Infographic: Fishing in Mackay

Fishing in Mackay Infographic

Fishing in Mackay: Fishy facts to lure you in!

Within 45 minutes you can be fishing in a river, dam, estuary or on the reef.
Locals tell us that Mackay has the best whiting in Queensland and between July and November, Mackay is one of teh best locations on the east coast to catch Spanish mackerel.

Fishing hotspots include:
  • Deep Sea + Reef -  Coral Trout + Sweet Lip + Red Emporer (Deep Sea) & Spanish Mackerel + Coral Trout (Reef)
  • Newry Islands National Park - Mangrove Jack + Coral Trout
  • Constant Creek - Mangrove Jack + Barramundi + Fingermark + Salmon
  • Blacks Beach - Whiting + Flathead
  • Mackay Marina - Trevally + Mackeral + Tuna + Black King
  • Pioneer River - Flathead + Bream + Whiting
  • Taroba Rock - Spanish Mackeral + Coral Trout
  • Kinchant Dam - Barramundi + Sooty Grunter + Sleepy Cod
  • Cape Hillsborough

Only have time for a short fishing trip? No problem!
At low tide you can walk from the Cape Hillsborough beach to the Wedge Island Reef via a causeway. Take a picnic and fish off the rocks. Just remember to return before the tide starts coming in as the causeway will recede underwater.

Catchy Questions
Is there a limit to the number of fish I'm allowed to catch?
It depends on the species of fish, check out the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website for more information on limits and Marine Park and Fisheries closures.

Best place to get local fishing tips?
Visit the local tackle shop and local Visitor Information Centre for the best info!

Best bait to use?
Prawns or yabbies work a treat but use a lure in freshwater spots.

What fishing gear will I need?
Visit the local tackle shop for the best info!

Do I need a license or permit to fish in Queensland?
Not if you fish in tidal waters, however if you fish in certain dams you will need a Stocked Impoundment Permit.

Fast Facts
  • 639,000 Queenslanders are recreational fishers
  • Mackay has the highest fishing participation rate in the state
  • Barra closure: There is a closure on Barra fishing in the region from midday 1 November to midday 1 February every year.