Flinders Beach

Multiple Locations

From Amity Access to Adder Rock Access only; Four Wheel Drive only - motorcycles not permitted on beach. Four Wheel Drive camping only at Amity end. Adder Rock camping available for non-Four Wheel Drives. High tide can restrict access in some locations. Mixed vegetation types along foreshore and behind dunes, ranging from Melaleuca woodlands and littoral rainforest to swamp/heathland.

Journey Details

2 Hours
7.1 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Swimming

Full itinerary

Mixed vegetation types along foreshore and behind dunes, ranging from Melaleuca woodlands and littoral rainforest to swamp/heathland.

LINESTRING (153.53455621963508 -27.424877766999089, 153.53524000000002 -27.424780000000002, 153.53526000000002 -27.4249, 153.5353 -27.424970000000002, 153.53552000000002 -27.425130000000003, 153.53559 -27.425210000000003, 153.53563000000003 -27.42527, 153.53564 -27.42535, 153.53564 -27.425430000000002, 153.53560000000002 -27.425510000000003, 153.53549 -27.42563, 153.53544000000002 -27.425720000000002, 153.53542000000002 -27.425780000000003, 153.53543000000002 -27.42585, 153.53556 -27.426420000000004, 153.53567 -27.42685, 153.5355 -27.42685, 153.53541 -27.42685, 153.53524000000002 -27.42685, 153.53505 -27.426890000000004, 153.53484 -27.42697, 153.53413 -27.427300000000002, 153.53403 -27.42733, 153.53388 -27.427370000000003, 153.53355000000002 -27.427410000000002, 153.53242 -27.427640000000004, 153.53204000000002 -27.42771, 153.53186000000002 -27.4277, 153.53171 -27.427670000000003, 153.53134 -27.42761, 153.53111 -27.42754, 153.53099 -27.427480000000003, 153.53075 -27.427400000000002, 153.53065 -27.427370000000003, 153.53071 -27.42714, 153.53071 -27.42704, 153.53062 -27.426730000000003, 153.53058000000001 -27.42667, 153.53046 -27.42657, 153.53040000000001 -27.426530000000003, 153.53035 -27.426510000000004)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way

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Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill, Logan City Area
Free Entry
Daisy Hill Conservation Park and surrounds are home to one of Australia's most significant regional koala populations. Walk, mountain bike and horse ride through tall eucalypt forests and sun-dappled melaleuca wetlands.

City of Logan

Logan Central, Logan City Area
City of Logan is nestled between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It's a diverse location of rivers, urban hubs and open space, bringing together natural beauty, heart-pumping adventure, historical sites and unique shopping experiences.

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Daisy Hill, Logan City Area
Free Entry
Visit Daisy Hill Koala Centre to see koalas in a natural outdoor setting. Come and be captivated by these amazing marsupials and discover more about the secret life of koalas. Admission is free. You can see the resident koalas from two different viewing levels so don't forget your camera.

Daisy Hill

Daisy Hill, Logan City Area
The City of Logan's laid-back community of Daisy Hill features this beautiful parkland and Koala Centre. The bushland area between Daisy Hill and Redland Bay is an important koala habitat, with exactly the right conditions to support a thriving community.

Berrinba Wetlands

Browns Plains, Logan City Area
Free Entry
Berrinba Wetlands is a must for nature lovers. Explore these serene and picturesque wetlands along more than eight kilometres of shared walking and bicycle tracks and discover lovely spots for picnics.

Springwood Conservation Park

Springwood, Logan City Area
Free Entry
At Springwood Conservation Park, explore this beautiful natural bushland setting right in the heart of Springwood. Pack a picnic and follow the tracks through open eucalypt forest. Discover the gorge, cliffs, caves and unique rock formations that make this 36 hectare park so special.
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