Flinders Beach

Multiple Locations

From Amity Access to Adder Rock Access only; Four Wheel Drive only - motorcycles not permitted on beach. Four Wheel Drive camping only at Amity end. Adder Rock camping available for non-Four Wheel Drives. High tide can restrict access in some locations. Mixed vegetation types along foreshore and behind dunes, ranging from Melaleuca woodlands and littoral rainforest to swamp/heathland.

Journey Details

2 Hours
7.1 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Swimming

Full Itinerary

Mixed vegetation types along foreshore and behind dunes, ranging from Melaleuca woodlands and littoral rainforest to swamp/heathland.

LINESTRING (153.53455621963508 -27.424877766999089, 153.53524000000002 -27.424780000000002, 153.53526000000002 -27.4249, 153.5353 -27.424970000000002, 153.53552000000002 -27.425130000000003, 153.53559 -27.425210000000003, 153.53563000000003 -27.42527, 153.53564 -27.42535, 153.53564 -27.425430000000002, 153.53560000000002 -27.425510000000003, 153.53549 -27.42563, 153.53544000000002 -27.425720000000002, 153.53542000000002 -27.425780000000003, 153.53543000000002 -27.42585, 153.53556 -27.426420000000004, 153.53567 -27.42685, 153.5355 -27.42685, 153.53541 -27.42685, 153.53524000000002 -27.42685, 153.53505 -27.426890000000004, 153.53484 -27.42697, 153.53413 -27.427300000000002, 153.53403 -27.42733, 153.53388 -27.427370000000003, 153.53355000000002 -27.427410000000002, 153.53242 -27.427640000000004, 153.53204000000002 -27.42771, 153.53186000000002 -27.4277, 153.53171 -27.427670000000003, 153.53134 -27.42761, 153.53111 -27.42754, 153.53099 -27.427480000000003, 153.53075 -27.427400000000002, 153.53065 -27.427370000000003, 153.53071 -27.42714, 153.53071 -27.42704, 153.53062 -27.426730000000003, 153.53058000000001 -27.42667, 153.53046 -27.42657, 153.53040000000001 -27.426530000000003, 153.53035 -27.426510000000004)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way

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Horn Island

Horn Island, Torres Area
Horn Island is part of the Torres Strait Islands group at the tip of Cape York Peninsula, Australia's northernmost point. Located approximately 17 kilometres off Queensland's coast and just south of Papua New Guinea, Horn Island offers a truly remarkable island experience.

Thursday Island

Thursday Island, Torres Area
Leave your watch behind when you go to Thursday Island as this colourful island paradise is where time really does seem to stand still. It is one of 274 islands which lie between the northern tip of Queensland and Papua New Guinea in the Torres Strait.

Cape York

Cape York, Torres Area
Rich with Aboriginal culture and Australian pioneering history, Cape York is an untamed wilderness area waiting to be explored. The journey through Cape York Peninsula to the top of Australia is an epic adventure taking in memorable pubs, ancient rock art and spectacular natural scenery.

Holmes Reef Dive Site

Horn Island, Torres Area
Holmes Reef is the closest Coral Sea Reef to Cairns and often visited on special expeditions to the Northern Coral Sea. The reef is actually split into two sections, known as East Holmes and West Holmes, and both have large lagoons with safe anchorages.


Seisia, Northern Peninsula Area
Seisia is Australia's most northerly community and departure point for a range of marine based activities - day trips with fishing guides, tours to explore the Torres Strait Islands or a walk to the end of the jetty, the social epicentre of the community.
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