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수평선 저 너머까지 이어지는 형형색색의 산호초, 다양한 해양 동식물, 그리고 무지개 빛깔의 바다가 기다리는 그레이트 베리어 리프. 이곳의 경이로움은 보는 이로 하여금 자연의 위대함을 감사함으로 감상하게 만들 것입니다.

그레이트 베리어 리프는 북쪽의 케언즈에서 남쪽의 분다버그까지 2,300km 뻗어 있습니다.
그레이트 베리어 리프는 포트 더글라스, 케언즈, 타운즈빌, 에얼리 비치, 세븐틴 세븐티, 그리고 분다버그까지 다양한 접근 지점에서 다가갈 수 있습니다.
크기가 35만 평방 킬로미터의 그레이트 베리어 리프는 외계 우주에서 볼 수 있는 지구상 유일한 살아 있는 구조물입니다.
그레이트 베리어 리프는 스쿠버 다이빙, 스노클링, 세일링, 선박 전세 세일링, 유람선 세일링, 탐험 항해 등 세계적 수준의 체험을 제공합니다.



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Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Mon Repos Conservation Park

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
From AU$13.05 - 31.40
No visit to Mon Repos is complete without a stop at the turtle centre. Here you’ll learn heaps about marine turtles, and the conservation and research programs that are protecting them. You'll also find out how a colourful history and ancient connections have shaped the Mon Repos you see today.

Mon Repos Beach

Mon Repos, Bundaberg Area
Free Entry
Mon Repos is home to Australia's largest concentration of nesting sea turtles. Mon Repos caters for everyone from young families to the grey nomads. You will find historical, environmental and leisure activities at Mon Repos.

Severance Shipwreck Dive Site

Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg Area
Free Entry
Quite a few ships have come to grief on the fringing reef around Lady Elliot Island, but only one of these can be dived, that is the Severance. This fully intact yacht sank in 1998 and still has much of its rigging in place that is now covered in glorious soft corals.

Entrance Bommie Dive Site

Lady Musgrave Island, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
Located at the entrance to Lady Musgrave Island lagoon, Entrance Bommie is a large blade of coral sitting in 22 metres of water. This elongated bommie is riddled with ledges and caves, which are usually overflowing with baitfish.

Three Pyramids

Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg Area
The Three Pyramids is a collection of three coral bommies on the sheltered western side of Lady Elliot Island. Rising from the sand in depths from 20m, these coral heads attract a great variety of marine life, with each one home to a good population of reef fish and invertebrates.

Musgrave Dropoff

Lady Musgrave Island, Gladstone Area
On the southern side of Lady Musgrave Island the reef edge drops from 10 metres to 25 metres and forms an amazing wall of coral. Often simply called Musgrave Dropoff, this extensive wall is rarely dived, but you can jump in anywhere along its length and have a great dive.

South Head Parklands and Playground, Burnett Heads

Burnett Heads, Bundaberg Area
Free Entry
Located on the waterfront at the gorgeous Burnett Heads, this beautiful park offers plenty of space to run and play. For the kids there is a large climbing frame and a smaller playground. For the adults, sit back and enjoy the view of the pristine blue water whilst watching the kids play in the great outdoors.

Anchor Bommie Dive Site

Lady Elliot Island,
Free Entry
Lady Elliot Island has many wonderful dive sites, but one of its most impressive is Anchor Bommie. This tower of coral sits on the sandy sea floor at 21 metres and stands 10 metres tall, a very imposing sight.

Moore Park Beach

Moore Park Beach, Bundaberg Area
Free Entry
Moore Park Beach is only a 15 minute drive from Bundaberg Central Business District. Offering 20 kilometres of unspoilt beaches; the northern end is used for Four Wheel Driving and the southern end is a popular swimming area.

Spiders Ledge

Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg Area
Spiders Ledge is a good place to see sharks at Lady Elliot Island. The reef at this site slopes from 8 metres to 25 metres and is cut by a series of gutters and ledges. Pretty corals and abundant reef fish are found at the site, as are turtles and schools of pelagic fish.
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