A Cup of Culture in Mackay

Multiple Locations

The prosperity and pioneering heritage of Mackay is reflected within the central business district, a collection of beautifully preserved buildings and art, which give an insight into the region’s interesting history.

Discover the impressive public art which line the Pioneer River, a showcase of the pioneering history and current industry sectors of Mackay, on foot or by bicycle if desired.

Journey Details

3 Hours
10 Kilometres

Full itinerary

Bluewater Quay to Paxton's Warehouse

Begin your journey on Bluewater Quay and stroll the waterfront. Discover the impressive public art, a showcase of the pioneering history and current industry sectors of Mackay. The heritage-listed Leichhardt Tree can be discovered in this area.

Join Mackay Visitor Information Centre volunteers on the Heritage Walk, a guided stroll through Mackay’s central business district to view architecturally impressive buildings, many from the 1930’s Art Deco era. Tours run on Wednesdays between May and September, see the website for more details.

This walk can also be done as a self-guided expedition. The 90-minute walk includes historic structures that are listed with the National Trust, including the Mackay Court House.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Bicycle, Walk
Distance 1 kms
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Paxton's Warehouse to Artspace

Rest and take in Mackay's beautiful blue-water views from a café, restaurant or bar overlooking the picturesque Pioneer River at Paxton's Warehouse, before continuing your exploration past old warehouses on River Street, through to Artspace at Jubilee Park on Gordon Street, where local art can be discovered in a grass-roots art gallery.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Bicycle, Car, Walk
Distance 1 kms
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Artspace to Mackay Cemetery

Meander across town to Jubilee Park for a cultural feast. View impressive and inspirational artwork at Artspace, take a quiet moment at the regional library, or visit the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre for the chance to book tickets to see a world-class show.

Then head out to the Mackay Cemetery to gain an insight into Mackay's past.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Bicycle, Car, Walk
Distance 3 kms
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Mackay Cemetery to Mackay CBD

For an insight into the lives of Mackay’s early pioneers, a self-guided cemetery walk can be taken at Mackay Cemetery. The cemetery heritage walk brochure can be found at Mackay Regional Council, or the Mackay Visitor Information Centre on Nebo Road. The informative brochure guides you past some of Mackay’s earliest and most historic headstones, while also giving insight into the life they lived.

Complete your cultural indulgence with an elegant dinner at one of Mackay’s top-rated, fine-dining establishments, in the heart of the central business district.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Bicycle, Car, Walk
Distance 2 kms
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance

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