Coral Coast Pathways (Innes Park to Coral Cove)

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Discover the spirit of the Bundaberg Region, stroll along the regions diverse beaches.

This section starts at the northern end of Innes Park Reserve, bordering the Coral Cove Environmental Reserve, through Herb Muller Park and finishes at the Barolin Rocks near the very popular Coral Cove Resort and Golf Club Course.

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Innes Park

Innes Park: Situated just 15 kilometres from Bundaberg city and six kilometres south of Bargara this coastal township is home to some attractive features such as beautiful beaches, parks and a walking trail that travels alongside the beautiful Coral Sea, past a historic homestead and great dive site for the walker to explore. A great place to take photos.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Innes Park Reserve

The Innes Park Reserve is a recreational hub overlooking the beautiful Coral Sea that includes a children's playground, a skate park, half basketball court, a beach volleyball court, picnic tables, a boat ramp and also takes in the inlet where the family can relax, swim (tide permitting), play or just cool off.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Barolin Rocks

Barolin Rocks is part of the Woongarra Marine Park and is one of Queensland's most accessible shore diving sites. Snorkelling enthusiasts will relish the abundance of reef fish and coral that are situated at the site.

Head to the Woongarra Marine Park on the outskirts of Bundaberg to find some of the most brilliant and easy-to-access shore diving in Queensland. There's something different everywhere you look - turtles, rays, sea snakes, nudibranchs, moray eels, a wide variety of reef fish and coral and even wobbegong sharks. This is a great dive for beginners and you're sure to leave Woongarra Marine Park with new and exciting memories every time you dive. This site, ready to be explored all year round, will surprise you - the fact that it's just metres from the shore doesn't stop it from being breathtaking.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 3: Recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
Herb Muller Park

Travelling south along the route you will pass through Herb Muller Park with its unhindered coastal view of the beautiful Coral Sea. Across the road is the Barolin Homestead, whilst not heritage listed, it was built in 1912 and is a bit of a legend in the area. Why not relax at one of the picnic tables and enjoy the view for a while. Great location to take photos.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance
Barolin Homestead

You will pass by Barolin Homestead which is location at 105 Barolin Esplanade in Coral Cove.

Following the purchase of Gin Gin Station (established in 1848) from William Forster, the Brown brothers Alfred and Arthur Brown and station manager, Nugent Wade Brown (related to the brothers by marriage), sought additional land for selection. Nugent Wade Brown found what was a coastal plain between the Elliott River and the Burnett River, east of the Woongarra scrub, which he named ‘Borolin’ (later ‘Barolin’), an aboriginal word meaning ‘land of the Kangaroo’. A lease was taken by the Brown brothers and Nugent Wade Brown commenced construction of a “very fine house, spacious stables and barn, and underground brick and cement tanks” in 1875. The new house replaced an existing small bungalow cottage overlooking the ocean on what is now Coral Cove. The pastures, which were grassed and lightly timbered, were used for fattening bullocks, stock breeding and for the raising of draught and blood horses. Around this time, a rock wall was erected bordering the homestead site, presumably with indentured South Sea Islander labour, the use of such labour being widespread at this time for pastoral or station hand work.

Route Details
Coral Cove Resort and Golf Club

At the very end of this section of the picturesque coastal pathway is the Coral Cove Resort and Golf Club. The 18 hole Championship Golf Course which features the longest hole in Australia at 635 metres and the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop. The greens have been strategically built into the coastal township providing a very unique challenge for the avid golfer.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Walk
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 1: Suitable for the disabled with assistance

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