Cooneana Heritage Centre

New Chum, Ipswich Area

If you're into local history and traditional craftsmanship then put a visit to Ipswich's historic Cooneana Homestead on your itinerary. Home to the Ipswich Historical Society and Spinners and Weavers, Cooneana Heritage Centre houses historical photographs, memorabilia, artefacts and mining displays that showcase the rich and diverse history of Ipswich - Queensland's oldest provincial city.

Explore Jim Donald House - a fine example of a Workers Cottage - which has been faithfully restored and furnished to reflect the period - 1890s to early 1900s - when this architectural style was popular. In the classroom area of the museum. children can experience an olden time classroom complete with "engraved" wooden desks and slate boards - a great experience for school groups. Ipswich's important mining history is also represented with indoor and outdoor exhibits and the traditional crafts of spinning and weaving can be seen on Thursdays.

Cooneana Heritage Centre is open every second and fourth Sunday of the month from March until November inclusive, from 10am to 2pm. Regular trading hours include Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.


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$2 - $2 Donation


Season DateDayOpening Hours
All yearThursday10am - 2pm
Saturday10am - 2pm


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1041 Redbank Plains Road
New Chum, Ipswich Area

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Ipswich Area
作为昆士兰州铁路的发源地,伊普斯维奇拥有一段值得骄傲且生动丰富的历史,可追溯到 19 世纪 20 年代罪犯和殖民主义盛行的时期。 伊普斯维奇独特的城市魅力拥有绝对吸引力,以其广阔的绿色空间、别有韵味的历史建筑和日益国际化的餐饮场所,吸引着各方游客的到来。 位于城市心脏地带的布里斯班街(Brisbane Street)拥有澳大利亚最长的遗产建筑外景,建于 1902 年的老磨坊(Old Mill)旧
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