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Coral Expeditions knows the UNESCO World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef better than most, having pioneered overnight cruises on the outer reef more than 30 years ago. Sailing from their homeport of Cairns, Queensland, their bespoke expedition vessel, Coral Expeditions II takes a maximum of just 44 guests in relaxed comfort on year-round three, four or seven night expeditions that encompass the best of the reef, rainforests and island.

The tailor-made itineraries venturing to the pristine outer reef, and exclusive mooring destinations, allow them to offer a unique and unmatched experience of the Reef. Their expedition voyages are truly immersive, venturing far beyond the day-trips to the underwater wonderland that you’ve long imagined. Out there, your only companions might be a Loggerhead Turtle or Giant Skink.

Resident Marine Biologists bring the species to life, with “touch and learn” displays onboard and in the water. Divers and snorkellers will delight in some of the world’s finest untouched coral gardens. All guests on board will be rendered speechless by the pure azures of the waters on this UNESCO World Heritage wonderland.


  • Scuba-Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming

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Our Tours

7 Nights Immersive Reef Cairns to Cairns North

Departing weekly every Monday this cruise includes all destinations in their three and four night itineraries. Snorkel, walk, swim and relax in some of the tropical north's most beautiful reef, rainforest and island locations. Fully guided by onboard marine biologist, dive instructor and expert crew.

Day 1: Depart from Cairns on Coral Expeditions II, a small ship, at 5pm.
Day 2: Travel to historic Cooktown and the Reef.
Day 3: Visit Lizard Island and Ribbon Reefs.
Day 4: Discover the Ribbon Reefs with a full day of exploration.
Day 5: Travel on to Thetford Reef and Sudbury Cay after a stop in Cairns at the Tjapuukai Aboriginal Cultural Precinct.
Day 6: Cruise the Hinchinbrook Channel, and enjoy a beach barbecue.
Day 7: Visit Dunk Island, and Nathan Reef.
Day 8: Stop by Fitzroy Island to visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, then return to Cairns at 1.30pm.

Indicative rates

From To Inclusions
$3395 $4595
4 Nights Cairns - Lizard Island - Cairns Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Their four night cruise is perfect for those wanting to spend the maximum amount of time exploring the colourful coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy a full day to discover two different sections of the rarely visited Ribbon Reefs, considered to be the most colourful and pristine reefs found anywhere along the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as the wonderful fringing reefs off Lizard Island and Two Isles.

Day 1: Depart Cairns at 5pm and enjoy a glass of champagne on the top deck and watch the sun set.
Day 2: Discover historical Cooktown before departing to Lizard Island for a glass bottom boat or guided snorkelling tour.
Day 3: Relax, or take a scuba dive or snorkel at Lizard Island. Visit Ribbon Reef Number Nine in the afternoon.
Day 4: Explore Ribbon Reef Number Three and Escape Reef.
Day 5: Arrive at Cairns Wharf at 8am.

Indicative rates

From To Inclusions
$2170 $2870
3 Nights - Cairns  - Hinchinbrook - Cairns  Great Barrier Reef Cruise

This three night itinerary takes you to some of the Southern Great Barrier Reef’s most biologically significant areas. This immersive itinerary has been designed to provide ample time to explore the Reef through snorkelling, SCUBA diving and glass bottom boat tours,

Spend time exploring the underwater world’s of Coates and Nathan Reefs, and visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Fitzroy Island.

Cruise through the Hinchinbrook Channel and enjoy sunset drinks on private Sudbury Cay. For an xperience that offers a combination of rainforest, islands and reef, this itinerary is an excellent choice.

Day 1: Depart Cairns at 11am. After lunch arrive at at Thetford Reef and Sudbury Cay.
Day 2: Cruise to the Hinchinbrook Channel for a glass bottom boat tour through the mangroves before exploring the island's natural rainforest of snorkel on the fringing reef, just metres off the beach.
Day 3: Enjoy a rainforest walk on Hinchinbrook Island (the Haven Track) before cruising to Nathan Reef.
Day 4: Travel to Fitzroy Island for a visit to the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and final snorkel off the white sandy beaches. Following lunch you arrive into Cairns at 1.30pm.

Indicative rates

From To Inclusions
$1650 $2250
7 Nights Immersive Reef Cairns to Cairns South

Departing weekly every Friday this cruise includes all destinations in their three and four night itineraries. Snorkel, walk, swim and relax in some of the tropical north's most beautiful Great Barrier Reef, rainforest and island locations. Fully guided by onboard marine biologist, dive instructor and expert crew.

Day 1: Depart Cairns at 11am for Thetford Reef.
Day 2: Cruise the Hinchinbrook Channel and enjoy a beach barbecue.
Day 3: Travel to Dunk Island and Nathan Reef.
Day 4: Visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Fitzroy Island. Stop at Cairns for a visit to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Precinct.
Day 5: Sail Historic Cooktown and the Reef.
Day 6: Relax at Lizard Island and snorkel from the beach.
Day 7: Snorkel their exclusive moorings at the pristine Ribbon Reefs.
Day 8: Arrive back in Cairns at 8am.

Indicative rates

From To Inclusions
$3395 $4595

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Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Smithfield, Cairns Area
From AU$51 - 210
Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a unique rainforest experience, taking you on an unforgettable journey over and through Australia's World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests. Spanning seven and a half kilometres in the Barron Gorge National Park, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway glides just metres over the canopy, its comfortable six-person gondola cabins providing spectacular views of the rainforest, tropical Cairns, the Coral Sea and lush Cairns Highlands.

Mossman Gorge Centre

Mossman, Douglas Area
From AU$9.50 - 9.50
Visit Mossman Gorge and experience the Daintree World Heritage Rainforest with pristine waterfalls, mountains and vivid flora and fauna, all the while getting lost in its enchanting stories and rich Indigenous heritage.

Daintree Discovery Centre

Cow Bay, Douglas Area
From AU$32 - 32
A multi-award winner, the Discovery Centre is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, 10 kilometres north of the Daintree River. The Centre is a 'must see' for anyone visiting the area and where you can experience the rainforest at every level - from the forest floor to the upper most reaches of the canopy.

Agincourt Reef

Port Douglas,
Free Entry
Agincourt Reef, off Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef, is a series of many smaller reefs with at least 16 different dive sites. The Channels offer interesting swim-throughs and caves, while The Gardens are renowned for their exceptional abundance of brightly coloured reef fish.


Daintree, Cairns Area
Stretching from Daintree Village across the river, the Daintree encompasses Cape Kimberley, Cow Bay, Thornton's Peak, Cooper Creek, Thornton Beach, Noah Valley, Cape Tribulation and the Bloomfield Track to the north.

Turtle Bommie

Cairns, Cairns Area
Turtles are often encountered on the dive sites off Cairns and a good place to encounter one is Turtle Bommie. This magic dive site is located off Saxon Reef, with the terrain made up of coral gardens and a collection of small and large bommies in depths to 15 metres.

Silver City Dive Site

Cairns, Cairns Area
Silver City is a great dive site where divers can explore a network of caves, a maze of bommies and a sheer wall of coral. Located on the western side of Osprey Reef, Silver City is often a good place to encounter silvertip sharks, but far more common are the whitetip reef sharks and grey reef sharks.


Cooktown, Cook Area
With bitumen all the way along the 330 kilometre inland Mulligan Highway from Cairns, Cooktown is easy to get to. If you want a more adventurous route, go four wheel-driving along the coastal Bloomfield Track crossing rivers and creeks through World Heritage-listed rainforest and join the highway at the mysterious pile of rocks known as Black Mountain.

Norman Reef Dive Site

Port Douglas,
Norman Reef is the most northern reef visited by charter boats from Cairns and has numerous dive sites located off its sheltered western side. Located on the outer edge of the reef, Norman Reef is blessed with clear water and a wonderful range of marine life.

Green Island Dive Site

Green Island, Cairns Area
Green Island is the closest coral reef to Cairns, and located on the inner side of the reef it doesn’t have the crystal clear water found on the outer reefs. However, this pretty coral cay is a great place to snorkel, and also has a few good dive sites.
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