North Horn Dive Site

Cairns, Cairns Area

The most legendary dive site at Osprey Reef is the amazing North Horn. Located at the northern tip of the reef, this site features a sloping coral shelf in depths from 12 metres to 40 metres, and walls dropping into one kilometre.

Beautiful corals are a feature of the site, and North Horn is also a great location to see reef fish and invertebrate species. However, the site’s main claim to fame is its shark population. Shark feeds have been conducted at North Horn for decades, and as such the sharks are very accustom to divers. Dozens of grey reef sharks and whitetip reef sharks patrol this site, but when the bait box is opened they are often joined by silvertip sharks and the resident potato cod. But North Horn is the type of site where anything can happen, as divers have also seen schooling hammerheads, thresher sharks, tiger sharks, manta rays and even whale sharks.

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Osprey Reef
Cairns, Cairns Area

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