Great Keppel Island Hideaway

Great Keppel Island,

价格区间 * AU$125 to AU$330

Great Keppel Island Hideaway welcomes guests to share their barefoot island paradise, an authentic locally owned Island resort situated on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, merely 30 minutes ferry from Yeppoon.

The Resort boasts simplistic back to basic cabin style accommodation, a fully licensed restaurant and bar overlooking The Great Barrier Reef with 17 pristine white sandy beaches. Explore private coves and pockets of fringing reef around Great Keppel Island for safe swimming, snorkelling, diving or simply lazing in the azure waters with turtles and dolphins. Hire stand-up paddle boards, kayaks or join a guided kayak or Jet Ski tour. Fish straight off the beach or jump aboard a deep water fishing trip for a fresh dinner catch.

Great Keppel has stunning scenic bushwalks which disperse trekkers around the island to secluded beaches and spectacular lookouts where you can enjoy hidden island picnic spots to indulge and unwind. The animal life is prolific, with brush tailed possums, blue-tongue lizards, goannas, echidnas and a huge variety of birdlife. Alternatively simply relax sipping cocktails overlooking the tranquil waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Rooms

Safari Style Tent

For those seeking a truly budget island holiday, the tents offer basic accommodation with bed and some storage. No linen or pillows are provided in the tents. Public toilets and shower facilities are nearby.

Self Contained Cabin

12 self contained en-suited cabins are nestled amongst sub-tropical gardens and are a short two minute stroll to the beach and the main reception area.

All cabins have a kitchenette with refrigerator, electric frypan, microwave, crockery and cutlery. A separate ensuite/bathroom contains a shower, basin and toilet and towels are included for the duration of your stay. Whilst some cabins include air-conditioning, cool breezes throughout most of the year provide a comfortable setting in their sub-tropical climate.

All cabins offer an outside area with either paving or decking. Relax outside your very own tropical island accommodation for a few days or longer.

Situated in its own precinct within the property, five 'yellow' cabins each contain two spacious ensuited rooms. These rooms can be booked individually or as an interconnecting option for families and friends.

There are ten ensuited rooms in total, each with a fan, screened windows, toilet and shower. Linen is provided (pillows, sheets, blankets and towels), so all you need to bring is your personal belongings.

Whilst this accommodation option does not include a kitchen, it is only a short five minute stroll to the bar and bistro.

This precinct is great for larger families or groups who want to enjoy dining out or takeaway, as opposed to self catering. And who wants to cook on their tropical island holiday anyway!

Bunk House Accommodation

Perfect for large bookings such as family re-unions, special events, sporting groups, school groups and special interest groups; they offer six bunkhouses in a private garden setting with its own camp kitchen and undercover dining area.

Six separate bunkhouses offer two rooms with a shared bathroom in between, providing a total of 12 rooms and six bathrooms. Each spacious bathroom offers a shower and toilet.

In true Queensland style, the bunkhouse rooms have high ceilings, timber louvres and fans in each room to capture the natural island breezes. Each spacious room offers two bunkbeds which can accommodate four people.

A pillow and bed sheet only are provided in the bunkhouse rooms, please bring your own sleeping bag or your preferred linen. Towels are not included.

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禾木胶树海滩(Grasstree Beach)

Grasstree Beach, Mackay Area
Free Entry
从萨里那(Sarina)出发,沿着道路行驶 15 分钟即可到达兹玛湾(Zelma Bay)的禾木胶树海滩(Grasstree Beach)。 一旦发现这个地方,就会被它深深吸引。 禾木胶树海滩具有舒适宜人的气候,有岛屿群围绕。 海滩本身也极为美丽,海滩漫步是备受喜爱的一项活动。 海滩距离萨里那仅 13 公里之遥,那里拥有各大银行、超市和诸多服务场所。 垂钓是非常流行的消遣方式,垂钓者有享受海滩和溪畔


Sarina, Mackay Area
萨里那位于麦凯(Mackay)以南的康纳斯山脉(Connors Range)山脚下,是一个相对未被破坏的地区。 该地区在发展成为繁荣商业区的同时,也在很大程度上保留了迷人的自然魅力。 您可以享受充满乡村风情的热情招待、美丽的海滩、风景如画的山脉、顶级的垂钓和捕虾场所。 萨里那旅游艺术品和工艺品信息中心(Sarina Tourist Art and Craft Information Centre

埃尔芬斯通湖(Lake Elphinstone)

Nebo, Isaac Area
Free Entry
埃尔芬斯通湖(Lake Elphinstone)是一个天然湖泊,曾为埃尔芬斯(Elphinstone)镇提供用水,不过这个小镇很久之前就已不复存在。 小湖位于麦凯(Mackay)以西大约 92 公里处的尼波郡(Nebo Shire)境内,可以在前往格伦登(Glenden)的途中沿着萨特开发路(Sutter Developmental Road)到达。 如果您渴望远离一切纷扰、尽享几天悠然假期,湖


Nebo, Isaac Area
尼波拥有各式建筑、巨大煤炭储量、顶级牧场和农作物栽培区。 该地区的历史名胜景区包括埃尔芬斯通湖(Lake Elphinstone)和布里顿山(Mount Britton)淘金区,雷奇哈德特(Leichhardt)在 1845 年探索该地区,无畏的旅行者可一寻他当年的露营点。 20 世纪 80 年代早期,为了庆祝 1983 年的郡百年纪念,一群当地人开始收集过去诸多纪念物,并将它们收入最初位于老尼波


Carmila, Isaac Area
卡尔米拉位于麦基市以南约 96 公里处的布鲁斯高速公路(Bruce Highway)旁。 卡尔米拉有一个 24 小时营业的客栈、房车公园、杂货店、邮局和图书馆,还是附近甘蔗农场人们主要的运动和社交中心。 卡尔米拉海滩离小镇只有六公里,有野营设施,包括便利设施区、烧烤区、运动场和一个船舶坡道。

阿姆斯特朗海滩(Armstrong Beach)

Armstrong Beach, Mackay Area
Free Entry
阿姆斯特朗海滩(Armstrong Beach)以渔业和捕虾业著称,在海滩上最能体验这两种活动的美妙乐趣。 需要使用四驱车将船只从海滩上发动,因此请做好准备发动船只。 从阿姆斯特朗海滩出发前往淡水角(Freshwater Point),这里正是库克船长(Captain Cook)于 1770 年首次登陆寻找淡水的地方,淡水角之名正是来源于此。 阿姆斯特朗海滩设施包括野餐区和旅行车营地。


Coppabella, Isaac Area
柯帕贝拉镇是一个小型社区,位于麦凯(Mackay)西南约 159 公里处。 该镇入口竖有大型采矿纪念碑,颇为醒目;柯帕贝拉镇的建立旨在为两条铁路线的交汇之地提供日常服务,其中一条铁路始于古恩耶拉煤矿(Goonyella Mine),另一条始于萨莱吉煤矿(Saraji Mine)。 该铁路线一路延伸,直通往位于萨里那(Sarina)的海波因特(Hay Point)海边。 从古恩耶拉通往海波因特的线路于

宁静海岸(The Serenity Coast)

Sarina, Mackay Area
Free Entry
可以探索相对未被破坏的地区,该地区已发展成为一片繁荣的商业区,同时在很大程度上保留了其原始的历史魅力。 麦凯(Mackay)以南、包含萨里那(Sarina)区在内的小镇被当地人统称为宁静海岸(Serenity Coast)。 您可以尽情享受乡村热情招待、美丽的海滩、风景如画的山川和国家公园,还有该地区的一流垂钓区。 宁静海岸内的部分重要景点活动包括观赏世界上规模最大的煤炭出口设施。 也可以参观

萨里那海滩(Sarina Beach)

Sarina, Mackay Area
Free Entry
萨里那海滩(Sarina Beach)距离萨里那(Sarina)仅几分钟之遥,配有大量设施,包括冲浪救生俱乐部(Surf Lifesaving Club)、船坡、滨海商店、野餐区和可饱览壮美风景的瞭望台。 海滩有当地冲浪救生俱乐部的工作人员季节性巡逻。 还可提供汽车旅馆住宿服务。 在萨里那海滩,垂钓和泛舟也极受欢迎。
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