Coral Coast Pathways (Burnett Heads to Bargara)

Multiple Locations

Discover the spirit of the Bundaberg Region, stroll along the regions diverse beaches.

Burnett Heads to Bargara will see you venturing from the marina, along Oaks Beach through the turtle nesting grounds at Mon Repos, following the coastline down Nielson Park, past the coastal town of Bargara to Kelly's Beach.

Journey Details

2 Hours
11 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Swimming

Full Itinerary

Burnett Heads to Oaks Beach

"Southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef"
Walk to the marina from any point along the coastal pathway or simply enjoy the fantastic views of the Burnett River

Burnett Heads Lighthouse
Take in the historical significance of the South Head Lighthouse- originally built in 1873, retired in 1971 and relocated in one piece for preservation to Lighthouse Park. The new Burnett Heads Lighthouse is one of two Australian Cospas Sarat satellite ground receiver stations.

The Burnett Heritage Trail winds from Oaks Beach via the former Burnett Heads Pilot Station Reserve, to take in both the original South Head Lighthouse and the new taller, automatic Lighthouse. This walk showcases the significant role that our region played in maritime progression. En route you may wish to stop for a while and enjoy the South Head Parklands sports and recreation hub.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Suggested Stops
Burnett Heads
Burnett Heads
Sea Gypsy

The Coastal Pathway from Oaks Beach to Neilson's Park known as the "Turtle Trail" provides walkers and cyclists with shared pathway to enjoy and experience the region's natural diversity whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The pasturage reserve is home to an abundance of native flora and wildlife. When walking or cycling along the trail please stay on the pathway and obey any guidelines. Native wildlife may be encountered on this pathway so please take care.

LINESTRING (152.41367340087891 -24.760549484464921, 152.42122650146484 -24.77675993321915, 152.43598937988281 -24.787981311712503, 152.43858575820923 -24.7924228270288, 152.43830680847168 -24.791877386344741, 152.43817806243896 -24.791779985970205, 152.44491577148437 -24.800448319788639, 152.45521545410156 -24.805590595512363, 152.45779037475586 -24.808083743328691, 152.4601936340332 -24.80761628193266)
Route Details
Mode of Travel Plane
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 2: Suitable for families with young children
Suggested Stops
Mon Repos Beach
Mon Repos Conservation Park
Mon Repos Information Centre
Mon Repos Waling Track
Neilson's Park
Oaks Beach
Bargara to Kelly's Beach

Bargara's coastline boasts some of Australia's most pristine shoreline coral reefs, thanks to the unique basalt headlands- remnants from nearby Hummock volcanic eruptions many centuries ago. Magnificent white sandy beaches such as Kelly's Beach are nestled along the coastline.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Suggested Stops
Kelly's Beach
The Basin
Bargara to Business District

Bargara is a popular seaside township 16 kilometres away from the city of Bundaberg. At the heart of the foreshore is the Bargara Streetscape, which incorporates attractive public areas including shady foreshore parks, decks and picnic areas to sit and relax, a walkway that hugs the coastline and play areas including the popular Bargara Foreshore Turtle playground. At Bargara you can enjoy a wide variety of dining options and cuisine. Everything is within walking distance including a shopping centre, accommodation, first class golf course and Bargara's beach.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Suggested Stops
Amandine Lavender
Bargara Central Shopping Viage
Bargara Golf Club

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Kawana, Rockhampton Area
Kawana Waters is home to one of the region’s premier sports and entertainment precincts that includes Stockland Park and the Lake Kawana Community Centre. Both host major events year round. The man-made waterway of Lake Kawana has become popular with a number of sports including kayaking, canoeing, outrigging, dragon boat racing and motorised boats.


Palmview, Sunshine Coast Area
Centrally located on the Sunshine Coast, Palmview is right on the Bruce Highway and just 10 minutes drive from the golden beaches of beautiful Mooloolaba. The breath-taking Sunshine Coast Hinterland is just 15 minutes up the road and the pristine Mooloolah National Park is right next door.


Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Area
Caloundra is an aquatic paradise where you and your family can enjoy a wide range of water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, fishing and jet skiing. For nature lovers, the Pumicestone Passage is an ideal spot to get up close and personal with a variety of migratory birds as well as dugongs and dolphins.

Kings Beach

Kings Beach, Sunshine Coast Area
Kings Beach has a festive atmosphere year-round, so whenever you visit, you’ll be assured of plenty of fun in the golden sunshine. Between the enchanting rockpools, the child-friendly water fountain with its time-delayed surprise spurts of water, the oceanfront saltwater swimming pool, and the gentle beach break with protected swimming areas, a Kings Beach holiday is totally exhilarating.


Beerburrum, Sunshine Coast Area
When travelling to the Sunshine Coast, take a short detour off the Bruce Highway to Beerburrum. The township offers visitors a chance to soak up more than 80 years of local history - thanks to the town's World War I Interpretive Signage.

Sippy Downs

Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast Area
Bordered on one side by the beautiful Mooloolah River National Park, and on the other by the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens, Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast is best known for the system of picture-postcard lakes that pepper the area.


Mooloolah, Sunshine Coast Area
Mooloolah is located off the Steve Irwin Way (formerly Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive) via Mooloolah Connection Road with neighbouring communities of Glenview and Palmview being located just off the M1.


Beerwah, Sunshine Coast Area
Beerwah is a thriving small country town and home to Australia Zoo. Located just an hour drive north of Brisbane and a short drive from the Sunshine Coast, Beerwah is the perfect location to explore the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Glass House Mountains National Park

Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast Area
Free Entry
The Glass House Mountain peaks are a distinctive landmark in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Craggy peaks tower over a scenic patchwork of pine plantations, bushland and cultivated fields. Many of the peaks are protected in Glass House Mountains National Par, and are listed on the Queensland and National Heritage Register as a landscape of national significance.

Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area

Bribie Island, Moreton Bay Area
Free Entry
Bribie Island, about an hour's drive from Brisbane is a treasure trove of plants and animals. The island is fringed by sandy beaches and sand dunes. Heaths, paperbark wetlands and freshwater creeks and lagoons, along with open forests are home to varied birdlife.
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