Mermaids and Mermen

You like having legs. But you’d trade them in for a tail in a heartbeat, if it meant you could be in the water all the time.

Our magnificent Reef is your idea of perfection – on, above or below the water’s surface. You can’t wait to dive down and see inquisitive Maori wrasse, turtles and clown fish.

There’s freshwater experiences that’ll float your boat too like stand up paddleboarding the Mossman River, kayaking Cape Tribulation or a boat cruise up the Daintree River.

Even water babies dream of relaxing on their own tropical beach in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, and after a couple of island cocktails you might forget about your tail. Two fins up! 

To find your paradise, start exploring the Mermaids & Mermen must dos and deals below.


Day 1:

Jump on a fast boat to Fitzroy Island and live and breathe the reef from the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Day 2:

Snorkel, hike, rest, repeat: this is your mantra on the island as you move between Nudey Beach (which surprisingly isn’t nude), take a hike to the summit and kick back in a hammock, siesta-style.

Day 3:

Back on dry land, wind your way along the scenic Great Barrier Reef Drive. Drop into the Mossman Gorge for a refreshing dip before ending the day with a sunset sail from Port Douglas.

Day 4:

Forget about your fins and spend the day cruising the Daintree River to see the most ancient mer-creature of all time, the crocodile, with an eco-tour along this famous stretch of river.

Day 5:

Start your day with breakfast on the marina at Port Douglas. Pack your snorkel and fins for your final dip in the magnificent Reef.

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