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Cairns, Cairns Area

Mandingalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Tours is 100 per cent owned and operated by the Mandingalbay Yidinji People. Mandingalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Tours launched in 2015 following negotiations with the Queensland State Government Department of Parks, Sports and Racing to undertake commercial tours within Grey Peaks National Park. The product delivery is focused on Mandingalbay Yidinji people, culture and country and sharing their rich traditional history with local, domestic and international visitors.

In addition to their three hour Eco Cultural Tours, Mandingalbay Yidinji Eco Tours also offers up to three night stays on Mandingalbay Yidinji traditional country, venues for conferences, half day to full day walking tours and open to developing packages to suit and/or accommodate their guests' requirements.

Our tours

Deadly Dinner By Night

This unforgettable experience begins with a short transfer by vessel across the Trinity Inlet to the natural surrounds of East Trinity Environmental Reserve, where Guests will disembark the vessel and travel a short way by bus through the magical surroundings to the exclusive Deadly Dinner by Night location.

Guests are captivated by the ambience of the moonlight and their evening complimented by a fusion of traditionally inspired food guaranteed to tantalise taste buds and authentic Mandingalbay Yidinji traditional dancing and special guest Internationally Renowned Harpist Natalia Mann, combining the sounds of nature.

Eco Cultural Tour Experience

The Mandingalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Tour begins at the Cairns Reef Terminal and glides across Trinity Inlet, dotted by yachts, and up Hills Creek to where the salty water of the sea meets freshwater flowing off the surrounding mountains. The rainforest-clad mountains of Mandingalbay Yidinji lands is a bush supermarket and pharmacy abundant of food and medicinal plants used for sustenance and healing, which include edible flowers, sweet fruit and native herbs. The air is alive with a chorus of birds all year round, and in the winter months, a cloud of butterfly's filter the air with their wings as your guide takes you on a short trek at the base of Grey Peaks National Park.

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