Tentz - Queensland


价格区间 * AU$100 to AU$1500

Tentz is here to provide a service like no other. Unique, adventurous yet luxurious pop up style glamping accommodation. Why camp when you can glamp!

Their themed tents come fully equipped and furnished, along with great amenities and facilities to cater for any event or stay.

Need a little extra magic..They've got it!

The Aurora. A large Sailcloth style event tent. Available in three expandable sizes, this elegant tent has a white translucent sheer top which glows both day and night. Luminous beauty with wooden poles throughout. Perfect for any style of event.

Tentz caters for Music Festivals, Events, Weddings, and Tent Hire. Luxury, comfort, and great service at an affordable price. Get back to nature and make time for the great outdoors.