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South Brisbane, Brisbane Area

Brisbane Trike Tours offers an exciting, fun and unique way of seeing the real Brisbane as only locals know it. The choices are yours: a quick spin around town showing off the beautiful heritage buildings, or a longer tour to the World Heritage rainforests to the South, the spectacular Scenic Rim mountains to the West or the breathtaking mountain roads with ocean views to the North. Tours even extend to iconic Byron Bay along the tree-lined winding roads of the Northern New South Wales hinterland.

The riders are motorcyclists with decades of experience, a clean driving record, and are accredited, police checked and carry all necessary insurances. Helmets, jackets and gloves are supplied. Packaged tours are on offer, or can be designed just for you. Surprise rides for special occasions are a speciality as are events such as fundraising, photo opportunities, weddings, formals and corporate events.

The vehicle is a state of the art, fully imported Boom Mustang Thunderbird trike, kept in immaculate condition and regularly serviced and safety-checked for your comfort and safety. Riding on 'The Bling Queen' (as the Boom Trike is called) is a never to be forgotten experience you will cherish for many years to come.


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South Brisbane, Brisbane Area

Our Tours

Bay Breeze

See a part of living in Brisbane few tourists see. This is a leisurely longer tour through Brisbane's bayside suburbs visiting Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Cleveland Point and cruising along the water's edge through the bayside suburbs of Wynnum and Manly with time to stop for good old fashioned fish and chips by the bay if you wish. Brisbane's Moreton Bay is home to many islands and islets and the drive encompasses early bayside suburban dwellings, heritage sites along the foreshores, protected mangrove growth areas and a mountain drive with surprisingly extensive views.

Indicative rates

$425 $500

Choice of either a slow-paced progression along the Old Pacific Highway which runs parallel to the new motorway, or the faster-paced ride along the Pacific Motorway itself before turning towards the mountains at Oxenford to wind your way up to lovely cool Tamborine Mountain, taking in the beautiful fresh air and views of waterfalls, ferns and towering gum-trees, listen to the tinkling sound of the Tamborine Mountain bellbirds. Arrive in style at Tamborine Mountain's boutique and gallery walk precinct full of interesting art, books, jewellery, antiques and cafes. Other places of interest in the area include wineries, boutique brewery, cheese factory, gardens, Rainforest Skywalk, O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat, Thunderbird Park.

Indicative rates

$625 $700

Take a spin and be seen riding in style around Brisbane's Central Business District's major streets. See heritage buildings such as Customs House, Parliament House, Tower Mill and the earliest existing building from Brisbane's convict past, the Commissariat Store.

Touring on the trike provides a wonderful open air perspective to view the buildings and hear the sounds of the city (lots of people will be waving to you too!). Then its through the Ivory Street tunnel and over Brisbane's iconic Story Bridge to see Brisbane from the vantage point of the Kangaroo Point cliffs across the river.

Indicative rates

$125 $150

Beautiful tour taking in mountains and the sea - Gold Coast hinterland and the Old Pacific Highway through the Burringbar Ranges before arriving at world-renowned Byron Bay, visiting the famous lighthouse at the easternmost point of the Australian mainland. Plenty of time for shopping and lunch and maybe even a swim!

Indicative rates

$725 $800

This tour takes in Brisbane Central Business District's major streets featuring heritage buildings such as Customs House, Parliament House, Tower Mill and the old Commissariat Store. See the building where Douglas Macarthur had his office in World War Two and the nearby General Post Office, formerly the site of the old Female Factory (prison) during Brisbane's convict days.

You'll then leave the Central Business District and travel up the steep climb to Spring Hill and nearby Petrie Terrace and Paddington to see some of the earlier homes, before touring through the beautiful gardens of the Roma Street Parklands on the site of the old railway yards. The tour continues to South Brisbane to view the old dry dock at the Maritime Museum before taking in the view of Brisbane from the Kangaroo Point cliffs and returning to the Central Business District via the Story Bridge.

Indicative rates

$175 $200

This tour encompasses much of the 'City Sights By Day' and 'Heritage Brisbane' tours, but then continues out of the Central Business District along Coronation Drive beside the Brisbane River to Mt Coot-tha lookout, taking time out for viewing and taking photos, and returning through some of Brisbane's quintessential inner city suburbs featuring super steep streets and iconic Queenslander homes on stilts clinging precariously to equally steep blocks of land where just driving to and from home is akin to a roller-coaster ride! Now from the perspective of a trike, that's something to write home about.

Indicative rates

$225 $275

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摩羯洞(Capricorn Caves)

The Caves, Livingstone Area
From AU$32 - 90
摩羯洞之旅是中央昆士兰最顶级的以自然为基础的旅游景点。 在这里,您可以在一个石灰石山脊里探索壮观的岩洞,在某些季节里能看到食昆虫的小型蝙蝠。 这些壮观的岩洞坐落在罗克汉普顿的北部,获得了许多主要旅游和环境大奖,以及生态旅游认证。 大教堂洞之旅在这里最受欢迎,因为这里可通行轮椅,教堂回廊里还有令人惊叹的声学奇观。 这里是一个非常受欢迎的婚礼、圣诞合唱和交响乐表演的场地。 在十二月,上午的 11 点的

芬奇·哈顿峡谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)

Finch Hatton, Mackay Area
Free Entry
芬奇·哈顿峡谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)位于伊加拉国家公园(Eungella National Park)内,是一片风景壮丽的热带雨林,其间零落点缀着原生态岩水潭和美丽瀑布。 峡谷是该地区备受当地人和游客欢迎的淡水游泳场之一。 想象一下:在清澈见底的岩水潭中游泳、欣赏水帘从高高的巨砾上倾泻而下、巨大的雨林树木耸入云端! 伊加拉国家公园内还有一些非常珍贵的独特植物和动物,如珍稀胃育蛙和橙身石龙子。 这里有两条主要的丛林步道,均从野餐区出发并通往原生态的岩水潭和瀑布。 第一条步道长 1.


Jericho, Barcaldine Area
耶利哥的街道沿着昆士兰内陆地区(Queensland's Outback)翡翠镇(Emerald)至巴卡尔丁(Barcaldine)的摩羯公路(Capricorn Highway)分布,以几个科学家命名。 小镇以水晶号兵(Crystal Trumpeters)著称,这座引人注目的雕塑是为了纪念圣经中的耶利哥城而建造,据说被在城墙四周游行的号兵毁坏。 您可以在澳大利亚最小的 36 车驶入式

加拿芬国家公园萨尔瓦多罗莎地区(Salvator Rosa Section - Carnarvon National Park)

Tambo, Blackall-Tambo Area
Free Entry
在加拿芬萨尔瓦多罗莎地区国家公园(Salvator Rosa Section of Carnarvon National Park)里,有泉水汇聚的挪格阿河(Nogoa River)和在砂岩峭壁和尖峰下蜿蜒流淌的路易莎小溪(Louisa Creek)。 望远镜山峰和桑提内尔(Spyglass Peak and The Sentinel)地区,在经历了上百万年时光的打磨之后,仍然颇为壮观的屹立于地平线

圣劳伦斯(St Lawrence)

St Lawrence, Isaac Area
圣劳伦斯,地处麦基(Mackay)南部,是昆士兰(Queensland)沿岸的一个古镇。 这里有趣的景点包括最近修缮的屠宰场遗址和百年纪念馆(Centenary Pavilion)。 这里有杂货店、宾馆、邮局、保龄球俱乐部、高尔夫球场、游泳池、图书馆/上网服务中心以及艺术和手工艺品商店。 露营游客和旅行车游客可以免费进入娱乐保护区,使用清洁设施,并可享受一流的钓鱼捕蟹点。 从格林希尔(Greenh


Eton, Mackay Area
伊顿坐落在匹克唐斯高速公路旁,距麦基市以西相隔约 25 公里。 这个小糖镇有一个深受欢迎的乡村酒店、迷人的天主教堂、肉店、杂货店和展览场地,当地矮种马俱乐部定期在展览场地练习和比赛。 穿过伊顿镇后,您就可以尽情享受斯托尼克雷克的乡村生活。 您可以沿着小路骑马或者加入一组牛队,骑行结束后再享用一顿烧烤午餐,有丹波面包和比利茶。 还提供价格低廉的住宿。

金卡海滩(Kinka Beach)

Capricorn Coast, Livingstone Area
凯珀尔湾(Keppel Bay)宁静的海水温柔地拍打着宽阔的海滩:这里就是金卡海滩,位于耶蓬(Yeppoon)以南仅 15 分钟车程处,是全家人共享经济旅行的完美海滨度假胜地。 到访金卡海滩的游客可饱览世界著名的大凯珀尔岛(Great Keppel Island)的壮美风景。 幽静的环境和宁静的水域将金卡海滩打造成一流的游泳海滩,适合各种年龄段和能力水平的游客。 您可以带上桶和小铲,充分享

皮特福斯特大坝(Peter Faust Dam)

Proserpine, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
皮特福斯特大坝(Peter Faust Dam)掩藏于普罗斯培林(Proserpine)内陆,与其相距仅 30 分钟车程。 大坝是进行水上运动的理想场所,尤其适合淡水垂钓,您将有机会钓上一条了不起尖吻鲈,这种鱼号称淡水鱼王子。 这里拥有热带气候以及悠长的夏季和温暖的冬季,活跃的鱼类养殖团队,湖边围绕着浸入水中的枝桠,这一切的结合使之成为垂钓尖吻鲈的理想场所,您还有机会钓到到平生第一条一米多长的尖吻鲈


Injune, Maranoa Area
因捷尼拥有约 500 人口,具有丰富的欧洲和原住民文化意义。 因捷尼拥有大量的自然牧场和自然资源,如旧时的家庭乳牛场和集约的现代农场和天然气田,是内陆发展的缩影。 跟当地人聊天的最佳场所是周三晚上的保龄球俱乐部或者周五晚上的当地因捷尼酒店(Injune Hotel)。 拉一把椅子,小酌几杯,沉浸在乡村式的盛情款待中。 在那里时,您可以问问他们卢蒂文·莱卡特(Ludwig Leichhardt)与该


Anakie, Central Highlands Area
安纳基位于摩羯高速路(Capricorn Highway)沿途的蓝宝石矿(Sapphire Gemfields)十字路口,拥有澳大利亚最大的蓝宝石展出区,宝石盛会(Gemfest) - 这场属于宝石的节日每年八月举办四天。 参观历史悠久的安纳基酒店,曾经有一名怒气冲天的顾客用炸药炸毁了酒店的前部,导致酒店不得不在 1971 年部分重建。 您也可欣赏充满社区活力的小镇堤坝区。 在安纳基,您可以选择早
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