The Pyramid Track

Multiple Locations

Climb to the summit of The Pyramid to see Balancing Rock and magnificent views over the Second Pyramid and Girraween National Park. From the Bald Rock Creek day-use area, cross the creek and weave steadily uphill through eucalypt forests, past rocky outcrops and wetlands to the base of this massive granite dome. A good level of fitness is required to make the climb up The Pyramid as the ascent of the exposed rock face is steep and may be tiring. Take your time to rest and enjoy the views. Warning: the summit has steep cliffs and potentially slippery surfaces. Keep to the track and supervise children closely. There is no walking track to the second Pyramid and considerable rock climbing experience is necessary to scale it.

Journey Details

2 Hours
3.6 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching

Other Information

Family Friendly:

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Full Itinerary

The Pyramid Track is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please visit the web site for the latest park information including opening hours and safety messages.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type Return
Level of Difficulty Level 4: Recommended for experienced bushwalkers

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Mossman Gorge Centre

Mossman, Douglas Area
From AU$9.50 - 9.50
Visit Mossman Gorge and experience the Daintree World Heritage Rainforest with pristine waterfalls, mountains and vivid flora and fauna, all the while getting lost in its enchanting stories and rich Indigenous heritage.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

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Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a unique rainforest experience, taking you on an unforgettable journey over and through Australia's World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforests. Spanning seven and a half kilometres in the Barron Gorge National Park, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway glides just metres over the canopy, its comfortable six-person gondola cabins providing spectacular views of the rainforest, tropical Cairns, the Coral Sea and lush Cairns Highlands.

Daintree Discovery Centre

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A multi-award winner, the Discovery Centre is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, 10 kilometres north of the Daintree River. The Centre is a 'must see' for anyone visiting the area and where you can experience the rainforest at every level - from the forest floor to the upper most reaches of the canopy.

Finch Hatton Gorge

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A wonderful landscape of waterfalls, lush flora and volcanic boulder formations make Finch Hatton Gorge a must-see attraction. There are many walking tracks which weave through sub-tropical rainforest.

Capricorn Caves

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Capricorn Caves is the premier nature based attraction in Central Queensland. Here you can explore spectacular caves set in a limestone ridge and even spot little insectivorous bats in certain seasons.

Lark Quarry Conservation Park

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Lark Quarry Conservation Park holds the only evidence in the whole world of a dinosaur stampede. The evidence: 3,300 fossilised dinosaur footprints from a time when dinosaurs stomped through lush rainforests and the outback looked very different from the way it is today.

Lake Tinaroo

Lake Tinaroo, Tablelands Area
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Lake Tinaroo is a very popular spot for swimmers, skiers, walkers, fishing (permit required), red clawing, ideal for picnics with barbecues available and has five camping areas located around the back of the dam in the Danbulla State Forest.

Southern Small Detached Reef Dive Site

Cairns, Cairns Area
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Southern Small Detached Reef, 80 kilometres North of Lockhart River in Far North Queensland, is a remote but stunning reef. Sitting so far off the coast, the walls of the reef drop to over 100 metres, with the deep waters inviting lots of larger marine life such as turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays, pelagic fish and occasional manta rays.


The township of Condamine is located south of Miles on the meandering Condamine River, well-known for its excellent fishing. You’re in the heart of cattle country here. Condamine is famous for the invention of the Condamine or Bullfrog Bell.

Mount Beerwah

Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast Area
Mount Beerwah is the highest of the 10 volcanic plugs that make up the Glass House Mountains. It has two peaks, the taller of which is 556 metres high making it one of the most visually prominent mountains in south-east Queensland.
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