Their company offers a unique flight experience catering for singles and groups for tandem experiences as well as introductory paragliding and hang gliding (one to two day) courses in the Canungra, Beechmont and Mount Tamborine area of the Gold Coast.

Their professional staff is qualified and accredited with the national CASA endorsed Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA) and the company boosts an impeccable safety record.

48 Four Mile Lane
, Scenic Rim Area

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Paragliding Day Course - Learn to Fly

A one day lesson is a great way to give paragliding a go and see if this is the sport for you. They will cover equipment, launch techniques, pre-flight checks, and basic flying skills. You will fly solo when you and your instructor think it's appropriate!

Your day lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. You learn how to set the glider up. Then you will learn to launch and ground handle the paraglider on gentle slopes close to the ground. They practice inflating and controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight. Confidence will often grow at this point and you may surprise yourself with how quickly you are progressing.

In the afternoon, look forward to solo flights from gentle training hills. Depending on your skills, confidence and the conditions, your instructor will give you the option to fly higher from the training slopes.

Now is your time to learn to fly so stop dreaming and start living it!

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Ayr, Burdekin Area
埃尔是一座繁荣的农村社区,位于汤斯维尔(Townsville)以南 85 公里处、气势磅礴的勃狄金河(Burdekin River)北岸,是勃狄金郡(Burdekin Shire)的主要城镇。 它是顶级的蔗糖之乡,拥有大约 80,000 公顷的甘蔗林,每年出产大约 125 万吨的粗糖。 另外,该地区的芒果产量占据全国总产量的三分之一,是甜瓜和大量其他水果和蔬菜的主要生产地。 勃狄金坐落在一

霍姆希尔(Home Hill)

Home Hill, Burdekin Area
霍姆希尔坐落在勃狄金大桥(Burdekin Bridge)南侧,于 1913 年成立,由英克曼唐斯牧场(Inkerman Downs Station)发展而来。 位于埃尔(Ayr)以南仅 12 公里处,通过该地区最为知名的地标式建筑——著名的勃狄金大桥与其它更大的城镇相连。 肥沃的土地、绿油油的甘蔗田和英克曼糖厂(Inkerman Sugar Mill),您很容易就会发现糖业是当地经济发展的支柱产业。 这座小镇的大部分设施是专为旅客而建,并拥有一系列体育设施,包括一个高尔夫俱乐部和一个手枪射击俱乐部。 这里是通往备受欢迎的石斑鱼溪(Groper Creek)渔村的门户 - 渔村以澳洲肺鱼、泥蟹、对虾和其它河口鱼类而著称。 良好的野营和旅行车设施,与该地区的悠闲魅力相结合,使得石斑鱼溪成为冬季朝圣者和灰色游牧民族的必停之地。 返回小镇,参观著名的艾什伍斯旅游中心(Ashworth'
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