ZEN Beach Retreat

Bargara, Bundaberg Area

价格区间 * AU$500 to AU$4500

ZEN Beach Retreat is an absolute beachfront, premium boutique retreat. Superbly positioned to unlock the secrets of two World Heritage Listed Icons - The Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island.

ZEN combines the pleasures of a relaxed luxury sanctuary with unique and exclusive hero experiences and discoveries with your privacy assured.

ZEN is a custom designed, fully hosted retreat for multigenerational families and friends travelling together or celebrating special occasions.

Guests enjoy access to the whole retreat with spacious ocean front decks and beachfront lounges absorbing it's wonderful nature at every turn.

ZEN is professionally interior designed throughout, hosting up to 22 guests across four individually themed villas and Ocean residence.

Residences are fully self-contained with king size beds or twin share options - hosting up to six families together.

The perfect group luxury getaway for discerning travellers who want to relax, renew, refresh, discover and celebrate in style.

They design and host off the grid, private guided experiences for guests.
From snorkelling the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef to wandering the paradise of Fraser Island or discovering local culture you will unlock secrets that none of your friends have.

Unlock your own Great Barrier Reef secret!


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Lounge
  • Conference/Convention Facilities
  • Day Spa
  • Games/Recreation Room
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Office Services/Business Services
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pay/Satellite TV
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk



54 Miller Street
Bargara, Bundaberg Area

Our rooms

Executive Suite

The Executive suite is a private villa that opens directly into the ZEN tranquillity gardens with a few short steps to the direct beach access.

Quiet and spacious, the split level suite is decorated professionally to provide a comfortable new luxury haven for the most discerning of travellers.

Tastefully styled in black and white, contrasting the theme with splashes of spot colour to tantalise the eyes. The interior decoration introduces both a masculine and feminine touch, providing an artsy yet classy suite.

The modern charcoal coloured table top for perfect intimate dining for four guests.

Your fully appointed kitchen provides maximum guest flexibility and the modern executive office desk provides the perfect work station if needed. What better than address a few requests while holidaying overlooking the natural tropical green garden and magnesium pool.

The main bedroom provides for a mix of views with the gardens, pool and has a partial view of the sea. Your high quality memory foam queen size bed provides complete comfort and don't forget to request your pillow firmness of preference for an amazing rest. The second bedroom transforms from a single long twin share to a king sized double depending on your preference.

Oriental Flair Villa

Unlock the secret colours of the Orient for yourself! The brilliant curtain designs exude African influence, radiating in the morning sun. Tapestries adorn the walls of oriental homes, and ZEN hand picked their Moroccan favourites. Oranges, turquoise, greens and reds bounce off the teal blue, adding flair to your stay. Your courtyard entrance is the most direct path to the beach - less than 50 steps to the sand.

The room lights up in hue of red with Turkish lantern from the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Accompanied by unique oriental items like the Afghanistan camel water balloons, Zambian chess set, Italian designed mosaic art your villa is a superb mix of oriental colours and flair.

To maintain uniqueness your villa has a fully equipped dartboard. A den of rest, play and solace.

The Sunburst orange main bedroom exudes an uplifting vibrance in the morning sun or provides a relaxing background hue with the blockout blinds drawn. Resplendent with ornate oriental wallhangings and Afghan side table you will be expecting oriental music to appear anytime.

The main bedroom views the sea, pool, Bali hut and magnificent morning sunrises, all supplemented by a fully appointed, modern, clean bathroom.

Asian Elegance Villa

Immerse yourself amongst the multicultural mix of history and art from all over Asia in the Asian Elegance Villa. No fewer than 9 Asian countries have contributed to your eclectic mix of Asian elegance. A stand out discovery is the Yellow Chinese Wedding Cabinet. A very rare find it has been part of our family for over 12 years.

Our solid Indonesian teak dining setting has been part of our family for over 15 years. We have wonderful family memories of time spent together around the table.

Create them for yourselves with a range of board and card games to celebrate good times. Art abounds with surprises in every corner, enticing Balinese statues, Cambodian musicians, Laotian umbrellas, Chinese lanterns all add colour and vibrancy to your little piece of Asia.

Chinese lanterns lead you upstairs where all bedding is of the highest quality and comfort. Sail away into the evening with the subtle crashing of waves and soothing sea breezes.

Your bathroom is modern, smart with clean lines - fully equipped for comfort.

Your Asian Elegance Villa is spacious yet cosy with direct access into the Bali Hut, Magnesium pool/spa and dark green tropical gardens leading to your sandy beach.

French Romance Villa

When you visit France, the atmosphere of romance, history and culture finds you at almost every step you take. Thats exactly what has been recreated in the French Romance Villa - it can take you almost a week to discover every hidden secret. Original French antiques, family heirlooms and hand selected furnishings from ageing cottages in Provence and Brittany combine to capture the magical romance of France.

High quality fabrics, art pieces supplement the ambience of your stay. Pascaline's great, great, Grandfather’s grandfather clock is just one of the secrets awaiting your discovery.

Direct access to the magnesium pool and spa, Bali hut, the tranquility garden and beach backs onto your quiet little haven. High quality fabrics, art pieces supplement the ambience of your stay.

Upstairs drift away in authentic Provencal bedding and antiques almost as old as white settlement in Australia. The stunningly upholstered French antique chairs provide for a comfortable area to relax and unwind. Your high quality bedding is transformable as either a king size or twin share.

Sea views through the Ocean lounge combine with pool views. The fully appointed modern bathroom has everything you need to freshen up and enjoy complete relaxation at ZEN.

Ocean Residence

The Ocean residence is your private retreat within a retreat – your space to retire and relax. The main resting option is an expansive, large double main bedroom with generous bedding the perfect place to enjoy breakfast overlooking the sea or sunrise.

The exquisite main bathroom behind the main bedroom has been designed to perfection for your comfort. A twin open shower, twin fossilised Moroccan sinks all complete with lighting and heating.

The Relaxarium spa is available for your own private use. Chromotherapy lights the room to a colour of your choice and adjust the intense ~55jet hydrotherapy spa to your comfort.

Oceanfront bedrooms open out onto an undercover patio area that flowing into the beachfront garden and ocean. Lie awake at night with the sound of the waves gently rolling into the beach or wake up to a selection of rainbow colours and the sun rises over the horizon – it’s just spectacular.

All bedrooms sleep two people and are fully adaptable to guests needs. Either as a king sized or twin share with large built in robes for your personal use.

A tastefully decorated bathroom, well appointed in modern, stylish designs has a shower, WC, cabinet, heating.

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Bargara, Bundaberg Area
从班达伯格(Bundaberg)出发,驱车穿过郁郁葱葱的甘蔗地,只需行驶 13 公里即可抵达巴戈拉。 巴戈拉是一个倍受欢迎的海滨地区,拥有宁静祥和、轻松悠闲的社区,非常适合游客远离熙熙攘攘的喧嚣都市、前来享受美好的家庭度假时光。 巴戈拉有两个开放式冲浪海滩和两个静水游泳区。 巴戈拉街景(Bargara Streetscape)项目在海岸线旁设有迷人的公共区域,公共区域内有人行道、露台、野餐区和游乐场。 咖啡馆和河口营造出一种绝佳的露天氛围。 巴戈拉设有人造暗礁,确保全年都是良好的垂钓场所,可充分满足垂钓爱好者的需求。 温加拉海洋公园(Woongarra Marine Park)完好地保存了壮丽的海岸线,同时在海岸上提供一流的垂钓和浮潜场所。 海滩正后方有一流的高尔夫球场,而草地滚地球场则为各个年龄段的游客提供了完美的户外娱乐形式。 附近,蒙利普斯海龟栖息地(Mon Repos Turtle Rookery)可以让游客有机会在十一月至来年三月的筑巢和产卵季观赏这些神奇的濒危海龟。 海龟通常在巴戈拉凯利(Bargara on Kelly'

班达伯格港口(Port Bundaberg)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
伯内特河(Burnett River)在伯内特角(Burnett Heads)汇入大海,班达伯格港口就位于伯内特河上游,拥有多个码头泊位,是澳大利亚的散糖出口港。 在这里,伯内特河的宽广水域是班达伯格帆船俱乐部(Bundaberg Sailing Club)的所在地,正如您所料,河口处也设有船坡道,并提供汽车和拖车停泊场地。 古老的伯内特角灯塔(Burnett Heads Lighthouse)(

哈默克(The Hummock)

Calavos, Bundaberg Area
地处通往巴戈拉(Bargara)的道路旁,是一处地势较低的火山遗迹,被称为“哈默克”(意即小丘),尽管海拔高度仅有 96 米,但是却拥有良好的视野,可俯瞰整个地区的美景。 向东可遥望大海,向西可看到环绕城市的大片甘蔗地,地平线上阵阵炊烟从班达伯格酿酒厂(Bundaberg Distillery)和工厂的烟囱中袅袅升起。

蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)

Mon Repos, Bundaberg Area
蒙·利普斯坐落在巴戈拉(Bargara)以北仅仅几公里处,作为澳大利亚大陆最大和最容易到达的海龟群栖地而闻名。 白天,蒙·利普斯是备受欢迎的游泳和帆船场地,但是必须避免滋扰龟巢。 海滩不允许狗进入,并且高水位线之上也不允许使用海滩阳伞,因为它们可能损坏海龟蛋。 在海滩最南端,马车房溪(Coachhouse Creek)河口处滋养了一片受潮汐影响的红树林生物群落。 该地区拥有各种各样的野生动物。


Bundaberg West, Bundaberg Area
班达伯格位于伯内特河(Burnett River)河畔,周围环绕着片片蔗田,是一座欣欣向荣的城市。 班达伯格假日景点众多、娱乐设施齐备,是一个理想的休闲度假中心。 海岸度假村是您欢度愉悦海滨假期的完美之地。 大堡礁南端起自伊利特女士岛和玛斯库莱布夫人岛(Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands)附近的海岸,班达伯格也因此成为众所周知的大堡礁门户(Gateway

班达伯格地区(Bundaberg Region)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
班达伯格珊瑚海岸和乡村地区(Bundaberg Coral Coast and Country Region)可为游客提供丰富多样的精彩体验,是完美的度假场所。 该地区拥有厚重的历史感,与精彩的荒野探险、富有田园特色的悠闲体验和温馨的乡村热情招待完美地融合起来。 所有这一切及更多精彩都在等您前来体验。 班达伯格被称作南大堡礁(Southern Great Barrier Reef)的门户 - 可

印纳斯公园(Innes Park)

Innes Park, Bundaberg Area
印纳斯公园距离班达伯格(Bundaberg)市 15 公里,地处珊瑚海岸(Coral Coast)沿岸,巴戈拉(Bargara)镇以南。 印纳斯公园设有一家高尔夫球场,有礁石的近海水域内拥有部分最出色的海岸潜水地点和形状各异的珊瑚。 潜水地点包括巴洛林岩石(Barolin Rocks)和屠夫岩石(Butchers Rocks),当地潜水公司常在这里培训他们的学员。

埃里奧特角(Elliott Heads)

Elliott Heads, Bundaberg Area
埃里奧特角位于埃里奧特河(Elliot River)河口,您可以尽情体验冲浪乐趣,也可在风平浪静的水域自在畅游。 这里也是风帆冲浪和水上摩托的热门目的地,而海岸边以及附近的珊瑚礁则提供了出色的钓鱼机会。 您可前往探索砂岩峭壁形成的有趣岬角和布满岩石的海岸,体验饶有趣味的旅程。 海滩旁有一处风景优美、拥有绿荫遮盖的旅行车营地,以及众多野营场地和烧烤设备,并提供洗手间设施。 夏季有冲浪救生员在指定游泳区

伯内特角(Burnett Heads)

Burnett Heads, Bundaberg Area
伯内特角离蒙利普斯保护公园(Mon Repos Conservation Park)和橡树(Oaks)冲浪海滩都很近,距班达伯格(Bundaberg)市中心只有 17 公里。 蒙利普斯保护公园与橡树冲浪海滩之间有一处隐蔽的海湾,如果您心血来潮就去这个民间的“天体海滩”试试。 退潮后,您可以去附近的公爵夫人岩(Duchess Rocks)观赏软珊瑚,在那里您还能看到古熔岩流的残留物。 您可以在岩
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