Cairns Adventure Group

Bungalow, Cairns Area

Cairns Adventure Group is the initiative of a proudly, locally owned and family operated enterprise. It includes several leading Cairns adventure tours and activities, including Foaming Fury white water rafting, the Waterfall Wanderers tropical Tablelands day tour, the Active Tropics Explorer tours to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest and Aussie Drifterz, Cairns’ original half day rainforest tubing tour.

As the name suggests, adventure is their game at the Cairns Adventure Group and they’ve brought together this fabulous selection of Cairns adventure tours and activities to cater to people of all ages, abilities and interests.

What are they about? Loving life. Living in paradise. Having adventures in nature. They’re about making memories through adventurous exploration of the natural world around them. Up there in Tropical North Queensland, that world just happens to include World Heritage listed rainforest, ancient plants and animals, tumbling waterfalls, mighty gorges and amazing white water rivers which provide rapids, pools and gentle swimming spots.


  • Canoeing
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Swimming
19-21 Barry Street
Bungalow, Cairns Area

Our tours

The Barron River Half Day Tour is a fantastic introduction to White Water Rafting. It’s fun, exciting and exhilarating, suitable for all the family aged 12 years and over. Enjoy up to two hours rafting, on up to grade three rapids.

The beautiful Barron Gorge National Park is only 20 minutes from the centre of Cairns (40 minutes departing Port Douglas). It’s known for its rugged rainforest mountains, steep ravines, the mighty Barron Falls and of course, Barron Gorge, which has been carved out over thousands of years by the Barron River.

This is where they do their half day white water rafting tour, on the ebb and flow of the Barron River, as it snakes its way down from the mountains and heads out to the Coral Sea. This is a scenic rafting / rainforest adventure which combines calm water floating with a series of white water rapids for adventure and action.

Let their guides entertain you on this spectacular river, offering guaranteed water levels year round!

Indicative rates

$129 $158
Active Tropics Explorer

Cape Tribulation is where the world’s oldest continually surviving tropical rainforests, meet the world’s greatest living tropical reef, the Great Barrier Reef. Nowhere else on earth do two natural World Heritage listed sites exist side by side. Such is the natural beauty and precious value of this truly stunning piece of paradise, that you will have ample time to explore and enjoy on the Active Tropics Explorer Cape Tribulation full day tour.

Their day starts with entry into Mossman Gorge including a Welcome to Country and traditional Smoke Ceremony with the traditional owners of the land, the Kuku Yalangi after which they'll continue onto the Daintree River where we'll board a Wildlife Cruise. There's plenty of wildlife to be seen but fingers crossed they'll see a Saltwater Crocodile in it's natural habitat. As the afternoon goes on you'll experience a delicious lunch on the Cape Tribulation Beach, a guided Rainforest Walk and a visit to a local ice-creamery with wild but delicious rainforest flavours.

Be amazed at the huge natural diversity you will encounter, everything from low lying ferns and shrubs, to the massive rainforest canopy and even mangrove ecosystems all in one day. This truly is a unique environment.

Indicative rates

$169 $169
Waterfall Wanderers

Travel south and discover the majesty and beauty of north Queensland’s most iconic waterfalls, a must see for anyone wanting to experience pristine rainforest, cascading waterfalls, stunning panoramas of Queensland’s highest peaks and maybe a glimpse of rare and unique native wildlife.

After a delicious morning tea at Babinda Boulders, you can start your day with a refreshing swim at Josephine Falls. Paddle in the crystal clear waters or try out the natural rockslide, famous throughout the Far North!

Journey on to Australia’s most iconic waterfall Millaa Millaa Falls, made famous by Qantas and Herbal Essence (hair shampoo) commercials. This 18 metre single drop waterfall lies in the heart of the Wet Tropics World Heritage listed rainforest. For lunch, we will take you to Australia’s largest timer pub and fill your belly with some good old fashioned country cooking. Then it’s back into the waterfalls, starting at Dinner Falls and the Mount Hypipamee Crater.

Spot platypus in the wild, view the incredible Curtain Fig Tree and finish the day with a swim at volcanically heated lake Eacham. Exploring the Atherton tablelands seriously doesn't get better than this!

Indicative rates

$109 $109
Aussie Drifterz River Tubing

Cairns’ original half day tubing tours operate in two of the best rainforest locations in town, Behana Gorge and the Mulgrave River. They’ll pick the best one to maximise your fun, pending conditions at the time of travel.

Spend a delightful couple of hours floating gently down a pristine, rainforest stream soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of the natural beauty that surround you. This is the perfect way to cool down and really immerse yourself in Cairns’ rainforest environment and experience. A little bit of action, a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of good times!

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$64 $84

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澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)

Springbrook, Gold Coast Area
Free Entry
澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)坐落在昆士兰东南部,涵盖大片暖温带雨林和几乎全部的南极山毛榉寒温带雨林,是全球占地最广的亚热带雨林。 澳大利亚世界遗产岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage)地区包括昆士兰和新南威尔斯广阔的雨林保护区。 该地区的昆士兰国家公园(Queensland National Parks)包括: - 雷明顿国家公园(Lamington National Park) - 春溪国家公园(Springbrook National Park) - 巴尼山国家公园(Mt Barney National Park) - 主山脉国家公园(Main Range National Park)。 从主要城镇出发,取道柏油路或是分级碎石路,即可便利前往澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林世界遗产雨林进行探索。 设有多种游客设施,包括绵延数公里的步行道、向导徒步和冒险之旅等,还提供多种住宿环境,供游客随心选择。 雨林曾覆盖着古老的南部超级大陆岗得瓦纳(Gondwana)的绝大部分地区,如今仍是澳大利亚最为古老的植被类型。 这里生活着种类繁多的动植物,与远古祖先几无二致,是世所罕见的神奇之地。 这里集中生长着原始植物群落,由 100 多万年前的开花植物直接进化演变而来,此外,世上最为古老的蕨类植物和针叶树也可在此找到踪影。 虽然雨林仅占澳大利亚 0.

美景边缘探险公园(Scenic Rim Adventure Park)

Tamrookum Creek, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$35 - 45
欢迎来到美景边缘探险公园(Scenic Rim Adventure Park),驾驶休闲四驱车,体验丛林露营的乐趣! 公园坐落在风景秀丽的美景边缘(Scenic Rim),位于博德塞特(Beaudesert)西南仅 20 分钟车程处,周围是一片茂密的灌木丛。 在美景边缘探险公园,您可以驾驶四驱车,选项包括不限驱动轮数量的简单赛道,只适合四轮驱动车的四驱赛道,以及适合改装车辆的具有挑战性的四驱赛道。

美景边缘(Scenic Rim)

Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Area
顺着变化万端的地形风貌不断向西行进即可到达美景边缘,这里被列入世界遗产名录,素有布里斯班(Brisbane)后花园之美名,拥有茂密葱茏的雨林、壮美的山脉和古老的地貌。 美食佳酿、浪漫假日、露营、丛林健行、乡村酒吧、艺术、历史和各式探险活动在这里荟萃一堂,而自然景观及星罗棋布的美丽城镇和村庄将这一切完美融合,交织出迷人风光。 体验绝妙的户外活动,挑战艰险勇攀高峰,如坦伯林山(Mt Tambori

塔姆伯林山趣味萤火虫山洞(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$12 - 12
塔姆伯林山趣味萤火虫山洞(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)坐落在雪松溪流庄园(Cedar Creek Estate)。 景色壮丽的人工山洞将带您领略难忘的地下之旅! 山洞包括两处大型的由隧道连接的洞穴。 第一处洞穴是“展示洞穴”,您在此可观看趣味萤火虫与山洞建造过程的视频。 这处洞穴设有极为逼真的构造(洞穴堆积物),例如石笋、钟乳石、水景和流石。 从这处洞穴

雷鸟公园(Thunderbird Park)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$0 - 0
雷鸟公园是一个令人惊异的野生动物园、也是一个地质丰富的绿洲,该公园绵延 112 公顷,坐落于澳大利亚昆士兰的坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)之上。 您可以在此乐享一次山间冒险(负担得起),一次浪漫的逃离,或一次家庭度假。 雷鸟公园有桉树林立的供电营地和非供电营地,还有上下铺客房,营地旁边还有房车露营区域。 您可以在此寻找形成于恐龙盛行地球的时代、富含宝石的雷公蛋(Thunder


Rathdowney, Scenic Rim Area
拉思德尼位于布里斯班(Brisbane)以南大约一小时车程处,距离洛根河谷(Logan River Valley)的波德塞特(Beaudesert)仅一小段车程。 拉思德尼坐落在大分岭(Great Dividing Range)山脚下,是一个风景秀丽的小镇,拥有郁郁葱葱的森林和绵延起伏的山丘。 拉思德尼仍然保存了它的大部分历史渊源。 如今,乳制品业、养马和骑马训练业依然是该地区的重要行业。 您可

坦伯林国家公园(Tamborine National Park)

Tamborine, Logan City Area
Free Entry
坦伯林国家公园(Tamborine National Park)是一片巍然耸立着的高 560 米的绿洲。 公园由 14 片土地组成,包括女巫瀑布(Witches Falls),它于 1908 年成为昆士兰首个国家公园。 其山间的特色为玄武岩柱、悬崖、岩层、无数瀑布以及繁茂的雨林。 这里也是稀有的艾伯氏琴鸟及闪耀的螺旋大泽米(burrawang)的家园。 九条步行小径将带您前往观赏绝妙景致,美丽瀑布,


Beechmont, Gold Coast Area
比齐蒙特距离黄金海岸(Gold Coast)的中心位置仅 45 分钟车程,远离喧嚣热闹的著名闪光地带,宛若一处世外桃源。 站在黄金海岸腹地(Gold Coast Hinterland)这片雄伟壮丽的高原上,可以俯瞰令人屏息的美景和数千年来这片土地的传统主人,即尤甘贝(Yugambeh)人所欣赏的美景相比没有多大改变。 尤甘贝人将此高原称作“宾纳布拉之地(The Place of Binna Burra)”,指依然在这片土地生长的山毛榉树林。 比齐蒙特高原(Beechmont Plateau)是米克菲森山脉(McPherson Range)北部众多山嘴尖坡之一,位于坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)以南前往雷明顿国家公园(Lamington National Park)的途中。 该地区最著名的特点莫过于众多令人惊叹的观景点、风景如画的乡村地区驾驶路线和迷人的野餐停留场所。 天气较好时,悬挂式滑翔机运动者会纷纷涌向松香观景点(Rosin'

北坦伯林(North Tamborine)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
昆士兰(Queensland)东南角、薄雾缭绕的高山之巅坐落着一座绿树成荫的小村落,它就是北坦伯林。 北坦伯林是坦伯林山(Mount Tamborine)上 3 座小型社区之一,以其如诗如画的风景、富有田园风情的乡村和周围山谷令人屏息的美景著称。 村庄中心有众多令人愉悦的餐厅和咖啡馆,均可供应新鲜的当地美食。 大快朵颐之后,可以沿着附近的街道探索古雅的艺术品和工艺品店、礼品店和美术馆。 从小镇

春溪国家公园的天然桥(Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park)

Springbrook, Gold Coast Area
春溪国家公园(Springbrook National Park)的天然桥(Natural Bridge)是数百万年前由流水冲刷一个玄武岩洞穴顶部而形成的独特地理奇景。 天然桥是一种迷人荧光虫类群落的栖居家园,人们只有在日落之后才能看见这种荧光虫类发出的光芒。 天然桥周边有观景台和树木葱茏的雨林,属于澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林世界遗产区(Gondwna Rainforests of Australia W
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