Ashs Holiday Units and Cafe

Karumba, Carpentaria Area

价格区间 * AU$117 to AU$177

Ash's offers guests great facilities including pool, barbecue area, laundry, fish cleaning facilities and is close to Sunset Tavern and walking distance to coastline sunsets, Norman River mouth, fishing spots, boat ramps, other stores, fuel station and Karumba airport with pickups available along with pre-arranged transfers from Karumba to Normanton.

This is where the outback meets the sea and Karumba has lots to offer - unique outback environment, bird watching, morning glory clouds, crocodiles, crabs and fishing, Barramundi Discovery Centre, public waterpark and pool, walking tracks - all whilst enjoying comfort and great facilities.

Ash's has spacious open plan self-contained units - comfortable self-contained cabins or a self-contained two bedroom cottage. Karumba is the only destination along the Gulf of Carpentaria coastline bringing you to the coastline on a sealed road along the Savannah Way from Cairns or the Matilda Highway from Mount Isa - the Gulf is waiting for you to discover.

Wi-fi is free for guests or reasonable rates for customers in the Cafe/Store. The friendly staff will assist with your charter and bus travel bookings or any other enquiries. Room service options from 7am to 7.30pm daily, seven days per week.


  • Paid Wifi
  • Free Wifi


  • Automatic Teller Machine
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Communal Shower
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk


  • Swimming





适合家庭入住 – 请前往官方网站查看更多服务及设施信息。
21 Palmer Street
Karumba, Carpentaria Area

Our Rooms

Standard Large Unit

Spacious open plan units with shower, bathroom, toilet, undercover off-road car parking, patio, full kitchen facilities and all utensils and linen provided. There is air conditioning, television, DVD player and directly across the road from Sunset Tavern and Gulf coastline. These large rooms feature either six single beds or one queen and four single beds, suiting larger groups and families particularly. There is access from these rooms directly to the lawn, barbecue and pool area as well as the guest laundry and the facilities and services of the cafe/store including room service from 7am to 7.30pm daily. Free Wi-Fi for guests during their stay.

Standard Cabins

Comfortable cabins featuring separate double bedroom, built in single bunk beds, kitchen with full refrigerator, cooking facilities with all cooking utensils and crockery/cutlery provided. There is a shower, bathroom, toilet, verandah, off road parking and all linen provided. Air conditioning, television, DVD player and wireless internet access. Suits couples, families with young children, singles and business guests particularly. Free Wi-Fi for guests during their stay and easy access to the cafe/store services and facilities including room service between 7am and 7.30pm daily.

Cottage - 2 Bedroom Self Contained

A fully self contained two bedroom cottage with a large yard located beside Ashs Units on the corner of Fielding and Ward Streets, Karumba Point. Bedroom 1 has a Queen bed and built in robes whilst Bedroom 2 has 2 single beds. In the open lounge, kitchen area there is a 2 seater couch and a double fold out futon - so the cottage can accommodate up to 6 people maximum.

Easy access to Ash's barbecue and pool area as well as guest laundry. There is an outdoor patio area as well as a large timber fixed table in the yard. Gas stove plus kitchen fridge with freezer compartment. This cottage has comfort, privacy and all the convenience of Ash's facilities.

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布伦蔻瀑布(Blencoe Falls)坐落在吉尔干国家公园(Girringun National Park)内,动植物种类繁多,景色十分壮观。 瀑布从 90 米高处汹涌跌入池中,接着,继续俯冲 230 米,飞流直下,轰然坠入峡谷底部。 赫伯特河峡谷(Herbert River Gorge)悬崖高耸,山脊嶙峋干燥,景色也十分震撼。 断崖上覆盖着开阔的雨林,赫伯特河两岸生长着茂密的木麻黄。 赫伯特河峡
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布罗德沃特(Broadwater)位于阿伯勾利国家公园(Abergowrie State Forest)内,两种截然不同的森林群落在此繁茂生长。 布罗德沃特河(Broadwater Creek)河水清澈无比,两岸生长着濒危的河岸雨林。 露营区和日常使用区则是开阔的按树林的天下。 布罗德沃特设有露营区和两条易行步行道,野餐区绿草茵茵,十分宽敞,游戏空间非常充足,是家庭度假的理想之地。 日常使用区还设有

丛山国家公园(Clump Mountain National Park)

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
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丛山国家公园(Clump Mountain National Park)保留了现存不多的一片热带雨林,在这里您可以欣赏到未受破坏的低地风光,而国家公园的中心地带则坐落着比克顿山(Bicton Hill)。 许多树都有着板状树干,此外还有起支撑作用的寄生蕨类植物和其他植物。 这里生活着一些南部食火鸡,山顶附近还生长着濒危的桄榔属棕榈树和古老的苏铁。 沿着 4 公里长的雨林环线登上比克顿山的山顶。 在沿
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古尔德岛国家公园(Goold Island National Park)森林茂盛壮阔,一直延伸至大堡礁世界遗产区(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area)内这座原始自然的热带岛屿的沙滩之上。 岛屿周围浅海环绕,大儒艮和海龟在海草床上悠然进食。 公园对原住民有着十分重要的意义。 过去,他们曾在此设下大量捕鱼陷阱。 您可在西部海滩放松身心、丛林露营,享用野餐,也可尽
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吉尔干国家公园(Girringun National Park)内的沃拉曼瀑布(Wallaman Falls)是湿热地带世界遗产区(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)的一部分,是澳大利亚最高的永久性单级瀑布。 山脊顶部覆盖着疏林。 峡谷和小溪两旁分布着郁郁葱葱的雨林。 该地区拥有濒危食火鸡和麝香袋鼠。 您可以沿着石头溪(Stony Creek)岸旁的古鲁步(Banggurru)步行路径漫步 800 米,了解雨林的丰富知识。 如果希望近距离地观察瀑布,可以沿着 3.
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埃德蒙·肯尼迪吉拉梅国家公园(Edmund Kennedy Girramay National Park)坐落在湿热地带世界遗产区(World Heritage Area)内。 昆士兰(Queensland)北部湿热地带很少有地方拥有这家公园内如此丰富多彩的植被类型。 埃德蒙·肯尼迪吉拉梅国家公园位于卡德韦尔(Cardwell)以北的海岸线上,拥有低海岸雨林区、桉树森林区、白千层灌木林区、莎草沼泽区
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墨累瀑布(Murray Falls)位于吉拉梅国家公园(Girramay National Park)之内,滚滚水流从自然雕刻的花岗岩巨石俯冲而下,是北昆士兰最为美丽的瀑布之一。 雨林覆盖的山峦与热带低地在季拉玛山脉(Kirrama Range)风景如画的山脚交汇。 亚尔给今甲布鲁米(Yalgay Ginja Bulumi)步行道沿途设有指示牌,旅客可借此机会了解吉拉梅原住民的文化风俗。 步行道来回全长 1.
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欣钦布鲁克(Hinchinbrook)是澳大利亚最引人注目且崎岖不平的路边岛。 欣钦布鲁克海峡(Hinchinbrook Channel)将大陆与岛屿分开,以种类多样的红树林和儒艮闻名。 欣钦布鲁克岛国家公园(Hinchinbrook Island National Park)提供清幽宁静的旷野体验,这里富有挑战性的索斯博恩路径(Thorsborne Trail)是世界最受欢迎的旷野路径之一。 您可

Dunk Island

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
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家庭群岛国家公园(Family Islands National Park)涵盖密孙海滩(Mission Beach)附近列岛,园内雨林葱翠、林地繁茂,四周环绕着珊瑚礁、滩涂和沙滩。 列岛是大堡礁世界遗产区的重要组成部分。 顿克(Dunk)岛是众多岛屿中最易到达的一座。 顿克岛上设有数条横贯小岛的步行路径,您可随心选择,尽赏岛上丰富多彩的风光地貌。 辛苦徒步之后,您可回到度假村尽情放松。 您可前往观

利库拉州森林(Licuala State Forest)

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
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利库拉州森林(Licuala State Forest)以其中数条迷人的步行小径而自豪。 您在森林中行走的同时可欣赏该区域的当地野生动物…包括尤利西斯蝴蝶(Ulysses Butterfly)、食火鸡以及绿树蛙。 别忘了抬头仰望,欣赏阳光透过美丽的棕榈树叶投射出的耀眼光芒,该景象绝对妙不可言。 利库拉扇形棕榈(Licuala Fan Palm)是当地土生土长的植物,澳大利亚境内绝大多数扇形棕榈都生长
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