North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail

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North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail is located on North Keppel Island within Keppel Bay Islands National Park. Steep hills and cliffs, which plunge into the sea, are features of the islands but there are also sheltered bays and quiet sandy beaches.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park surrounds the Keppel Bay islands. Together they form part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, the world's largest reef and island system. It is of exceptional beauty and biological diversity, protecting many endangered animals and plants.

The 5.3 kilometre one way Island Hilltop Trail departs from the information shelter at Considine Beach's southern end. This walk begins on the Mazie Bay track then turns onto the Keppel Bay lookout track, which offers views of the island, Mazie Bay and other northern islands. It is a short 850 metre walk uphill to the Keppel Bay lookout. For the Island Hilltop track, continue past the Keppel lookout. This bush track winds through pockets of Banks' grevillea (Grevillea banksii) and grass-cloaked hilltops on the eastern side of the island and offers spectacular views of the ocean, islands and coast. The Island Hilltop Trail is of a moderate grade.

Journey Details

Duration Distance
2 Hours 5.3 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching

Journey Map

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North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail

North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail

The North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please note that this map only shows an indicative start point for the walk. The track route and end point are not shown and this map cannot be used for navigation purposes. Please see the Queensland National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing web site for detailed maps and the latest park information, including opening hours and safety messages. When you are in the park, make sure you refer to signs at the start of the track for more information.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 4: Recommended for experienced bushwalkers
Level 4: Recommended for experienced bushwalkers

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