The Wrecks Dive Site at Moreton Island

Moreton Island,

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Situated on the western side of Moreton Island, The Wrecks comprises 17 vessels deliberately sunk to not only form a breakwall for small boats but also, to create a unique and exciting wreck dive and snorkel site. The Wrecks provide great diving in depths from 2 to 10 metres. The shallow water of the site attracts an amazing array of marine life, including wobbegongs, trevally, kingfish, yellowtail and lots of tropical fish. Each wreck tells a different story, with the hulls of each waiting to be explored. The Wrecks are a casual swim off the beach for those who want an easily accessible dive, but be careful of the currents between the shore and the wrecks.

The Wrecks
Moreton Island,

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