Gold Coast Open House 2017 - The Arts Centre Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Area

4 November 2017 - 


On Saturday 4 November 2017, the third annual Gold Coast Open House opens the doors of interesting and architecturally significant buildings and locations, inviting the public to take a behind the scenes look at places they may have only glimpsed from the street.

Gold Coast Open House unlocks 40 buildings, places and spaces across the city, from heritage gems to Commonwealth Games-ready sports venues and inspiring buildings, homes, churches, schools, universities, museums, art galleries, television and radio stations, public utilities and workplaces that reflect the city’s unique architecture and urban design.

Famous for its interwar and post-war development boom and recreational industries, the Gold Coast has a varied and unique stock of buildings and places in comparison with many other major Australian cities.

The 2017 program demonstrates the evolution of architecture on the Gold Coast, some buildings dating back to the late 1800s, early 1900s, to cutting edge design of recent years by some of the Gold Coast’s leading architects.

Gold Coast Open House is a free event.

Volunteer greeters, hosts and photographers are required, to help boost the Gold Coast Open House image library for future events. Register online!

Event Dates

This event occurs annually:
4 November 2017


  • Bar
  • Car park
  • Restaurant - Licensed
  • Shop

Event Venues

The Arts Centre Gold Coast
135 Bundall Road
Surfers Paradise
Queensland, Australia 4217



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135 Bundall Road
Surfers Paradise,

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努加努加国家公园和努加努加湖(Nuga Nuga National Park and Lake Nuga Nuga)

Rolleston, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
努加努加湖(Lake Nuga Nuga)靠近努加努加国家公园(Nuga Nuga National Park),是昆士兰中部(Central Queensland)砂岩带(Sandstone Belt)最大的天然水体。 这里是水鸟的宝贵栖居地,若季节合适您还可观赏盛放的睡莲。 干燥的季节湖水可能枯涸。 观鸟者会发现该湖是鹈鹕、天鹅以及无数水鸟的天堂。 努加努加湖国家公园中坐落着瓦瑞尼拉山(Mou

远征国家公园(Expedition National Park)

Taroom, Banana Area
Free Entry
罗宾逊峡谷(Robinson Gorge)的纯砂岩悬崖高达 100 米,这里的风吹过 14 千米之遥的棕榈和瓶树林来到遥远的远征国家公园(Expedition National Park)。 这个公园具有重大的历史意义。 探险者卢蒂文·莱卡特(Ludwig Leichhardt)于 1844 年来到过这个地方,他保护着大量的土著文化遗址。 带上燃料和水到斯达克维尔(Starkvale)露营区享受宿营
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