Walk to the Lighthouse

Bowen, Whitsunday Area

11 August 2018 - 

Free Entry

The annual community Walk to the Lighthouse celebrates the rich history of Bowen as the oldest town in the North, the town's connection to a maritime past and the rich sea life that calls Port Dension and Edgecumbe Bay home.

Upon departing the mainland, Lighthouse walkers follow an exposed sand spit in a curving path towards the North Head Island. If you're a first-time walker beware! Your feet will get a little wet and we suggest wearing reef boots or old sneakers!

As you make your way to the half-way point - keeps your eyes down and you'll get a surprise! Very quickly you'll notice many giant red starfish dotting the sandy shallows!

When you reach the North Head Island it is a short climb to the peak and the Lighthouse. You can look back towards Bowen and the hinterland framing the view - or turn your gaze South East and towards the magnificent Gloucester Island.

Following the walk, relax with live music, bar and refreshments on the point and watch the sun set over Bowen, turning the islands pink.

Event Dates

This event occurs annually:
11 August 2018

Event Venues

Dalrymple Point
Dalrymple Point Road
Queensland, Australia 4805

Other Information


Accessible facilities available. Please contact operator for specific details.

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