Takarakka Bush Resort Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge,

价格区间 * AU$30 to AU$238

Escape to Takarakka Bush Resort Carnarvon Gorge. Open all year round and fabulous in every season. Immerse yourself among ancient rain forest and prehistoric scenery.

Choose from a range of accommodation options to suit your taste and budget, from spacious caravan and camping sites to en-suited cabins, safari Taka tents, or luxury studios.

Discover Queensland's premier National Park and top tourist attraction with loads of things to see and do. A haven for both guests and wildlife nestled in a natural wonderland.

Explore the depths of the Carnarvon Gorge Queensland, with its ancient sandstone cliffs and rich indigenous history and rock art. Walk the well kept tracks to discover abundant plant and wildlife, and the songs of colourful birds a plenty.

Cook up a heart warming meal in the camp kitchens and relax and enjoy the camp fires or book in for a delicious two course roast dinner as a treat after a big day out. There's plenty of things to do while exploring the Carnarvon Gorge. Take a guided walk, scenic flight, sunset and astronomy tour to unlock the secrets of this special place.

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  • Free Wifi
  • Paid Wifi


  • Automatic Teller Machine
  • Bar
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Shower
  • Games/Recreation Room
  • Gas
  • Kiosk
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Public Telephone
  • Tour Desk


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Cycling
  • Hiking/Trekking





适合家庭入住 – 请前往官方网站查看更多服务及设施信息。
O'briens Road
Carnarvon Gorge,

Our Rooms

Self Contained Cottage

Self Contained Cottage. Best suited for two or three people. Open plan layout. One double bed and large sofa bed. Ensuite bathroom, fully self contained kitchen with gas stove including oven, microwave, saucepans, crockery and cutlery. Air conditioned. Linen provided.

Explorer Cabins

Cosy Basic Cabin. Best suited for two people.
Open plan layout with one queen bed and ensuite bathroom.
Air conditioned with fridge, kettle and toaster, plates cups and cutlery provided. Linen provided.

Powered and Unpowered Camp Sites

Spacious protected powered and unpowered caravan and tent campsites suitable for all shapes and sizes in a peaceful easily accessible bush setting.

Modern scrupulously clean amenities and camp kitchens available. Carnarvon Gorge is on every Grey Nomad's and nature loving family's bucket list for good reason. There's lots to do and see, so relax and plan to spend a while. The average stay is four to six days to truly experience Carnarvon Gorge and all that Takarakka Bush Resort has to offer. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. Open all year round.

Taka Safari Tents

Enjoy a Carnarvon Gorge camping holiday without the hassle of setting up camp. Your safari tent is close by to the modern amenities and camp kitchen. Just bring linen and cooking gear or ask about hiring to save the space in your car.

Sleeps two to five people. Double bed, bunk beds and single beds. Great family accommodation. Light doona and pillows provided. Small fridge and pedestal fan provided. Linen hire available at AUD20 per bed or bring your own sheets and towels. For even more comfort try their newly ensuited Taka Safari Tents.

We recommend a four to six day stay.

New Studio Accommodation

Experience the best in Carnarvon Gorge accommodation. Imagine yourself immersed in nature with the comforts of your newly established studio.

Wake to the sounds of the creek as you enjoy a relaxing morning coffee on your private veranda.

Enjoy creating a meal in the fully equipped alfresco kitchen and dining area or book in for a Roast Dinner after a long walk. (Roast Dinners available open Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday only)

Plan to stay a while and truly relax and rejuvenate. We recommend a four to six day stay. Advance Bookings Highly Recommended. Open all year round.

New Ensuited Taka Safari Tents

Even Mum's a happy camper now. No need to set up camp, or rough it in swags and sleeping bags on this Carnarvon Gorge holiday. Just jump in the car and arrive to your own private ensuited safari tent. Imagine taking your daily walks and returning to your private shower, putting your feet up with a wine on the deck, then having a rejuvenating sleep in a comfy bed before exploring again the next day. Now that's camping in style.

Choose from 3 to 5 berth tents all with pedestal fan and bar fridge and the use of the camp kitchen. Linen available for hire or bring your own sheets and towels. Kitchen box also available for hire at AUD10 per person.

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坦伯林国家公园(Tamborine National Park)

Tamborine, Logan City Area
Free Entry
坦伯林国家公园(Tamborine National Park)是一片巍然耸立着的高 560 米的绿洲。 公园由 14 片土地组成,包括女巫瀑布(Witches Falls),它于 1908 年成为昆士兰首个国家公园。 其山间的特色为玄武岩柱、悬崖、岩层、无数瀑布以及繁茂的雨林。 这里也是稀有的艾伯氏琴鸟及闪耀的螺旋大泽米(burrawang)的家园。 九条步行小径将带您前往观赏绝妙景致,美丽瀑布,

雷鸟公园(Thunderbird Park)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$0 - 0
雷鸟公园是一个令人惊异的野生动物园、也是一个地质丰富的绿洲,该公园绵延 112 公顷,坐落于澳大利亚昆士兰的坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)之上。 您可以在此乐享一次山间冒险(负担得起),一次浪漫的逃离,或一次家庭度假。 雷鸟公园有桉树林立的供电营地和非供电营地,还有上下铺客房,营地旁边还有房车露营区域。 您可以在此寻找形成于恐龙盛行地球的时代、富含宝石的雷公蛋(Thunder

澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)

Springbrook, Gold Coast Area
Free Entry
澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)坐落在昆士兰东南部,涵盖大片暖温带雨林和几乎全部的南极山毛榉寒温带雨林,是全球占地最广的亚热带雨林。 澳大利亚世界遗产岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage)地区包括昆士兰和新南威尔斯广阔的雨林保护区。 该地区的昆士兰国家公园(Queensland National Parks)包括: - 雷明顿国家公园(Lamington National Park) - 春溪国家公园(Springbrook National Park) - ��尼山国家公园(Mt Barney National Park) - 主山脉国家公园(Main Range National Park)。 从主要城镇出发,取道柏油路或是分级碎石路,即可便利前往澳大利亚岗得瓦纳雨林世界遗产雨林进行探索。 设有多种游客设施,包括绵延数公里的步行道、向导徒步和冒险之旅等,还提供多种住宿环境,供游客随心选择。 雨林曾覆盖着古老的南部超级大陆岗得瓦纳(Gondwana)的绝大部分地区,如今仍是澳大利亚最为古老的植被类型。 这里生活着种类繁多的动植物,与远古祖先几无二致,是世所罕见的神奇之地。 这里集中生长着原始植物群落,由 100 多万年前的开花植物直接进化演变而来,此外,世上最为古老的蕨类植物和针叶树也可在此找到踪影。 虽然雨林仅占澳大利亚 0.

美景边缘探险公园(Scenic Rim Adventure Park)

Tamrookum Creek, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$35 - 45
欢迎来到美景边缘探险公园(Scenic Rim Adventure Park),驾驶休闲四驱车,体验丛林露营的乐趣! 公园坐落在风景秀丽的美景边缘(Scenic Rim),位于博德塞特(Beaudesert)西南仅 20 分钟车程处,周围是一片茂密的灌木丛。 在美景边缘探险公园,您可以驾驶四驱车,选项包括不限驱动轮数量的简单赛道,只适合四轮驱动车的四驱赛道,以及适合改装车辆的具有挑战性的四驱赛道。

博德瑟特历史博物馆(Beaudesert Historical Museum)

Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$7.50 - 7.50
博德瑟特历史博物馆(Beaudesert Historical Museum)是昆士兰最大的城镇博物馆之一,展出了 10,000 多件展品,涵盖美景边缘(Scenic Rim)地区的工业与生活传承物。 您可看到简朴的波茨妈妈(Mother Potts)熨斗、巨大的红色丹尼斯(Dennis)消防车;展品之丰富,将会令所有参观的人心满意足。 米尔班克斯先驱小屋(Milbanks Pioneer Cot

奥瑞立斯勤农家谷葡萄园(OReillys Canungra Valley Vineyards)

Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
奥瑞立斯勤农家谷葡萄园(O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards)座落在黄金海岸(Gold Coast Hinterland)的卡纳拉小溪(Canungra Creek)岸边,是一座精品葡萄园,致力于制作美食和美酒。 您可以品尝一杯屡获殊荣的葡萄酒、一顿美食,或在古老的昆士兰农庄的走廊喝下午茶,也可以在溪边的银桦树荫影下野餐。 奥瑞立斯家族拥有并经营葡萄园,园内有一个巨大的舞厅、温馨的餐厅、广阔的走廊和一个雪松酒窖酒吧。 奥瑞立斯勤农家谷葡萄园自产葡萄酒有三个系列:野餐(Picnic)系列、鸭嘴兽嬉戏(Platypus Play)系列和奥瑞立斯世代相传(O'

树顶通道(Tree Top Walkway)

Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
Free Entry
树顶步道(Tree Top Walk)位于奥莱利雨林静居,由自然史协会创建。 红榉木木板路(Booyong Boardwalk)有引导标识,可以引导您从奥莱利雨林静居来到步行道,其中还有一系列的吊桥带您爬上 16 米高的雨林空中步道。 想要冒险的游客可以攀登梯子到乌鸦巢式的平台,它位于离地面 30 米的无花果树上。

塔姆伯林山趣味萤火虫山洞(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$12 - 12
塔姆伯林山趣味萤火虫山洞(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)坐落在雪松溪流庄园(Cedar Creek Estate)。 景色壮丽的人工山洞将带您领略难忘的地下之旅! 山洞包括两处大型的由隧道连接的洞穴。 第一处洞穴是“展示洞穴”,您在此可观看趣味萤火虫与山洞建造过程的视频。 这处洞穴设有极为逼真的构造(洞穴堆积物),例如石笋、钟乳石、水景和流石。 从这处洞穴

雷明顿国家公园绿山地区(Lamington National Park, Green Mountains Section)

Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
Free Entry
雷明顿国家公园绿山(Lamington National Park,Green Mountains)位于黄金海岸(Gold Coast)腹地,是澳大利亚遗产区岗得瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests)的一部分,每年吸引着数十万游客前来观赏其瀑布、野生动物及迷人的步行小径。 您可至信息中心取阅最新手册,并享受长度从 1 公里到 22 公里不等的步行小径,徒步行至溪流及观景台。 您可在昆士

塔姆伯林山酿酒厂(Tamborine Mountain Distillery)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
塔姆伯林山酿酒厂(Tamborine Mountain Distillery)隐藏在黄金海岸(Gold Coast)中,是新千年澳大利亚获奖最多的酒厂,其葡萄酒品牌屡获殊荣。 在肥沃的红色火山土和新鲜的泉水共同作用下,山上大量的水果被发酵和蒸馏。 这个家族拥有和经营的精品酿酒厂制造优质的利口酒、杜松子酒、伏特加、白兰地和酒心巧克力。
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