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Cooya Beach, Douglas Area

Just a 15 minute drive north of Port Douglas is beautiful Cooya Beach (Kuyu Kuyu), a special place and traditional fishing grounds of the Kuku Yalanji people and home to Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat Tours.

If you feel it’s time to get native, join one of the Kubirri Warra brothers on their beach, mudflat and mangrove walk! Brothers, Linc and Brandon Walker follow the traditions of their ancestors by educating visitors about their traditional country on the far north east coast of Australia.

This unique coastal place has three diverse ecosystems – beach, mangroves and coastal reef – that are connected to each other by the ever-changing mudflats and tidal lagoons. Today, the brothers can teach you how to throw a spear, hunt whilst stalking and observing wildlife and how to find plants used for food and medicine. They’ll also introduce you to some of their family members and share some of their extensive knowledge of this special area and how they care for their country.

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Cooya Beach, Douglas Area

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Coastal Beach and Mangrove Walk

Coastal Beach and Mangrove Walk

Traditional Aboriginal fishing activity - mud-crabbing spear fishing.

Kuku Yalanji Traditional Custodian will meet with visitors to their traditional homeland on Cooya beach where they continue to practice their cultural activities and maintain their cultural heritage.

After explaining the cultural importance of this country, guides will introduce guests to their traditional fishing activity of spear throwing and handling as it is still practiced there today.

Visitors will then follow their cultural guide with a spear each along Cooya beach observing cultural medicine and food plants. The guides will then take guests along with them as they continue their daily spear fishing and gathering for their families into the mangroves and onto the mudflats.

After about two hours of cultural activities and coastal walking guests will return with the guides to see Kuku Yalanji artefacts and share rare stories from their traditional land while they prepare their daily food for their families.

Coastal Beach Night Time Walk

Coastal Beach Night Time Walk

Try a night-time fishing activity with two options available – night walking and boat rowing. Night-time fishing activities are still a common traditional activity and now is your opportunity to experience it with a local family. New lighting technology is sure to make your experience one to remember.

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