Absolute Adventure Hire Hut Mooloolaba

价格区间 * AU$19 to AU$350

Hire Hut Mooloolaba is the ultimate destination on the Sunshine Coast. Centrally located, with endless beautiful beaches and hinterland to discover. The Hire Hut offers the Sunshine Coast best and widest choice of adventure hire services.

Services include Ocean Jet Ski; Where no licence or experience is required. Boat Hire; Whether it’s Sightseeing, Picnicking or Fishing their boat hire is perfect. While cruising around you can view the multimillion dollar water front properties and yachts not to mention Steve Irwin’s Croc One – Crikey! Kayak Hire and Tours; Their kayaks are very stable sit-on-top kayaks which are fitted with comfortable back rests. Double and single kayak availability makes kayaking with them the perfect activity for the whole family. Stand up paddle board Hire, Lessons and Tours. Bike Hire; Take the scenic route along the river to the best coffee stops on the coast. They will provide you with a fun filled map with great spots highlighted, so if you’re after a spot of lunch, shopping or just sightseeing go and see them. Segway adventure on coastal, bush, urban, beach and all new Australia Zoo back of house discovery tours.


Season DateDayOpening Hours
All yearDaily9:30am - 4:30pm
25 十二月 2016Closed



123 Parkyn Parade
The wharf shop 8,9
Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast Area

Our Hire

Ocean Jet ski Hire

The ultimate jet skiing experience is the largest and fastest open Ocean Jet Ski Hire on The Sunshine Coast.

Experience the power of a jet ski out in the ocean and get your adrenaline pumping! With over three square kilometres of open ocean you can go in any direction you want. Slow, fast or flat out the power is at your fingertips!

Double up at no extra cost, the minimum age to hire a jet ski is 16, however anyone under 16 can ride with a responsible adult (18) on board. Your safety is always paramount and to ensure the best day of your holiday a professional rescue boat will be there to assist you.

Away from the doldrums of river circuits and flat water, here at Ocean Jet Ski we have no compulsory circuit, no round and round in circles, just pure adrenaline pumping wave riding with heaps of carving, donuts, fish tails, and sharp turns.

Bike hire

Experience the beauty of the sunshine coast aboard a hybrid bike from the Hire Hut Mooloolaba. Go exploring and find your new favorite place in this sub tropical paradise. With the convenience of a detailed map, navigating is easy! The Hire Hut prides itself on offering safe, comfortable and modern bicycles that are all checked and tuned before each hire at a very affordable price.

Kayak Hire

Explore the Mooloolah national park, gliding your way through the mangroves, eucalyptus woodlands and tea-tree swamps. Watch sea eagles and kangaroos in their natural habitat, all from the river.

Our kayaks are very stable sit-on-top kayaks which are fitted with comfortable back rests. Double and single kayak availability makes kayaking with us the perfect activity for the whole family.

No experience necessary our staff explains the basics with kayaking and introduces the Mooloolah River on a map you can use to navigate throughout the river.

Stand up Paddle Board Hire

Hire SUP is a fun and exciting way to explore the magnificent Mooloolah River. Stop along the way at one of the sandy beaches for a well-deserved swim. Keep your eyes peeled for our resident Dolphins!

Lessons with one of our friendly instructors will give you the skills and confidence to glide on the water. We provide the right board and paddle to ensure you get the most out of your lesson.

No amount of time viewing Google or You tube videos will teach you to SUP like we can!

Lessons are only an additional $ 20.00 p.p. and we guaranty you will be a proficient paddle after only 1 lesson or your money back!

Segway Hire

Segway’s are the leading design for environmentally friendly, short distance transportation. The Segway runs silently, with all the capabilities of an off road motorbike, transforming the way people play outdoors. For adventure on two wheels look no further than our exciting Segway Tour!

Full safety brief and training by one of our trained staff, to ensure everyone is comfortable and knows how to operate the machine safely. Once you have mastered the training it’s time to test your skills and head out on your fun filled Segway adventure.

Locations: We operate tours right across the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Noosa with bush, coastal and urban tracks, there is something for everyone.

Segway for Group Events and Parties Do you have a celebration, party, kid’s birthday, social or corporate event and want to try something new? Segway’s are fun, creative, entertaining and great for team building – whatever the occasion! Our Segway group events are a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved with a great learning component. A great way to kick off a party and break the ice!
We can also come to an event hosted at a local public park or beach! *

Hire Hut Boat Hire

Our boats are all fitted with a shade canopy and are easy to operate. They can seat up to 4 adults and 2 children for the perfect family day. Whether it’s Sightseeing, Picnicking or Fishing our boat hire is perfect. While cruising around you can view the multimillion dollar water front properties and yachts not to mention Steve Irwin’s Croc One – Crikey!

No license or experience is required to operate the boats, our friendly staff will run you through all operations and navigation details.

Fishing in The Mooloolah River is exceptional, offering Bream, Whiting, Dart, Golden Trevally and Flathead. If you’re a fisherman or woman you’ll want to pick up a few rods from us too. We also offer bait and tackle suited for the Mooloolah River.

Sup Squatch Extra Extra Extra Large Stand up Paddle Board

SupQuactch the giant Stand up Paddle board is for everyone from family fun cruise day on the River or friend meets, Birthdays or any party’s to the extreme Ocean rider get all you mate together and spend a whole morning riding waves after waves. We will provide everything delivered to any suitable Sunshine Coast beach of your chose we will also provide a friendly Qualified SUP instructor to assist you and give you valuable riding and safety tips and to made you day fun and safe we will also have a rescue Jet Ski or Rib at the location it simply doesn’t get any better than that.
SUP Squatch River Get the family together and spend so time paddling around the beautiful Mooloolah River
SUP Squatch Ocean Up to 10 people (subject to maximum weight)
If you in the extreme side of things, get your mates together for some wave catching madness!
Up to 10 paddlers at once but no limits as to the number of participants, so get 10,20,30 or 100 real physical friends (not Facebook likes) and ride the best waves all morning.
All gears including rescue craft, qualified instructor and delivery

Back Of House Segway Tour Australia Zoo

Exclusive Back of House Segway Tours of Australia Zoo available these school holidays! Book to experience VIP access and go where the general public cant! Our professional instructors will guide you through the back of house areas and future development including off display animal enclosures! You will also receive a FREE photo to capture this awesome experience from our professional photographer! When you purchase tickets here at the Hire Hut Mooloolaba, you will receive EXPRESS ENTRY and SPECIAL COUPON DEALS that save you money inside the zoo! Limited availability, tours commence on September 19th through till October 4th.
Strict limited availability.
Training, VIP Tour & Photo – $ 60.00 p.p.
(Entry to Australia Zoo not included)

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Wilston, Brisbane Area
威尔逊是布里斯班(Brisbane)一块极具吸引力的地区。 新旧建筑在这里得到了完美的融合 - 从工人小屋到现代建筑师设计的家园 - 呈现出一幅美轮美奂的壮丽图景。 内城区的地理位置,建在威尔逊山(Wilston Hill)上的山间马路带来的良好视野和俯瞰城市美景的惬意感受,使得这里成为众人追捧的黄金地区。 随着人们的热衷,这里成为了蓬勃发展的中心地带,汇集了各式露天茶座、咖啡馆和熟食店。 威尔逊


Windsor, Brisbane Area
温莎郊区位于布里斯班(Brisbane)市中心以北 5 分钟车程处,具有浓郁的布里斯班历史气息。 作为布里斯班最古老的郊区之一,温莎这片土地上矗立有众多富丽堂皇的古老房屋、宏伟壮观的昆士兰风情建筑、列入遗产名录的建筑和修缮一新的工人小木屋。 郊区的重山可饱览令人惊叹的城市美景,地势低洼区则可尽享伊诺给拉溪(Enoggera Creek)宁静祥和的氛围。 温莎历史学会(Windsor Histor

新农场及特内里费(New Farm and Teneriffe)

New Farm, Brisbane Area
美食。 公园。 文化。 这里原本是一个农业区,后来发展为拥有船舶码头和商业羊毛店的工业中心,特内里费走过了一条城市复苏之路,公寓如雨后春笋般涌现,之后各式餐馆、咖啡馆和精品店也层出不穷。 古老的树木为户外用餐提供了天然的遮蓬,河畔木板路可观赏高档别墅和阁楼风格的公寓。 新农场崇尚户外生活方式,拥有绿树成荫的街道和独特的城市空间,例如布里斯本发电屋(Brisbane Powerhouse)和郊区的


Sandgate, Brisbane Area
沙门各处美丽的民用和住宅建筑使这个海滨小村成为莫尔顿湾(Moreton Bay)遗产展示品之一。 沙门位于红崖(Redcliffe)半岛下方,是备受 19 世纪末布里斯班(Brisbane)殖民定居者欢迎的海滨目的地。 丰富的历史是该地区的一大特色,拥有数量众多的府邸和建筑充分反映了这一逝去时代的古典建筑风格。 您可以趁此机会沿着沙门历史小径(Sandgate's Historica

袋鼠角悬崖(Kangaroo Point Cliffs)

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
袋鼠角悬崖(Kangaroo Point Cliffs)享有令人惊叹的晨间或夜晚的景致,可供您饱览从河流至城市再到环绕着城市的群山的景色,是一处无与伦比的野餐区。 这里的大本营设有优质的燃气烧烤设施和就餐点,分布在生机勃勃的河流边缘雕塑、步行和骑行小径之中;同时这里还设有造型奇特的亭子供您休息。 您也许还想尝试一下速滑降!

南布里斯班(South Brisbane)

South Brisbane, Brisbane Area
近些年来,内城郊区南布里斯班经历复兴发展,已成为布里斯班(Brisbane)最受欢迎的地区之一。 南布里斯班曾拥有数量众多的仓库、工厂和码头,1988 年布里斯班河(Brisbane River)岸上荒废的工业区成为世界博览会(World Expo)的举办场所,这里也由此经历了翻天覆地的变化。 如今,这一郊区拥有极具大都会气息的咖啡馆、时尚酒吧、高级酒店和多民族咖啡馆及餐厅,显得生机勃勃、热闹非凡。 南布里斯班与南岸(South Bank)接壤,那里是布里斯班市的高级休闲胜地。 来到南岸,您可以在人造海滩的清澈水域中畅游,欣赏令人惊叹的美景和景色秀丽的公园,遍尝各式美味获得极致的味蕾享受;也可观赏戏剧、芭蕾舞、歌剧、音乐会或艺术展览。 许多美丽的古建筑也是南布里斯班亮丽的风景线。 值得一游的景点包括圣安德鲁圣公会教堂(Saint Andrew'

佛特谷(Fortitude Valley)

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Area
活出 精彩! 活出骄傲! 佛特谷本身就是一个矛盾体,未经加工又不失精致,典雅与时尚、通俗大众与标新立异并存。 这一地区中列入遗产名录的建筑骄傲地矗立在崭新的现代建筑之间。 佛特谷被当地人亲切地称为“谷”,是澳大利亚首个专用娱乐区,也将继续是一个活力四射的活动中心,因人声鼎沸和音乐声而充满生机。 动物园(The Zoo)和朱迪丝•怀特现代艺术中心(Judith Wright Centre of C


Paddington, Brisbane Area
在帕丁顿,到处是丘陵、小屋和精品店。 在帕丁顿和罗莎莉(Rosalie)绵延起伏、郁郁葱葱的山丘之间,点缀着由古朴小屋改造成的诱人的临街店面、向外延伸到人行道的餐厅,以及混杂有传统锡材小屋和经过翻修的昆士兰住宅的各式房屋。 新奇古怪的纪念品、古典和设计师时装、古董和二手宝藏、复古精美饰品、家居用品和艺术品,定让游客流连忘返。 酒吧分为精品鸡尾酒酒廊和休闲酒吧,餐馆以早餐人潮而闻名,无论是赶着上

凯尔文格罗夫(Kelvin Grove)

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane Area
在凯尔文格罗夫释放创意。 凯尔文格罗夫是非同寻常的大学村。 它以“社区大学”著称,是昆士兰科技大学(QUT)创意产业部门所在地,将现场表演空间、商业、企业和科研功能与学生文化及为该地区带来的精力与活力融为一体。 该校园因培养了在时装、舞蹈、音乐、视觉艺术、新闻、电影、电视及动画领域开创职业生涯的名流人士而著称,培养并激发了此校区每位创意学子的灵感。 这一近现代城市环境是专为布里斯班(Br


Boondall, Brisbane Area
邦多尔郊区位于布里斯班(Brisbane)市中心东北方向大约 20 分钟车程处,以布里斯班顶级音乐厅、娱乐中心和运动中心而闻名。 邦多尔湿地公园(Boondall Wetlands Park)也地处该区,是由重要湿地组成的庞大系统,部分环绕着布里斯班娱乐中心(Brisbane Entertainment Center)和体育中心(Sports Complex)。 布里斯班娱乐中心定期邀请著名
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