Jacaranda Cottages

Maleny, Sunshine Coast Area

价格区间 * AU$142 to AU$380

Jacaranda Cottages offers family friendly and pet friendly accommodation at Maleny. Set in the lush green hills just north of Maleny, Jacaranda Cottages offers a choice of eight very different Holiday Homes and Cottages. Each cottage is fully self contained and has kitchen facilities, outdoor barbecue and dining facilities.

Jacaranda Cottages is a great place to put your feet up and relax or use it as a base for your Sunshine Coast Hinterland holiday. Jacaranda Cottages is located about seven minutes north of Maleny and is within easy reach of Australia Zoo, several National Parks and the beaches at Caloundra.

They provide all linen, firewood and almost everything you need for a relaxing retreat. They can also accommodate a small wedding group as well in their beautiful gardens.


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Laundry
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking


  • Birdwatching
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Hiking/Trekking





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158 Teutoberg Avenue
Maleny, Sunshine Coast Area

Our Rooms

Holiday House

The Maleny Holiday House is a delightful four bedroom holiday home with huge deck, swimming pool with stunning valley views. It makes a great retreat for a weekend or week-long stay for a family or small group wanting to put their feet up and relax. It features four bedrooms, two with queen beds, one with a double bed and one with a set of bunk beds. It has two spacious indoor living areas and a huge deck for outdoor living. It also has a spa bath, glass front fireplace, full country kitchen, large dining table, Wide Screen television, DVD, stereo and in-ground salt water pool.

The Chalet

The Chalet is a modern contemporary two story country Chalet, equally as suitable for a special weekend away for a couple or a family. The Chalet has the living area, main bedroom, bathroom with spa and wrap around verandahs on the first level. Upstairs are two more bedrooms with dormer windows. The lounge room features wide screen television, stereo and comfortable lounge suites. Adjoining this is a gourmet kitchen. Two bedrooms have a queen bed in each, and the other bedroom has a two single beds.

Cathedral Cottage

Cathedral Cottage is a large brick cottage which gets its name from the timber lined Cathedral ceilings. This cottage has two bedrooms and a sleep-out. The master bedroom has its own ensuite and a Queen Bed. The second bedroom has a double bed and its own ensuite. The sleep-out has three single beds. The fully equipped kitchen has gas stove, microwave, fridge and all that is needed to cook up a storm for six people. The large lounge and dining area has a glass fronted slow combustion fireplace, dining and lounge setting for six, flat screen television and DVD.

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse Cottage is a two-bedroom plus sleep-out brick cottage, with a true "cottage" feel about it. It has a Queen Bed, two double beds and one single bed, sleeping seven in all. This cottage has a large kitchen with gas stove, microwave, fridge and all the gear that goes with it. The kitchen opens out into the lounge and dining rooms. The cottage is heated by an old fashioned cast iron wood stove. Television and DVD are in the lounge so feel free to bring all your favourite movies. Linen for up to seven people is provided. A laundry is available for all guests.

Bunya Cottage

The Bunya Cottage is a private modern cabin with stunning valley views. Its open plan design caters equally well for just a couple or a family with one or two children. It features queen bed, double bunk, spa bath, glass front fireplace, timber floors, small kitchen, lounge, dining, LCD flat screen television, DVD, stereo and patio with barbecue and outdoor dining setting. The Bunya Cottage has lovely rural views from every window and is a great place to put your feet up, relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Whipbird Cabin

A delightful "couples only" getaway, set on a private hillside, overlooking rolling green dairy farm country and bushland. This cabin offers all the mod cons you need for a little self-indulgence in the simplicity of a private old farm shed. Inquire today about your special weekend away.

The Whipbird cabin features glass front fire place, queen bed, double spa, kitchenette (fridge, microwave, grill/oven, electric frypan and appliances), stereo, television and DVD and private patio with barbecue.

Camillia Cottage

The Camillia Cottage is a fully self contained country cottage situated on its own rural parcel of land a few minutes drive from Maleny and just up the road from the other Jacaranda Cottages. This private two bedroom retreat, makes a great escape for a couple or a small family. Surrounded by a big rural yard there is plenty of room to let your hair down and relax or kick a ball around with the kids. The cottage is well equipped with full kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

The glass front fire place makes for a cosy retreat in the cooler mountain air. To help enjoy the outdoors, a barbecue and outdoor dining suite are set on the wrap around verandahs.

Middleton House

Middleton House is a charming three bedroom two story country house set in beautiful gardens just a few minutes north of Maleny. It features three large bedrooms each with queen bed, private balcony, ensuite, air conditioning and lovely views across the lawns and gardens. The house itself has a gorgeous lounge room with fireplace, a full country kitchen, a dining room and a bright breakfast balcony. The lawns and yard are fully fenced, so you may bring along your four legged friend. The house is well suited to a family group or group of friends. Middleton House is fully air conditioned for your comfort. The house has a great kitchen and is fully self contained. An on-site caretaker is available to assist with any enquiries.

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萨戈明达湖国家公园(Lake Bindegolly National Park)位于昆士兰康乃尔地区的边缘地带,虽然地理位置比较偏远,但是交通很方便。 这个公园是观鸟者和喜欢欣赏日落的游客们的天堂,他最大的特点是有沙漠风景、一系列的咸水和淡水湖、数以千计的水鸟和稀有物种。 金合欢木是一种大型相思树,有成簇的金色花朵,他们生长在湖泊东部沙丘的边缘。 您可以在公园外露营。 从公园的大门口,步行 4.
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泰格勒国家公园(Tregole National Park)位于昆士兰西南部的半干旱地带,他横跨这个国家两个自然区域,镰叶相思树丛林带和穆拉地带。 这个公园庇护着一个小型且纯粹的乌兰卡德尔树林(ooline Cadellia pentastylis),他在冰川时代曾是一个迷人的干旱热带丛林。 乌兰树种已经大量的流失了,如今已经很难看到了,他被认为是一种濒危的珍贵物种。 特格勒乌兰(Tregole’
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维尔福德国家公园(Welford National Park)内的流动沙丘与白树干桉树形成鲜明的对比,这里还有金绿色的三齿稃和美味的野花。 巴库河(The Barcoo River)有大型的永久性水潭、米切尔草原和干旱的相思树林地等您来探访。 在这个公园里随处可见原住民文化遗产和公园曾被使用的遗迹,包括水井和岩石设置。 1882 年,这个旧日牧场上建了一座罕见的粘土(夯土)农庄,现在他被用于员工
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春白菊山脉高地(Gowan Range)、艾达利亚国家公园(Idalia National Park)坐落于山谷和岩层之间,他们庇护着广阔的相思树林地,这里一些濒危的野生物种,还有布罗河(Bullo River)的源头区域也在这里。 这里有七种巨足科动物,包括黄脚岩袋鼠和尖尾沙袋鼠。 15 种本地吊钟花物种都生长在这里。 您可以自己驱车探访这个美丽的公园。 你可以在艾米特口袋观景台(Emmet
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克罗银亚国家公园(Currawinya National Park),有数千只水鸟和迁徙滨鸟,还有世界知名的湿地,另外还有干燥且尘土飞扬的相思树林地(位于昆士兰西南部)。 这里有 200 多种鸟类物种、大型袋鼠和爬行动物,在这个公园里观看野生动物是一次无与伦比的经历。 这个公园还是兔耳袋狸的栖息地(25 平房公里),为防止袋狸天敌偷袭,这里用栅栏保护了起来。 您可以在早晨驱车(仅限四驱越野车)来到
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卡梅隆角环路(The Cameron Corner loop)是您体验真正的内陆旅行经验的最佳地点。 这将会是您难忘的一次旅行,您可以穿越广阔的三棱石平原,观赏到长达几英里的起伏沙地。 穿行在卡梅隆角环路上,您会欣赏到极为不同的景色、体会到无以复加的度假体验。 探访早期先驱者们的开拓历史,欣赏这里的野生动物和库珀地区的鱼,或者仅仅只是放松下来,徜徉在自己的冒险精神之中。 卡梅隆角环路上的亮点有:诺

道林小径(Dowling Track)

Thargomindah, Bulloo Area
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道林小径(Dowling Track) - 探索发现之路。 您可以追寻文森特·詹姆斯·道林(Vincent James Dowling)和其他早期探险者们的脚步,他们在 100 多年前发现了这片被称为“承诺之原”的土地 - 人们沿着该路径旅行,寻找新生命和新机遇。 澳大利亚作者,亨利·劳森(Henry Lawson)沿着伯克(Bourke)来到亨格福特(Hungerford),然后顶着炼狱般的热

泥泉(Mud Springs)

Eulo, Paroo Area
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泥泉(Mud Springs)位于伊罗(Eulo)以西 9 公里处。 大自流盆地(Great Artesian Basin)的地压作用迫使泥浆从地面裂缝中涌出,久而久之,便逐渐形成了这些泥泉。 泥泉的历史长达数百年之久。 由于钻孔下沉后地压降低,许多泥泉便不再活动。 顶部的土堆质地非常坚硬,如果您在上面跳动,可以听到土堆会发出中空声。

沃里戈河(Warrego River)

Augathella, Murweh Area
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想在昆士兰内陆地区( Outback Queensland)休息片刻? 沃里戈河(Warrego River)位于奥加塞拉(Augathella),是一处田园诗般的景区,非常阴凉,有掩蔽的野餐和烧烤场所。 这里名副其实地成为沃里戈河沿岸最美的地方,您可以来此享受祥和、安静和悠远之感。 这里是逃离一切烦恼的完美场合,您可以在此观鸟、丛林徒步,而在河边的折叠式躺椅上好好休息也是不错的选择。 每逢黎明
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当 HG 布莱肯尼(HG Blakeney)建立了摩根罗尔车站(Mangalore Station)之后,他终于实现了他的梦想。 布莱肯尼是当地的一名调查员,因此他知道如何选择一块土地并将其建为绝佳的钓鱼胜地。 他根据印度的一座城市将其命名为“摩根罗尔”。 摩根罗尔垂钓胜地(Mangalore Fishing Spot)常年绿树成荫,并且是沃里戈河(Warrego River)沿岸最大的水潭之一。
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