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With over 30 year’s ecology and farming experience Boobook guides are hailed as authorities in the natural history of the Carnarvon Ranges and surrounding region. Join them on an adventure of a life time to get a real taste of Outback Queensland.

Leaving from Roma, Queensland (one hour flight from Brisbane) their tours range from one day up to seven day/six nights. They help uncover the industries forming the backbone of their region, while also discovering often unseen Australian wildlife and rare plants in unforgettable spectacular settings.

Choose your tour: visit Origin’s Coal Seam Gas operation, large privately owned working farming / grazing properties. View Aboriginal rock art, amazing rock formations, unique historical sites and inland streams and waterholes.

They are flexible. Tours can be customised to meet the interests and fitness levels of your group. With exclusive access to private and public lands they run special interest tours for wildflower enthusiasts, field naturalists, photographers, hiking groups and others. Have them provide scrumptious outback food or groups can self-cater. Accommodation can range from four star motels to glamping in real beds or bring your own tent.

Talk to them and they will develop a special tour plan for your group.



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Our Tours

Wheat Wells and Wildlife

Enjoy a real taste of Outback Queensland, take in the vast landscape and listen to the history of Roma and the surrounding region.
Drive through Origin Energy's Spring Gully Coal Seam Gas Operation.
Visit a privately owned working farming / grazing property with coal seam gas infrastructure.
Enjoy a leisurely walk through bushland and lunch alongside a spring fed waterhole.
See a variety of local vegetation types including Brigalow, Dry Rainforest and Cypress Pine.
Take time to connect with the land as we explore the creek keeping an eye out for platypus, wallabies, turtles, goannas and waterbirds.
Short walk up Basalt Hill to enjoy property views.

Indicative rates

$183 $536
Discover Carnarvon Ranges

Explore the hidden wonders and secluded gorges in the Carnarvon Ranges on this day tour with your own expert ecologist. See Aboriginal rock art, dinosaur plants, amazing rock formations and enchanting wildlife all on a privately owned 71 000 acre cattle station called "Wallaroo".

Participate in short works to Arch Rock and Cathedral Arch.
See cycad-filled gorges, visit unique Aboriginal art sties and the Axe Factory.

Admire rare trees and wildflowers and join in the search for some amazing and secretive wildlife like the Leaf-tailed Gecko and rock wallabies.

Relax and take in the fabulous views of the fertile Arcadia Valley from the edge of the Carnarvon Range.

Indicative rates

$199 $758
Wildflower Wander – Gurulmundi

Wildflowers, Grass Trees, Rare and endemic species, Colour Explosion.

Come visit Gurulmundi – one of southern Queensland’s most botanically significant areas. This renowned wildflower hotspot contains over 200 species of plants – all jam-packed on the crest of the Great Dividing Range. With Boobook’s Botanist, you will see a striking array of wildflowers including grevilleas, hakeas, wattles, bush peas, boronias, melaleucas, kunzeas, daisies and grass trees. This is also one of the very few places in Queensland to see the threatened Gurulmundi Heath-myrtle, Gurulmundi Fringe-myrtle and Curran’s Wattle.

Take as much time as you like to admire the floral displays while learning about each species from our expert guide. See plants such as tiny ground orchids that you might otherwise miss. Apart from wildflowers there are numerous other fascinating plants including spinifex, spotted gums, budgeroo and hairy oaks.

Tour is easy-paced and can be tailored to group needs and interests. Take short walks which may include some uneven ground, long grass and areas with dense shrubs. Longer walks and visits to adjoining Stones Country Regional Park can be arranged upon request. Tours leaving Roma and travelling to Gurulmundi involve approximately a 1.5 hour drive. All tours are weather dependent.

Indicative rates

$205 $205
Wonders of Wallaroo

Secluded Gorges, Cycads, Indigenous Art, Fabulous Views, Amazing Rock Formations, Working Cattle Property, First Class Country Hospitality.

Limited to groups of 4 to 16 people we take you to ‘Wallaroo’ – a 71 000 acre cattle station in the spectacular Carnarvon Ranges. Enjoy first class country hospitality. Immerse yourself in the environmental and cultural values in the landscape, see cycad-filled gorges and visit unique Aboriginal art sites. Admire rare trees and wildflowers. Visit caves and view amazing rock formations, such as The Sphinx and Arch Rock. Join our experienced ecologists in the search for some cryptic creatures such as the leaf-tailed gecko.

Spotlight at night to view the beautiful gliding possums. Get a taste of everyday life on a working farm. Hear how a cattle property and nature work hand in hand. Glamp (in real beds). Enjoy clean country air. Participate in local yarns and in the cooler months enjoy the hypnotising flames around a crackling open campfire. Fully Catered. Self-catering options are available (please enquire).

Tour involves short to medium length casual walks depending on fitness levels and interests. Walking will be on established property tracks, cattle pads or through the bush, potential for long grass and uneven ground.

Indicative rates

$2400 $2400

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利利海滩(Lilleys Beach)

Boyne Island, Gladstone Area
博因岛(Boyne Island)即利利海滩(Lilley’s Beach),位于温德汉姆公园(Wyndham Park)北部。 这里是备受当地人和游客喜爱的周末露营场地。 利利海滩是一处易受破坏的前滩区域,由博因斯梅尔特有限公司(Boyne Smelter Ltd)和格雷斯顿地区委员会(Gladstone Regional Council)精心维护。 从博因岛污水处理计划(Boyne Island Sewerage Treatment Plan),经由汉德利车道(Handley Drive)可前往利利海滩。 利利海滩沿海岸延伸 1.

拉科姆山(Mount Larcom)

Mount Larcom, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
巍峨高耸且特点鲜明的拉科姆山(Mount Larcom)海拔 632 米,从格拉德斯通(Gladstone)的大部分地点向西北望去都能看到迷人的山峰。 这是一条具有挑战性的攀爬徒步路线,最好是在较为凉爽的月份爬山,建议早起出发以捕捉最美的风景。 部分步行和攀登的地点较为陡峭,不建议年幼的孩子尝试。 不提供洗手间设施。 向上攀登两小时左右,会出现一处显著的地标。 您获得的奖赏便是 360 度

博因岛(Boyne Island)

Boyne Island, Gladstone Area
可以从格拉德斯通(Gladstone)出发向南方驱车片刻即可到达博因岛和金沙滩(Tannum Sands)风景如画的海滨社区,您可以充分享受到迷人海滩、河畔人行道、公园和各类娱乐活动营造的悠闲海滨生活方式。 这两个社区拥有近 12,000 人的人口,美丽的博因河(Boyne River)上一座小桥将这两个社区连接起来。 博因岛 - 是一座可以驱车抵达的小岛 - 提供多种优质住宿、商务设施、购物


Gladstone, Gladstone Area
格拉德斯通市建于山丘之上,可俯瞰其经济发展的焦点——天然深水港。 这座充满活力的现代化城市属于亚热带气候,拥有丰富的岛屿、水道和沙滩资源,一年四季都可进行划船、钓鱼、游泳和冲浪活动。 格拉德斯通位于大堡礁的南端,可通往赫伦岛(Heron Island)、威尔逊岛(Wilson Island)和无人居住的珊瑚礁。 这个世界级的码头每日都有不计其数的包租船队从这里出发。 种类丰富的餐厅和小吃店可满足各种口味需求——从澳大利亚丛林食物,到格拉德斯通著名的泥蟹和新鲜海产品,一应俱全。 可提供各种类型的住宿,包括四星级酒店、舒适实惠的汽车旅馆和旅行车营地。 格拉德斯通东都植物园(Gladstone'

金沙滩(Tannum Sands)

Tannum Sands, Gladstone Area
金沙滩距离布鲁斯高速公路(Bruce Highway)仅九公里之遥,距离格拉德斯通(Gladstone)城仅 20 公里。 金沙滩以其绵长的白沙海滩著称,是游泳、帆板冲浪和冲浪的完美场所。 双子镇金沙滩和博因岛(Boyne Island)拥有大约 12,000 人,由博因河(Boyne River)上的约翰•奥克斯雷桥(John Oxley Bridge)相连,博因河是垂钓、划船、远足和划水的完美场所。 主海滩最近荣获了“昆士兰最友好海滩”(“Queensland'

柯蒂斯岛(Curtis Island)

Curtis Island, Gladstone Area
柯蒂斯岛距离格拉德斯通海岸仅一小段距离,拥有令人叹为观止的原生态海滩、氛围私密的朝北海湾、波光粼粼的海洋、大堡礁、荒野、湿地及内陆风格的牧场。 它甚至拥有自己的飞机跑道。 这些丰富多样的特色和自然美景完美契合,将海龟街(Turtle Street)地区打造成澳大利亚乃至全世界绝对最独一无二的地区。 岛屿坐落在南回归线(Tropics of Capricorn)以南,因此夏季气候远不如其北部地

费辛岛(Facing Island)

Facing Island, Gladstone Area
费辛岛距离格拉德斯通(Gladstone)大陆约 12 公里,可搭乘私人船只或驳船前往。 费辛岛拥有绵长的沙滩和指定露营区,无论您是拥有四驱车、钓竿或冲浪板的游客,亦或仅仅希望放松、探索原生态丛林和海岸线,它都是您的完美之选。 您可以在线预订露营场所,也可通过格拉德斯通游客信息中心(Gladstone Visitor Information Center)预订。

拉科姆山(Mount Larcom)

Mount Larcom, Gladstone Area
拉科姆山这座乡村小镇距离格拉德斯通中央商务区(Gladstone Central Business District)约 20 分钟车程。 拉科姆山拥有野餐区、酒吧和几家食品外卖和补给商店,是您旅途中短暂休憩、重振精神的绝佳地点。 不妨尝尝著名的大穆马(Big Mumma)馅饼、比萨和香肠卷。 从这里向北行驶片刻即可到达格拉德斯通最著名的自然地标即拉科姆山。 攀登该山富有挑战性,但历经艰难成

格拉德斯通地区(Gladstone Region)

Gladstone, Gladstone Area
格拉德斯通地区位于布里斯班(Brisbane)以北约 450 公里处,是澳大利亚最隐秘的度假胜地。 这里是通往各色景致的门户所在,由此出发您可前往壮丽的南部大堡礁(Southern Great Barrier)、绝妙的热门垂钓地点、迷人的乡村险峻地貌和原生态的国家公园。 无论您有何爱好,格拉德斯通地区可满足您的一切所需。 该地区的中心是格拉德斯通城。 这里惊喜无限、缤纷有趣,这座活力四射的地
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