Flinders Beach

Multiple Locations

From Amity Access to Adder Rock Access only; Four Wheel Drive only - motorcycles not permitted on beach. Four Wheel Drive camping only at Amity end. Adder Rock camping available for non-Four Wheel Drives. High tide can restrict access in some locations. Mixed vegetation types along foreshore and behind dunes, ranging from Melaleuca woodlands and littoral rainforest to swamp/heathland.

Journey Details

2 Hours
7.1 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Swimming

Full itinerary

Mixed vegetation types along foreshore and behind dunes, ranging from Melaleuca woodlands and littoral rainforest to swamp/heathland.

LINESTRING (153.53455621963508 -27.424877766999089, 153.53524000000002 -27.424780000000002, 153.53526000000002 -27.4249, 153.5353 -27.424970000000002, 153.53552000000002 -27.425130000000003, 153.53559 -27.425210000000003, 153.53563000000003 -27.42527, 153.53564 -27.42535, 153.53564 -27.425430000000002, 153.53560000000002 -27.425510000000003, 153.53549 -27.42563, 153.53544000000002 -27.425720000000002, 153.53542000000002 -27.425780000000003, 153.53543000000002 -27.42585, 153.53556 -27.426420000000004, 153.53567 -27.42685, 153.5355 -27.42685, 153.53541 -27.42685, 153.53524000000002 -27.42685, 153.53505 -27.426890000000004, 153.53484 -27.42697, 153.53413 -27.427300000000002, 153.53403 -27.42733, 153.53388 -27.427370000000003, 153.53355000000002 -27.427410000000002, 153.53242 -27.427640000000004, 153.53204000000002 -27.42771, 153.53186000000002 -27.4277, 153.53171 -27.427670000000003, 153.53134 -27.42761, 153.53111 -27.42754, 153.53099 -27.427480000000003, 153.53075 -27.427400000000002, 153.53065 -27.427370000000003, 153.53071 -27.42714, 153.53071 -27.42704, 153.53062 -27.426730000000003, 153.53058000000001 -27.42667, 153.53046 -27.42657, 153.53040000000001 -27.426530000000003, 153.53035 -27.426510000000004)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way

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Blackall, Blackall-Tambo Area
Named after Sir Samuel Blackall, the second Governor of Queensland, Blackall is located on the Matilda Highway . The district was discovered in 1846 by explorer Major Thomas Mitchell and the township was gazetted in 1868;


Kynuna, McKinlay Area
Kynuna was established in the 1860s and in its early days boasted three hotels. It was a staging post for Cobb and Co Coaches. Today Kynuna has just one hotel, the famous Blue Heeler Hotel which was built in 1889.

Rungulla National Park

Gilberton, Gold Coast Area
Free Entry
Rungulla National Park, 116 kilometres south west of Forsayth in north western Queensland, boasts a wide range of sandstone formations, including outcrops of large sculpted caves and pagoda-like sandstone features.


Croydon, Croydon Area
Croydon, situated in the heart of the Gulf Savannah country (Savannah Way), is a small town with a big history that started with the discovery of gold in 1885. Start at Croydon's True Blue Visitor Information Centre which houses significant collections of heritage items, information displays, an audio visual in its theatre and an internet service.


Eungella, Mackay Area
An hour west of Mackay, in the rainforest-clad mountains lies Eungella National Park and the township of Eungella, at the head of the Pioneer Valley. Australia's longest, oldest stretch of sub-tropical rainforest, ranging over 51,700 hectares, the park draws its name from an Aboriginal word meaning 'Land of the Clouds'.


Diamantina Area
Betoota stands alone on a vast gibber plain, 170 kilometres east of Birdsville. While Betoota is mainly a ghost town, it comes alive twice a year for the annual Horse and Motorbike Gymkhana and the Betoota Races.


Forsayth, Etheridge Area
Sometimes history is more bizarre than fiction. Forsayth was once paved in gold - in a manner of speaking. Part of the Etheridge Goldfield, this area was known as 'Poor Man's Goldfield' as a prospector did not need expensive equipment to search for gold.
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