Manta Rays

Queensland plays host to a number of prime Manta Ray meet & greet spots, with Lady Elliot Island taking the cake as an animal encounter utopia. Unique up close interactions with manta rays, whales and turtles are literally right on your doorstep at this island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Coined ‘Home of the Manta Ray’, Lady Elliot Island plays host to these gentle giants feeding throughout the year. They come by in larger groups during the winter months in May and June, fortunately coinciding with when water visibility is best. Regardless of the time you go, there’s always a lot to see at this nature lover’s paradisical spot. 

Manta Ray Facts

  • With a wing span of up to seven metres, the manta ray is the world’s largest ray.
  • Despite their size, these huge kites are harmless – feeding off of microscopic plankton. 
  • They have short tails and are without a stinging barb (phew!). 
  • Manta Alfredi is the species found on Lady Elliot, and is known to frequent both Australia’s eastern and western coasts. 
  • With the largest brain to body size ratio of any living fish, manta rays are very inquisitive and popular amongst divers. 

Other hotspots to see Manta Rays:

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