Mount Elliot, Bowling Green Bay National Park Camping Ground

Alligator Creek, Townsville, Townsville Area

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Alligator Creek camping area is in the Mount Elliot section of the park and is the only established camping area with facilities. Camp sites here are only suitable for tents and small campervans. There are no sites available for caravans or camper trailers (all sizes) or motorhomes.

Camping areas are also located at Cocoa and Salmon creeks in the Cape Cleveland section, and at Baratta Creek in the Bowling Green Bay section. These camping areas are near the coast and are set in coastal woodland and mangrove environments beside intertidal creeks. Facilities are not provided at these camping areas and campers must be completely self-sufficient, carrying food, water and a fuel stove.

Opportunities for remote bush hiking in the park also exist.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.


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Bowling Green Bay National Park
Alligator Creek, Townsville

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Alligator Creek Camping Area

Located in the Mount Elliot, Bowling Green Bay National Park, the Alligator Creek camping area is easily accessible for tent camping and small campervans. Situated beside Alligator Creek you can relax under the gum trees or explore the surrounding creek environment. Accessible for conventional vehicles, this is a tent only camping area. Don't forget to bring your own drinking water.

Alligator Falls Camping Area

The Alligator Falls camping area, located in the Mount Elliot, Bowling Green Bay National Park is only accessible by foot. It is an eight kilometre walk along the Alligator Falls track to a small clearing before you reach the falls. This is a completely self sufficient camp site you must bring everything including water.

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保龄绿湾国家公园(Bowling Green Bay National Park)覆盖 57,900 公顷的海岸和山区。 从海平线处的红树林到山顶的苍翠雨林,公园内处处都是诸多动物的栖息地。 国家公园内包含一处拥有国际知名度且列入拉姆萨尔公约的湿地,湿地内栖息着数量繁多的水禽。 夏季,至少有 30 多种鸟类从世界各地迁移到此处。 埃里奥特山(Mount Elliot)高达 1,210 米,高高耸立在
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