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Learn all about the industries which helped Bundaberg become the regional centre it is today. Discover Bundaberg Rum known as "Australia's own spirit", Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Fairymead Sugar museum and then cruise along the Burnett River onboard the majestic "Bundy Belle" to get the true picture on Bundaberg farming practices.

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The Bundaberg Barrel to Fairymead Sugar Museum

While most people would cite Bundaberg Rum as the first drink that comes to mind when you mention this regional city, let's not forget the spicy Bundaberg Ginger Beer also hails from around this parts. Situated along Bargara Road in the east, you can learn all about Bundaberg Ginger Beer's origins, ingredients, bottling and packaging and explore a range of activities before you enjoy a sampling of different flavours of soft drink. Just 2 kilometres away sits the Bundaberg Rum Distillery where you can learn how sugar cane plays such a pivotal role in this world-famous drink. There's tours, and tastings, of course.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Car
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 2: Suitable for families with young children
Suggested Stops
Cafe 1928
Hinkler Hall of Aviation
Fairymead Sugar Museum to Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Without sugar cane there would be no rum and potentially no Bundaberg and your next sweet stop is at the Fairymead House Sugar Museum. Situated on Thornhill Street at the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens it houses photographs and memorabilia of the region's sugar industry and tells the tale of the development of the industry, technology and milling. One of the greatest success stories in the Bundaberg history books is that of aviator Bert Hinkler and you can learn all about him at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation along Mount Perry Road. This attraction celebrates pioneer solo aviator Bert Hinkler through a soaring exhibition hall, featuring various multi-media exhibits, a flight simulator, the spectacular 'Globe Theatre', five aircraft and the historic Hinkler House.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 2: Suitable for families with young children
Suggested Stops
Cafe 1928

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The Spit

Main Beach, Gold Coast Area
“The Spit” is the northern most section of the famous Gold Coast stretch of beach incorporating Main Beach and Surfers Paradise all the way south to Coolangatta. As the name suggests, The Spit extends into the seaway and is the gateway between the Gold Coast Broadwater and the open ocean.


Coomera, Gold Coast Area
Local Aborigines named this suburb after a fern but these days it could easy be named after fun for you have now entered theme park heaven for which the Gold Coast is renowned. All the big names in entertainment are here including Dreamworld and WhiteWater World, Wet'n'Wild, Warner Bros.

South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast Area
Step aside Gilligan. Should you ever find yourself stranded on South Stradbroke Island or 'South Straddie' as the locals like to call her, then you can count your lucky stars. For you are visiting a Gold Coast destination as pretty as Ginger and as down-to-earth as Mary Ann.

Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast Area
If you stand along the marina and use a little imagination, you can almost picture the famous Gold Coast white-shoe brigade who put Sanctuary Cove on the map during those crazy, hazy 1980s. While that kind of excess has long departed, the style synonymous with Sanctuary Cove remains in this exclusive master-planned community.

Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay, Gold Coast Area
Escape enthusiasts will adore Runaway Bay and not just for the name. Bracketed by South Stradbroke Island to the east and a colourful canal system to the west, it's simple to see why this northern Gold Coast suburb was originally better known as Angler's Paradise.

Hope Island

Hope Island, Gold Coast Area
You would expect anticipation to be fairly high when travelling to a place called Hope Island and this destination doesn't disappoint. But rather than being named after the positive emotion, it actually borrowed its name from a colonial aristocrat Captain Louis Hope who was granted land at the mouth of the Coomera River in recognition of his sugar industry contributions.

Talinga Retreat

South Stradbroke, Gold Coast Area
Welcome to Talinga Retreat at An Island Hideaway, the Gold Coast's best kept secret. Located at the beautiful National Park bushland of South Stradbroke Island. Host your next event with a difference at their piece of paradise.


Labrador, Gold Coast Area
Like a loyal puppy, Labrador has been one of the Gold Coast's mainstays since its hotel was built in 1884. Back in the day, this 15-room hotel complete with three sitting rooms, outhouses and stables, was perfect for the Cobb and Co coach service which transported boat passengers arriving from Brisbane.

Gold Coast Oceanway

Main Beach, Gold Coast Area
Free Entry
Even die-hard Gold Coast fans may not realise this but there is an official section of the coast known as the Gold Coast Oceanway, a 36-kilometre network of pathways which connects The Spit at the north to Point Danger in the south.

Scottish Prince Dive Site

Southport, Gold Coast Area
Free Entry
The Scottish Prince, 800 metres off the Gold Coast’s Southport Spit, features the wreck of a three steel-masted, 64 metre iron barque ship. The Scottish Prince sank as it was sailing from Glasgow, Scotland to Brisbane with a cargo of whiskey, mousetraps, linen and other assorted cargo, with only the hull of the ship remaining.
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