Coral Coast Pathways (Woodgate Beach Section)

Multiple Locations

The southern section of the Coral Coast Pathways ventures through Woodgate Beach. Begining at the only approach into the township from Goodwood Road along Woodgate Road. Following the beachfront past Woodgate Beach Park and Banksia Park ending at the mouth of the Burrum River within the Woodgate Beach section of the Burrum Coast National Park.

Journey Details

2.83 Hours
14 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Swimming

Full itinerary

Woodgate Section Burrum Coast National Park Walking Trails

Woodgate has over 16 kilometres of largely beautiful beaches. As Woodgate is surrounded by National Park, why not take in the opportunity to enjoy the several walking trails on offer ranging from the short Board Walk (800 metres return) which is accessible by wheel chair to the longer Melaleuca track (12.3 kilometres return).

LINESTRING (152.58327484130859 -25.125314902037506, 152.5833 -25.125280000000004, 152.58314000000001 -25.12518, 152.58293 -25.125470000000004, 152.58272000000002 -25.125840000000004, 152.58242 -25.125950000000003, 152.58207000000002 -25.12609, 152.58183000000002 -25.126150000000003, 152.58152 -25.126150000000003, 152.58139 -25.126120000000004, 152.58100000000002 -25.126890000000003, 152.58226000000002 -25.12742, 152.58247 -25.127540000000003, 152.58329 -25.12816, 152.58474 -25.129240000000003, 152.58478000000002 -25.129320000000003, 152.58477000000002 -25.129360000000002, 152.58153000000001 -25.133570000000002, 152.58132 -25.13445, 152.58181000000002 -25.135130000000004, 152.58839 -25.13972, 152.58952000000002 -25.14094, 152.59314 -25.14376, 152.59359 -25.144720000000003, 152.59362000000002 -25.145220000000002, 152.59405 -25.146230000000003, 152.6002 -25.152310000000003, 152.60027000000002 -25.152440000000002, 152.60106000000002 -25.149690000000003, 152.60112 -25.149140000000003, 152.60353 -25.1477, 152.60636000000002 -25.15105, 152.60737 -25.152160000000002, 152.61024 -25.15266, 152.61568000000003 -25.15529, 152.61711000000003 -25.1581, 152.61800000000002 -25.15942, 152.61855 -25.159630000000003, 152.61950000000002 -25.159390000000002, 152.62362000000002 -25.160960000000003, 152.62640000000002 -25.1624, 152.62829000000002 -25.158780000000004, 152.62854000000002 -25.15821)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Bicycle, Car, Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 2: Suitable for families with young children
Woodgate Beach Information Nodes

Woodgate Information Nodes: Driving into Woodgate you will come across the Woodgate Information Nodes (on Woodgate Road), which is a great place to stop to collect information and maps on Woodgate's beautiful beaches, scenic parks and the Burrum Coast National Park to ensure you make the most of your visit in the area.

LINESTRING (152.54988670349121 -25.099434898969474, 152.54975000000002 -25.099230000000002, 152.55087 -25.0986, 152.55139000000003 -25.0984, 152.55174000000002 -25.09832, 152.55202 -25.098300000000002, 152.55259 -25.098360000000003, 152.55303 -25.09851, 152.55329 -25.098630000000004, 152.55348 -25.098750000000003, 152.55381 -25.099020000000003, 152.55412 -25.099410000000002, 152.55441000000002 -25.09981, 152.55461000000003 -25.10002, 152.5548 -25.100140000000003, 152.55491 -25.100160000000002, 152.55502 -25.100160000000002, 152.55514000000002 -25.1001, 152.55583000000001 -25.099690000000002, 152.55776 -25.098560000000003, 152.55786 -25.09871)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Car, Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Woodgate Beach Park

Where Woodgate Road opens out onto the Esplande, the park is an ideal spot to have a picnic or to simply kick back and enjoy the sea breeze. From the park you can walk north along the coastal pathway to the Woodgate Beach Boat Ramp or south passing the Woodgate Community Park and Recreational Hub, Banksia Park to the end of Barramundi Drive.

LINESTRING (152.55383491516113 -25.092128441233523, 152.5539 -25.092100000000002, 152.55455 -25.09324, 152.55555 -25.09513, 152.55599 -25.095860000000002, 152.55667000000003 -25.096960000000003, 152.55742 -25.098080000000003, 152.55801000000002 -25.098930000000003, 152.55859 -25.09963, 152.56007000000002 -25.10188, 152.56040000000002 -25.102310000000003, 152.56048 -25.102380000000004, 152.56068000000002 -25.10256, 152.5609 -25.102850000000004, 152.56105000000002 -25.1031, 152.56123000000002 -25.10329, 152.56243 -25.104740000000003, 152.56567 -25.108420000000002, 152.56857000000002 -25.11144, 152.56856000000002 -25.11144, 152.57035000000002 -25.11332, 152.57111 -25.114210000000003, 152.57173 -25.114780000000003, 152.57225000000003 -25.115270000000002)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Suggested Stops
Woodgate Community Park & Recreational Hub
Banksia Park

Further south is the charming and well shaded Banksia Park. The park is a welcome haven for families with lots of large shady trees and ample green space for the kids to run and play as well as playgrounds and picnic facilities. The track features banksia woodlands and native wildflowers to see.

LINESTRING (152.57228851318359 -25.11536768126156, 152.57232000000002 -25.115340000000003, 152.57347000000001 -25.116380000000003, 152.57452 -25.117340000000002, 152.57592000000002 -25.11851, 152.57614 -25.118920000000003, 152.57642 -25.11916, 152.57776 -25.12036, 152.57746 -25.120690000000003, 152.5771 -25.12102, 152.57888000000003 -25.122470000000003, 152.58033 -25.123620000000003, 152.58067000000003 -25.123900000000003, 152.58086 -25.124100000000002, 152.58100000000002 -25.12431, 152.58147000000002 -25.12413, 152.58158 -25.12413, 152.5817 -25.124170000000003, 152.58232 -25.124620000000004, 152.58334000000002 -25.125300000000003)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 3: Recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
Suggested Stops
Banksia Park

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St George

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From the moment you arrive to the time you leave, St George relaxes the senses in all the right ways. Perched on the banks of the mighty Balonne River, its just the place from which to explore the beautiful Balonne Shire.


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