Cape Hillsborough – A Low Tide Fishing Adventure

Multiple Locations

Low tide in Cape Hillsborough often reveals many overlooked land-based fishing spots for visiting anglers. This fishing adventure takes advantage of the low tide and shows you some of Cape Hillsborough’s best tourist attractions.

If you decide to take this route and camp at Smalleys Beach, definitely head to Kangaroos Beach to watch the roos feed at the water’s edge at sunrise. However, all the action starts once the tide is at its lowest, that’s when your fishing adventure really begins!

Get ready to venture around the headlands of Cape Hillsborough and over to Wedge Island where you can fish for mangrove jack, barramundi, whiting and a variety of other fish species. However, most of this trail requires you to walk, so get your tackle bag ready and lace your boots up nice and tight. Don’t worry - once the fish start to bite, it’ll all be worth the walk.

Please note: you are not guaranteed to catch a fish following this trail alone. Great fishermen know that you should also do your own research beforehand.

Mark the low tides in your tide book and get ready for your intense land-based fishing adventure!

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Full itinerary

Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos Beach to Cape Hillsborough Northern Headland

Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos Beach is one of the most rugged, yet picturesque sceneries you can come across in Seaforth. Kangaroos visit the beach on sunrise to feast on the water’s edge and you’re able to get up and close to these iconic Australian animals while you’re fishing along the beach.

Start your fishing journey by casting along the beach towards the northern headland and where you can fish for mangrove jack, salmon or barramundi. You could also bait fish for whiting and flathead. If you prefer, you can continue around the headland at low tide and continue your fishing journey.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Cape Hillsborough Northern Headland to Wedge Island

Make your way back along the beach to the southern headland of Cape Hillsborough. This spot grants access to Wedge Island, attached to the headland by a natural pathway at low tide. Walk across the eastern side of the island to cast your lure for reef fish off the edge.

From the northern point, you can see the Wedge Island Reef and if you’re accessing this area by boat, you can fish the reef as well.

Cast around Wedge Island, keeping an eye on the tide for your return trip to the mainland.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Wedge Island to Cape Hillsborough Southern Headland

There are a variety of nature walks in Cape Hillsborough that you can take. One particular route is through Hidden Valley Road which will take you the southern side of Cape Hillsborough where you will see another muddy bay. This spot is great for casting.

You can venture further out towards the point and cast for bigger fish species as well. At low tide this spot is easy to access and you can walk further along the edge to increase your fishing success.

Route Details
Mode of Travel 4x4, Car, Four Wheel Drive, Walk
Route Type One Way
Cape Hillsborough Southern Headland to Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos Beach

To complete your Low Tide Fishing Adventure, trek back along Hidden Valley Road to Kangaroos Beach. If you’d like to continue your fishing adventure, drive to the Smalleys Beach Camping area to cast along the beach.

The Seaforth coastal area offers various fishing locations and you’re invited to try all of them to find the perfect spot for you, your preferred fishing method and the type of fish you’re chasing.

Route Details
Mode of Travel 4x4, Car, Four Wheel Drive, Walk
Route Type One Way

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