Heron Island, Gladstone Area

Divers will find a great variety of different terrains to explore at a brilliant dive site called the Tenements. Located off the northern side of Heron Island, this large dive site is often split into two areas, nicknamed Tenements 1 and Tenements 2.

The reef edge at this site is cut by numerous gutters and ridges, and also features brilliant coral bommies in depths to 20 metres. On a typical dive expect to encounter a wonderful range of reef fish, including surgeonfish, angelfish, butterflyfish and hawkfish. Typical of the sites at Heron Island turtles are common, and are easy to approach for photos. The Tenements is also a good location to see stingrays, batfish, trevally, moray eels and reef sharks.

Heron Island, Gladstone Area

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