Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

Laura, Cook Area

3 – 5 July 2020 - 

Indicative Rate * AU$150 to AU$190

Laura is the central meeting place for people from the Cape. As well as being home to Australia’s most significant collection of rock art, it hosts another internationally recognised celebration of Aboriginal culture, the Laura Dance Festival.

The festival began in the early 1980s and is believed to be the longest running Aboriginal cultural festival in Australia. Over three days, the event showcases the culture of the Aboriginal people of Cape York through song and dance, attracting thousands of visitors from across Australia and overseas. It enables the wider community to witness and gain an insight into the uniqueness of their ancient culture.

The dance festival grounds at Laura occupy the site of a very old, traditional Bora ground. It’s a respected and sacred site. Here, people from about 20 different communities located across the Cape come together to celebrate with music, dance, singing and cultural performances.

Early details are still being confirmed, but the next Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival will be held between July 3 to 5, 2020. This is to align the Dance festival with the Cooktown 250th celebration of the landing of Captain James Cook and crew and the first Bama contact with white people.

Event Dates

This event occurs biennially:
3 – 5 July 2020

Entry Costs

Entry Cost AUD Valid From Inclusions
Adult $150 - $190

Event Venues

Laura - Ang-Gnarra Festival Grounds
Peninsula Developmental Road
Queensland, Australia 4871

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Peninsula Developmental Road

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