Wujal Wujal Art Centre

Cook Area

The Bana Yirriji Art and Cultural Centre is located on the banks of the Bloomfield River just below the Wujal Wujal Waterfall.

Their art centre is based in Wujal Wujal Community, North Queensland. It is about a four hour drive north from Cairns and one hour south from Cooktown.

The artists from Wujal Wujal represent three traditional clan groups, the Yalanji, Nyungkul and Jalunji people. The languages, Kuku Yalanji and Kuku Nyungkul remain strong and are still spoken today.

Their artist’s inspiration comes from the land that surrounds them, rainforests, waterfalls, mountains, rivers and the sea. A lot of the paintings are from cultural stories passed down to them from their families and Traditional Elders.

Their vision is to keep and hold the culture safe and sacred, also to keep the community strong in mind and spirit. They are empowering their people to develop and share their culture, knowledge and skills to promote a flourishing and economically sustainable Art and Cultural Centre.

All of their artworks are handcrafted and painted at the art centre by local community artists.

Douglas Street
, Cook Area

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