Bag a Barra in the Heart of the City – The Rockhampton Barra Trail

Anglers meet Rockhampton, the upcoming barramundi hotspot. Formally known as the beef capital of Australia, Rockhampton’s Fitzroy River is also steaming with a variety of fish species, dominated by barramundi. This fishing trail takes you into the heart Rockhampton where you can watch the hustle and bustle of the city while reeling in some of the most sought after fish.

Since the introduction of the Net Free Fishing Zone in Rockhampton, recreational fishermen have travelled far and wide to try their luck in the Fitzroy River.

Barramundi season closes from midday November 1 to midday February 1 but once the season opens, the fishing activity is amplified with friendly fishing competitions and tournaments.

The Fitzroy River is a natural habitat where seasons play a key role in your fishing success rate. The most attractive time to fish the Fitzroy River is in winter or spring. Anglers visiting Rockhampton in winter may not catch barramundi, but can catch other fish species off shore. However, if you return in spring, your chances of catching a barra increases. You're not guaranteed to catch a fish following this trail alone. Great fishermen know that you should also do your own research beforehand.

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Quay Street Boat Ramp to the Alexandra Railway Bridge

Start your fishing journey in the heart of Rockhampton where you can watch the hustle and bustle of the city while you pull in barramundi or king threadfin.

To get there, launch your boat at the Quay Street multi-lane boat ramp which can get busy during peak season and sometimes on the weekend (everyone loves to fish in Rockhampton). But, once your boat is on the water and you’ve done the necessary safety and equipment checks, start her up and make the short boat-trip north along the river until you reach the Alexandra Railway Bridge.

Lures are favoured in this fishing spot and casting along the edges of the river, guided by your electric motor may find you hooked up with a nice fish.

LINESTRING (150.5287671 -23.3924653, 150.5305266 -23.3937454, 150.5312562 -23.3967192, 150.5325007 -23.3992202, 150.5324793 -23.400067)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way
Alexandra Railway Bridge to Between the Rockhampton Traffic Bridges

After casting around the Alexandra Railway Bridge and neighbouring shoreline, make your way south towards the Rockhampton traffic bridges. Fishing between these bridges is actually a local fishing hot spot where you can catch barramundi, threadfin and bream by casting. You can opt to troll, however, the river bottom is rocky, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the area first. If you decide to anchor up, jigging soft plastic shrimp lures off the bottom is also a favourable fishing tactic.

The best time to fish at this spot is half tide down on the run out to an hour after the tide turns to run in.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way
Between the Rockhampton Traffic Bridges to The Bend

To complete your city fishing experience, slowly make your way 2.9 kilometres south along the river towards the bend. Cast or stroll along the river edges (especially around snags and rocky structures). You’ll drift past the river hub where a number of house boats are anchored and on your way you might catch a glimpse of the river wildlife including; birds and resting crocodiles along the muddy river banks. Once you reach the bend, try casting near the tributary and edges of the river. Continue south if you would like to venture out towards the Fitzroy River Delta.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way
The Bend to Quay Street Boat Ramp

When you decide to head back to the boat ramp at Quay Street, continue to cast along the river’s edge. You may be lucky enough to bag a fish or two on your return trip. If you’ve caught enough fish for the day and want to enjoy the short boat ride, you’re in luck because you’ll have a great view of the Rockhampton Central Business District.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way

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